Payback's a Bitch 2: Redemption Chapter 6

By Joe L.

Zarin Ketsuo was an extremely angry Ghiite at this moment in time. And it wasn't just the fact that the Rebellion was still desperately trying to undermine Zarin's reign, it was also the fact that Dr. Jerolo had yet to show any products of his long running GEG Project. I've given that bastard so much, he thought bitterly, and what does he have to show for it? A few Ghiites locked up in containment chambers? And to top it all off, there were always the lingering rumors of his father beign alive. Not bloody likely, Zarin thought to himself. As he stared out the window in his room, he could see all of Dacar. He thought about the days of when his father was leader. That was many years ago. More than a millenium ago. And yet, some people believed that Yama Ketsuo was still alive in the Cursed Desert where he had been banished so many years ago. Even if he was alive, the old fool, he would be weak and feeble. Even Ghiites have their limitations. Zarin still remembered the day his father was banished, and he couldn't imagine a more happier day......

You remember that day my son, a voice mentally asked Zarin.

Of course Father, how could I forget?


It was an unprecedented event. The king of all Ghiites charged with murder by his own son. Of course, Yama had steadfastly denied the charges but all the evidence pointed to him. DNA found on the scene matched that of the Ketsuo bloodline. Of course, due to irregularties in all Ghiite DNA and more specifically certain chromosomes, the exact person could not be named, but the family that it came from could. And that meant only Yama or his son Zarin could have committed the crime. But of course, Zarin had been on a mission in Geldune, far away from where the murder was committed.

As it were, Zarin was brought before the Grand Masters to await the verdict. They were in the Ketsuo Royal Colloseum, so that any who wished to watch the trial might. In the middle of the arena, the Grand Masters were in a circle, talking to one another about all the evidence that they had saw. Zarin was by his father who was still wearing his traditional garb of a Ghiite king, but he no longer wore his crown, and his hands and feet were tied by chains. All of the Fists of God had been called in to make sure that the Yama tried no escape. After all, it would probably take every Grand Master and Fist of God to take the King down. But that had never occured. When Yama had been arrested, he made no foolish attempt to flee or kill soldiers. He had submissively given himself up to the custody of the government.

The entire crowd was silent. Eagerly, the common folk awaited the verdict of their beloved king. He was loved by all the people, just as his father had. Some of the village elders could remember Caldan Ketsuo, who sacrificed his life and destroyed the threat of the Xandran, an evil race of humanoids that had invaded the newly christened Ghiite world of Baakar. The Ghiites had just settled onto Baakar after fleeing from Earth when the Xandran arrived. Having advanced technology and seeing the Ghiites as nothing more than reptilian weaklings, the Xandran sorely underestimated the fighting of Ghiites. Powerful Ghiites needed no weapon, all they needed were their fists and feet. Needless to say, the Xandran Wars lasted many years, around 150 years. It was then that the Xandran discovered the genetic secrets that the Ghiites possessed. It was then that Caldan, in a massive display of power, went to the Xandran homeworld of Xo'Xan and destroyed it, killing himself in the process. The remaining Xandran on Baakar were easily defeated, and technology that the Ghiites have came mostly from the Xandran.

And that was the type of Ghiite Yama had replaced. While he hadn't saved the Ghiites from an alien race or fought any great battles, Yama was a kind and just ruler that wanted the best for his beloved people. And that is why every Ghiite on Baakar was shocked to learn that Yama was accused of murder of Gyver Deldrin, Sr. Gyver was an incredible warrior but had always been somewhat at odds with Yama and his governing. Gyver believed that Earth should be retaken by force, while Yama believed that they had outlived their time on Earth, and Baakar was their new home. Gyver's son Gyver Deldrin, Jr., an aspiring soldier, also believed that Earth belonged to the Ghiites. But nobody thought that Yama would kill Gyver because of their differences. Then one of the Grand Masters began to speak. He was Kilotanh.

