Payback's a Bitch Chapter 1

By Joe L.

He was alive. He didn't know how or where he was. He opened his eyes. He was in nothingness. All around him black. Like he was in some sort of other dimension. He tried to remember his name. Who am I? The man thought. Then he remembered something. A sword slashing into him. Ripping wounds in him that were fatal. Blood covering his body. And after that, absolutely nothing. But now here he was, a place that was strange an eerie. Then a name came to his mind.

"Sephiroth?" the man said to himself. "Is that my name?" His head ached tremendously, bringing him to his knees. More vision sfilled his mind. Of people around him dying, holding the black materia, destroying Nibelheim. Then he remembered the persons' naem who had done this to him.

"Cloud..." he said. This was the man that had done this to him. He saw visions of Cloud. His spiky blod hair, blue eyes, and the gigantic sword he carried. Sephiroth thought only one thing now. Revenge. Bu the still needed to know where he was, and how he could get otu. Then a light above him flickered He looked around now that the room was illuminated. He was in some sort of operating room. There were instruments all around him. Monitoring his breathing, pulse and various other bodily functions. Am I in a hospital, he thought. But how did I get here? Who is taking care of me? The door opened, and a man stepped in. He was wearing glasses, jeans, and a white lab coat.

"So, how are we today?" them an asked. Sephiroth's mind raced. "Who are you? What are you doing here? Where am I?"

"Damn, you've got a lot of questions. Well, you're in a secluded base under Midgar. We found ya in the Northern Crater. Don't know how though, we thought you were dead." the doctor answered.

"Who are you?" Sephiroth asked, irritated.

"We are simply known as The Order. Work for a guy named Gyver. Says he has come to return what is rightfully his to his people's."

" long have I been like this?"

"Oh, I'd say about three years. We kept you alive all this while, but never thought you'd actually wake up. Gyver will be very happy though. He says he knew this day would come. When you'd awaken, and help him reclaim his people's land."

"Why would I want to help you?"

"Because, my boss could help you get your revenge."

"How do you people know of this?"

"Well, Idon't knwo the details but Gyver has some psychic powers where he can probe people's mind. He knows you better than you know yourself. He knows the one that did this to you."

"Cloud.." Sephiroth said through clenched teeth. The doctor nodded, "Yeah, that's him. AVALACHE has all gone their seperate ways, y'know. But Gyver, he can help you destroy Cloud and those AVALANCHE bastards. Hey, here come Gyver right now," the doctor said as the door opened once more to reveal a figure in a dark black cloak. The onyl thing Sephiroth could make out of his features were his piercing re eyes, that seemed inhuman.

"Gyver, our patient has awakened," the doctor said to Gyver, then bowed. Gyver nodded, "I know..I could sense his mind awakening from an eternal sleep.." Gyver spoke in a calm, soothing voice, one that made someone feel everything was alright.

"What do you want with me?" Sephiroth asked Gyver.

"Sephiroth, you sound irritated..What's the matter?" Gyver asked, concerned.

"I want to know what I'm doing here, and why I should help you," he responded harshly.

"I need your help, Sephiroth. Once, hundreds of thousands of years ago, my people ruled this world. We ruled this world peacefully, harming nothing. We used only our powers for good. Bu then, the Cetra appeared. Being a peaceful race, we were easily fooled by their peaceful demeanor. But that soon changed. After living, together, they soon became greedy and wished to rule the world for themselves. Having no weapons, they easily slaughtered my race. We were forced to flee this world. But we got our revenge," Gyver said, with a devilish smile hidden under his cloak.

"What do you mean?" Sephiroth asked.

"The creature you people named Jenova," Gyver said, exasperated.

"What are you saying?" Sephiroth demanded.

"We genetically created that creature. We destroyed the Cetra. But that still didn' mean we got our planet back. Humans no wrule this planet, perverting it to their own will. But with your help, the world will be mine and my people's. We will finally reclaim what is rightfully ours!" Gyver yelled manically.

"So where did I fot into all this?" Sephiroth asked, pondering about the fact that supposedly this person's race were responsible for Jenova and all the horror that it brought.

"I need your skills as a warrior to rid the world of AVALANCHE. Since the destruction of Midgar, the world has been in turmoil. With no one ruling, every city has been warring with their neighbors, grasping for power. Now is the time to strike, Sephiroth. With AVALANCHE out of the way, no person has the pwer to stop us."

I see...How interesting....All this suffering has been caused by you people. You believe you are so better than these people, claim you are at peace with everything, and hateful as anybody else in this world. I find it funny..." Sephiroth said wistfully. Gyver laughed at this. He laughed a long laugh.