"Yama Ketsuo, King of Baakar and ruler of all it's inhabitants, descendant of Caldan the Great and Teldon the Conqueror, you stand accused of murder of one Gyver Deldrin, Sr, son of Vingar Deldrin. How do you stand?"

"Not guilty, Grand Master," Yama replied softly.

"As you have said before...... Myself and my fellow Grand Masters have looked at all the evidence. You know that all the evidence points to you, am I correct?"

"Yes, Grand Master."

"And yet you still maintain your innocence. Everybody here, all of us cannot figure this out. Everything points to you, yet I find myself doubting that you commited anything. Granted, we found DNA, your knife, witnesses who said they saw you exiting Gyver's room, but yet I can't believe. You come from such an esteemed family that I cannot believe you would commit such a vile act."

"I did not commit anything, Grand Master. I am innocent."

"I wish it were so. Yama Ketsuo, we found you guilty of murder." The Grand Master spoke in grave tones, and the entire stadium gasped, and went into a frenzy. The king was guilty of murder! Yama hung his head in shame, knowing that with the verdict he would be executed.

"Yama Ketsuo, you have been our king for many years. Not once in your rule has their ever been an unfair law that you made, never an unjust ruling, nor have their been any wars. You served the Ghittes well, as did your father Caldan the Great. And for that we thank you. And we have decided that you will not be executed. Instead, you will be forced to spend your years in the Cursed Desert. Never again will you have any contact with a Ghiite. Never again will you look upon the splendor of Dacar, nor will you ever see the light of day! Yama Ketsuo, you are hereby banished!"


After the trial, and most had returned to their homes, one Ghiite remained in the stands. He had every reason to be happy, but his face was that of torment and anguish. I'm sorry I couldn't help you Yama, the Ghiite thought, I'm sorry.............


No, Zarin thought to himself, the old coot is dead. Not even Ghiites live THAT long, especially in the Cursed Desert.

"Ahem," Dr. Jerolo was standing right before Zarin. He had been waiting for a few minutes now, noticing that Zarin was deep in thought. Zarin looked at the doctor and snorted.

"What do you want, Dr. Jerolo?"

"I have run out of test subjects. I cannot continue my project unless I have more bodies, you know," Dr. Jerolo sneered back, irritated that the King was mad at him when it was he that had been in la-la land the last few minutes........

"Yes, yes, it will be taken care of. Seriously, there will be a point when I can't provide you with any more," Zarin replied. Dr. Jerolo had the urge to say, "then I'll test on you, you bastard," but thought the better of it. "I heard that, ignorant fool." Dr. Jerolo just remembered that Zarin was a telepath, and could read people's thoughts.

"I must be going," Jerolo nervously mumbled, and stumbled out of the throne room.


The quiet town of Jakarht was about to become a warzone in about fifteen minutes. Standing atop a hill, Gyver could see all the way down the grass field where Jakarht stood. It was by no means a large city, in fact, it was rather small. But it was a large munitions supplier for King Zarin and his army, and he would be damned if he let the Rebellion have it without a fight.

"Almost there, fellow Fists," Renn called out as he reached where Gyver was standing. He approached Gyver and stated simply, "Beautiful, isn't it? Too bad we're going to have to turn it into a smoldering pit."

"Shouldn't we just kill the Rebels?"

"No. King Zarin himself has ordered the town be burned to the ground. All townsfolk will be under arrest for treason and conspiracy."

"For what?"

"Consorting with Rebels."

"But Jakarht supplies our army brethren with ammo, weapons, and armor. To destroy it isn't exactly wise."

"Don't worry, we have a dozen or so towns that supply us with weapons. Besides, Zarin just contacted me on the radio with this order."

"Doesn't seem right," Gyver mumbled, deep in thought.

"Perhaps, but those are the orders. Let's go!" Renn called to his troops, who resumed their steady march to Jarkaht.

About twenty minutes later, the Fists had reached Jakarht. The city itself was protected by a wall of wood, with turrets at top for men to meet enemies. At this time, two men were in the turrets, guns ready.

"Halt, I say! Halt!" The Ghiite called out, his machine gun in his hand. Renn grinned, and pointed a finger at the turret. A streak of energy hit the wooden turret and sent it bursting into flames.


"Sir, they're here!" A scout said to his leader, who at this time was in a secret underground base. He nodded his head.

"Yes. Get everyone. Now." The scout bowed before his master, and raced to the barracks where his fellow warriors lie, waiting for the Fists to come.


As the Fists entered the city, they were met by a group of thirty Ghiites. They all wore red battle armor, except for the Ghiite in front. He wore armor, jet black, along with a black cape. Gyver could easily feel that this Ghiite's power was incredible. Stronger than any Grand Master he had ever met.

"Halt, Fists of God. You shall go no further." The Ghiite in front called out. All of the townspeople had huddled in their homes, watching the battle that was about to begin. They knew the Rebellion would not give up until the last of them was dead.

"Is that a threat coming from a miserable Rebel like yourself?" Renn called out, mocking the stronger Rebel leader.

"You dare talk to I, Braka'karin, that way? Do you have any idea what you are getting yourself into, foolish puppet?" Braka'karin's eyes blazed with anger. He was barely holding himself back from throttling the man.

"Listen, I have not come here to negociate anything with you, Rebel scum. Either you submit to Zarin's will now, or I turn this city into a pile of dirt."

"Try it." Braka'karin retorted sharply, crossing his well muscled, scaly, green arms. Renn face contorted into a mask of rage and he screamed, "Kill them all!"


Renn attacked first, charging at Braka'karin. He leaped into the air and came down with a brutal kick, though Braka'karin was nowhere to be found. As Renn pulled his foot out from the concrete, Braka'karin stood behing him, his arms stilled crossed, and a grin on his face.

"Damn you!" Renn hissed vilely as he lashed out with a multitude of punches, each dodged easily by the quicker Braka'karin. He then jumped straight into the air, and then signaled for Renn to chase him. The two rocketed towards a small open grass field in the thick forest. Braka'karin landed first, followed by Renn. Each warrior stood, locked in each other's powerful gaze.

"You still can give up, imperial puppet. I will spare you and all of your comrades' lives." Renn growled at the remark, clenching his scaly hand into a fist.

"I will not be threatened by a lowlife Rebel like yourself! I wear the Badge of Kaio!" Renn screamed, his rage boiling over. He pointed to the badge on his shoulder.

"As did I once, young fool. But I learned the secrets of Zarin's wickedness, and what he is trying to do to all of us. Do you know what Zarin is doing to our people?" Braka'karin asked, to which Renn did not immediately answer. He then shook his head.

"I don't care what he is doing! You dared to disobey our King, and now you shall pay!" Renn screamed, and he shot out a blast of red energy at the Rebel. Braka'karin held up one hand and easily blocked the feeble attack, which bounced off into the forest and exploded. How did he do that? Renn's mind screamed in frustration.

"Don't tell me that is your best," Braka'karin snickered. "You are one of the Order of Kaio. Surely you can give me a better fight."

"Just wait and see!" Renn snarled back as he brought both of his hands together, charging up a massive energy attack. He had learned the attack from Gar'saan, who had named it "Yuisea de Diable", translated loosely to mean "Fires of Hell". Renn slowly moved his hands apart, and the ball of red flames steadily grew bigger. In a matter of moments, Renn's arms were totally outstreched and the massive flames were above his head, and around fifty feet in diameter. Braka'karin still appeared unimpressed. He knew the attack as well, and knew that he would have no trouble blocking the attack.

"Are you ready?" Renn managed to rasp, his breath labored through the exertion of creating the ball of flames. Braka'karin responded by motioning with his hand for Renn to bring it on. Renn laughed and heaved the ginat ball of flames at Braka'karin. Due to the tremendous strength needed to move the flames, Renn nearly fell over. The ball traveled extremly fast, and directly hit Braka'karin. A great blast of fire erupted in the forest, which Ghiites for miles away could hear. The flames grew bigger and bigger, enveloping the entire forest in it's deadly embrace. Renn looked on, and jumped up and hooted in victory.