"Ha ha ha...who are you to judge, Sephiroth? After all, you are the one who nearly destroyed this entire world, destryoing an entire town, destroying the lives of many people. But you paid for it. I know what Cloud did to you. You did that to yourself. It's only logical that causing to one will bring suffering to oneself. Doing something will come back to you. I believe it's called karma," Gyver spat back.

"I do not deny my actions. I did what I did. But what gives you the right to cause suffering to a race, when they don't even knwo who you are," Sephiroth retorted.

"Because this world is rightfully ours. We were here first. We had to live in exile, barely surviving on the meager supplies we had. Enough with this philosophical crap," Gyver fumed, "are you with me, Sephiroth, or should I end your life right now?"

"I'm with you."

He looked out the window. It was normal as usual. So peacful here, even though everywhere else war had ravaged the land. But he didn't to think about that right now. He had endured enough hardships in his life to think about that. He was Cloud Strife. He had fought to protect the world from a madman named Sephiroth. But now it looked as if meteor might've as well destroyed the entire world. With the way it was going, it didn't look like much would be left."

"What's wrong, Cloud?" a feminine voice called to him. She was Tifa Lockheart. She and Cloud had been living in Kalm together for three years. There had been a great sexual tension between them which still remained, but neither would make the step to break it and tell each other how they felt.

"Nothing, Tifa. I was just thinking how quickly this world is going down the tubes. I thought when we destryoe Sephiroth, we would all be safe. But now, I don't know. I feel like all we did was for nothing. I feel like we were meant to be doomed for armaegeddon."

"Don't say that Cloud," Tifa said, shocked at Cloud's forlorn words," don't say that. We are doing all we can." Tifa walked over to the window Cloud was looking out.

"I know Tifa, I know. But look at what's happening. Is there anything we can do?" Cloud asked, almost desperately.

"I don't know what we cane do Cloud. But we have to keep trying, because if we give up hope, what else do we have?" Tifa said, comfortingly.

"You're right Tifa. We have to do something. How do you think Nanaki's holding up?" Cloud asked, concerned about his friend and protector of Cosmo Canyon.

"How do you think? They've been in constant battles with that group called The Order. Red doesn't know how much longer his army can hold up against the constant attacks and raids," Tifa explained.

"You think we should go down their and help? Maybe try and find a wat to beat The Order? Maybe we can get AVALANCHE back together...." Cloud said, reminiscing on times past when he was with all his friends, fighting for the fate of world. "Yeah, let's do it."

"Where should we go first?" Tifa asked.

"Let's visit Cid first. After all, he has the Highwind," Cloud explained. Tifa nodded in agreement, "Okay, but first let's get our Gold Chocobo. We'll need him to get to Rocket Town, after all."

"Well enough talk, let's go!" Cloud said, with a renewed energy.


After many hours of traveling, Tifa and Cloud finally made it to Rocket Town. When they saw the outskirts of Rocket Town, they knew something was terribly wrong. They saw smoke and fire.

"Oh God, Cloud," Tifa said, fear in her voice. Cloud stopped the Chocobo, and he and Tifa both dismounted. He ordered the Chocobo to stay, and it chirped in response. The companions both walked slowly towards Rocket Town, not knowing now what to expect. Just then, a figure came running towards them. They couldn't make out who it was, until they were closer and then the figure stopped. It was Shera.

"Oh God you guys! I'm so glad to see you!" Shera said through her wheezing. Cloud grabbed her, as she was falling down, exhausted from running.

"Shera, what happened?" Cloud said, unsure what to do.

"No time...Cid's hurt..Please, you must help," Shera said, tears in her eyes.

"Of course we'll help, Shera," Tifa said, concerned for Cid. Shera regained her strength, and led them to Rocket Town. She led them through what was left of Rocket Town. All the buildings were burning, with people screaming and runnin, the smell of burnt flesh in the air. Shera led them to Cid's house. She opened the door, and Cloud and Tifa were shocked to see Cid sprawled on the floor, covered in a pool of blood.

"Cid, what happened?" Tifa rushed over to Cid. Cid groaned in pain, and then said, "He came...he's alive..he..he.he..I tried to stop him..guess I wasn't good enough.."

"Damn, we've gotta stop the bleeding," Cloud said. He walked over to Cid's side, and then applied pressure to Cid's wound. It looked fairly serious, caused by a sword or spear. "Shera, get me a wet cloth. We're gonna have to get him to a doctor."

"No time..not a doctor for miles within these parts..they'll never..make it in time...," Cid said through coughing up his own blood. Shera came back from the kitchen and handed Cloud a cloth. Cloud put it around Cid's chest, desperatley trying to stop the bleeding.

"Cloud..don't let him get you.." Cid said. "He's..he's back."

"Cloud, who is he talikng about? Who's come back to get us?" Tifa asked. Cloud thought, and then he knew immediately.



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