"Ha ha ha ha! What do you say now, Rebel slime?" Renn called out expecting no answer from the smoking pit that Braka'karin would have been standing.

"I say that you should have given up," Braka'karin replied, and as the smoke cleared, Renn looked on in horror as the Rebel appeared not injured in the least. The only that was injured were his hands, which were a bit charred but nothing too serious.

"Damn," Renn silently swore, and before he knew it, Braka'karin's knee was in his face. Renn stumbled back and clutched at his broken nose, blood flowing freely. Another jab to the side of the face and a kick to the stomach sent the Fist flying to the cold grass. His body wracked in pain, Renn still stood his ground and stood up. While he knew he had no chance of defeating Braka'karin, he was also a Fist of God and of the Order of Kaio, and he would never run away from a fight, not even when death was imminent.

"Poor fool. One day, every one will learn the evil that is King Zarin. Then perhaps, a meaningless death in the name of such a bastardly king will never happen again." Braka'karin whispered, and outstreched his palm in front of Renn's head. A bright yellow spark appeared, and went straight through Renn's head. He was dead before he hit the ground. Braka'karin prayed silently, and then shot through the air, a yellow streak behind him, and returned to the battle.


Sephiroth looked around him. Three Rebels had him surrounded, each ready to attack. Sephiroth however merely stood in the middle of all of them, his arms crossed. He was going to wait for them to strike first. The Ghiite behind him attacked first, running at him and then jumping through the air, aiming straight for Sephiroth. A second before he would have hit him, Sephiroth jumped up and spun backwards, all the while performing a roundhouse kick. His boot hit the Ghiite straight in the mouth, sending the poor fool crashing to the ground, his jaw broken. His two Rebel friends now knew the foe they were facing was not one to be trifled with.

I feel incredible, Sephiroth mentally exclaimed. I feel stronger then I ever have before, and I can't believe how fast I performed that kick. Perhaps all of that training did serve a purpose!

Both of the Ghiite Rebels came at him this time, however, one of them attacked him directly while the other one disappeared, apparently leaving his friend by himself. The Ghiite tried to trip Sephiroth with a kick, but Sephiroth easily jumped over the attack with a flip to the air, and came down with a hammer blow of his own. The Rebel easily dodged the attack, and as Sephiroth's fists hit the concrete, the Rebel kicked Sephiroth in the stomach and again in the face. As Sephiroth staggered backwards, the Rebel followed up with a quick combination of jabs, elbows, and knees. To finish the combo, the Rebel uppercuted Sephiroth which sent him flying skywards, and the Rebel caught up to Sephiroth and kicked him in the face, sending Sephiroth plummeting towards a house.

Stupid human, the Rebel thought. He's weaker than a newborn Ghiite. The Rebel flew towards the house where Sephiroth had crashed into. He had put quite a big hole in the roof. As the Ghiite slowly descended to the house, a figure crashed through the side of the house. It's the human!

"Hope those were your best shots, because you won't be getting anymore," Sephiroth pointed his finger at the Rebel. The Ghiite laughed in response at the threat.

"Oh really? Human scum, I will tear the flesh from your-" The Ghiite's taunts were ended by an elbow to the face and a kick to the stomach. The Ghiite plummeted towards the ground, and hit the concrete road hard. Sephiroth raced after him, but the Ghiite was already up by the time Sephiroth got there. Now both of the warriors were in a fury, punching and kicking and dodging and blocking faster than a normal person, human or Ghiite, could see.

Growing tired of the human, the Rebel pulled a knife from his belt and charged at the human. The Rebel slashed at Sephiroth, who grabbed his arm tried to force the knife back. However, this Ghiite was incredibly strong, and wasn't going to just drop the knife. So the warriors stood there, arms locked and muscles bulging, fighting for possession of the knife.

What Sephiroth didn't know was the the Ghiite's friend was watching everything that was happening, waithing for the perfect time to use an energy blast. Now was his opportunity. Soaring high through the sky, the Rebel charged up a massive energy blast in his right palm. It crackled with blue energy, and soon took form. Say your prayers human, the Rebel thought as he hurled the ball straight at the human.


Sephiroth turned around just in time to see a blue ball of energy coming straight at him, and he immediately let go of the Ghiite's wrist and jumped out of the way. The other Ghiite did so as well, and the ball exploded, leaving the area where the two fighters were standing nothing more than a crater. Sephiroth took the distraction and caught the Rebel in the stomach with an elbow, and brought up his arm and hit the Ghiite in the face with his fist.

"Come out, you cowardly bastard!" Sephiroth rorared at the Rebel who had tried to attack him. The Rebel was on the ground with his friend in an instant. Just the way it had began, the two Ghittes encircled him.

"Think you can take both of us on, miserable human?" One of the Rebel's sneered, it's green scales matted with dirt and blood.

"Come get some," Sephiroth mocked, and both of the Ghiites charged at him. They both attacked at the same instant, but Sephiroth was the quicker. The Ghiite behind him swung wildly with a fist, and Sephiroth blocked with his arm, and the other Ghiite's kick was too slow for Sephiroth not to dodge it. With his free arm, he punched the Ghiite behind him straight in in it's scaly face, and tripped the other one. As the Ghiite fell down, Sephiroth kicked in the back, breaking it's spine and sending it crashing the air and into the street. He pointed his fingers at the other Ghiite and hit it straight in the chest with a thin blast of energy, incinerating the creature.


In a matter of minutes, all of Jakahrt had erupted in flames. What was once a peaceful village was now a ravaged desolate crater with Ghiites scattered about, killing and maiming each other. Cloud and Gyver at this point in time were having the hands full with four Rebels surrounding them.

"Are you ready?" Gyver hissed to Cloud, who had his back towards him.

"Yeah, I'm ready," Cloud whispered back.

"Allright then, let's go!" Gyver yelled and him and his compatriot charged the Ghiites. Cloud, with amazing quickness, smashed into one of the Rebels as he flew through the air. His fist smashed the Ghiite in the jaw, sending it tumbling backwards, but not defeated. His ally however took the distraction and connected with three jabs and an uppercut straight to Cloud's nose and chin. As Cloud was falling backwards, the Rebel was behind him and kicked Cloud in the spine with his boot. Cloud flew through the air for about fifty feet, and then crashed into a tree.

The Rebel quickly went over to inspect his handiwork. As he inspected over the fallen Ghiite, he noticed that it's arm was bent at a funny angle, and he immediately knew that it was broken. The Ghiite's face was bloody and also it was unmoving. The Rebel laughed softly, thinking how easy the victory had been. He raised his fist and a blue flame appeared, and as he was about to strike Cloud a hand gripped his arm.

"Master, what is it? Why should I not finish this imperial bastard?" The Rebel asked, confused.

"I do not know for sure.......... I sense a kindred spirit within him. Spare him, Kalos."

"As you wish Master."


Gyver, on the other hand, had better luck with the Rebels he attacked. Gyver flew towards them, but stopped about ten feet away from both of them. Then, Gyver took off skyward, soaring through the air. Both of the Rebels followed, though they did not realize what Gyver had in plan. As they were traveling up at a relatively slow pace, Gyver seemed to dissapear.

"What's going on? He was here just a second ago!" One of the Rebels asked as he scanned the vacant sky. Looking down, he could see the entire carnage of Jakarht. All the roads, houses, factories, and schools had been destroyed. Still, many Ghiites were still doing battle.

"I don't know........ Wait, I feel that he's here," his friend responded. "He's moving very fast....."

"Where is he?"

"Behind you!" But it was too late for the Rebel. Gyver had snuck up behind the Ghiite and pelted him with a solid elbow to the mouth, followed by a jab to the throat. The blow nearly crushed his larynx, and Gyver followed up with a energy blast from his index finger. The green streak hit the Ghiite in the chest, going all the way through and narrowly missing the other Rebel. The Ghiite plummeted downwards, dead. His friend looked on in rage, and he then charged at Gyver.

"Damn you, imperial scum!" The Ghiite yelled as it thrashed wildly with it's limbs. Gyver narrowly avoided the attacks, for this particular Rebel was quite strong. However, with rage flooding his thoughts, Gyver knew he could easily be defeated.

The Rebel stopped attacking for awhile, and hovered backwards. His chest heaving and his fists clenched, the Ghiite starting charging up energy. It started as a low rumble with a white haze surrounding the Ghiite, but the rumble became louder and the aura around the Ghiite became more defined. In a matter of moments the white flames encommpassed all of the Ghiite, and the rumble now sounded like an earthquake.

"DIE!" The Rebel screeched as the energy shot from his body to Gyver. The white energy moved so fast that Gyver had no time to react, only watch as the energy him straight in the chest, and exploded. The explosion sent him crashing downwards till he hit the ground. He landed with a thud and lay motionless.


The battle was over. Most of the Rebels had been defeated, and those that remained had escaped with Braka'karin to the wilderness. However, most of the Fists of God were dead as well. The surviovors had found the remains of Renn, along with a few other senior officers who had come along for the mission. Still unnaccounted for were Gyver and Cloud.

"Hey! I found one!" A Fist yelled as he inspected over the body of a fellow Fist. His scales were scorched, and he looked to be barely breathing, but he was alive. "It's Gyver!" Two other Ghiites rushed over to help the fallen Ghiite warrior.

"Looks like he got one hell of a energy blast thrown at 'im," one of the Fists said.

"I think he'll live. Go tell the others to get hold of of of Zalik and his crew. We need that dropship over here NOW!" The two Ghiites ran back to whence they came.

In a matter of minutes, another Fist yelled out, "I'll be damned! I found Sh'kaar!" They found Cloud by a tree, his body beaten severely. He was barely unconscious, and had no idea where he was.

"What.......happened?" he managed to mumble feebly, as he slipped in and out of consciousness.

"The battle is over. The remaining Rebels fled, but we lost many of our troops. Renn's body was found, but there is no time to mourn him. We gotta get out of here and return to Dacar and get healed up for our next mission. We're gonna find those Rebels and kill the lot of 'em," the Ghiite emphasized the lat few words by crunching his knuckles.


In his private quarters, Zarin had received word of the Rebel's defeat and the Fists losses. Forty of them had died, Renn among them. However, Cloud, Sephiroth, and Gyver had survived, though Cloud and Gyver all had to be put in a regeneration tank and would have to remain there for a few days. However, all of that didn't matter to Zarin. Having amazing psychic talents, he had actually gone into Renn's mind during the battle and had seen what Renn had seen.

To say the least, Zarin was intrigued by this Braka'karin character. In all the records of the military, there had never been any mention of a Braka'karin, and certainly not one that had attained the rank of Order of Kaio. Perhaps he is lying, the King thought, or perhaps he is for real. During the course of the battle, Zarin could feel Braka'karin's power and it was enormous indeed. And entire battle, Braka'karin had been holding back, and this Zarin knew.

Of course he is no match for my power, Zarin thought to himself.

Not yet, a voice mentally replied.

Not yet?

No, but the day is fast approaching. I can feel my energies growing more powerful as each day passes. My healing is almost complete, my son.

And what shall we do once you are fully healed?

We shall show these people, these Ghiites, what true power is........


He's rage
He's the razor to the knife
Oh, lonely is our lives
My head's spinnin round and round
But in the seasons of wither
We'll stand and deliver
Be strong and laugh and

Shout at the devil

"Shout at the Devil" by Motley Crue


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