Payback's a Bitch Chapter 11

By Joe L.

"Come on, we've gotta help him," Tifa screamed, as she watched the events which were taking place. She was just about to run down to the battle when a strong arm grabbed her. It was Barret's.

"No Tifa. Stay here. Whether we like it or not, this is Cloud's fight, not us."

"What? It's much as our fight as it is his-"

"Remember when he fought Sephiroth alone in the Lifestream? This is just like it," Barret said, quieting Tifa. She started to say something, but the words wouldn't come out of her mouth.

"Tifa, don't worry. If I know anything about Cloud, it's that he hates losing. And I don't think he'll stop that today by letting this bastard beat him."


Both Sephiroth and Cloud encircled the Ghiite Gyver, watching his every move. Of course, it seemed that Gyver wasn't about to do anything. He didn't even try and pull out a weapon, he only looked at both of them and laughed at them.

"Ha ha ha ha ha..... Do you really think those weapons can hurt me?" Gyver asked his two opponents.

"You just wait and see. They sure did hurt your little friend Yegolar," Cloud remarked.

"I see..... But I am many times stronger than Yegolar. The fact of the matter is, even if those weapons hurt me you fools will never even be able to touch me," Gyver replied to Cloud's remark.

"I doubt that!" Sephirpoth yelled as he charged forward to Gyver, his Masamune held high. With a leap, he was high in the air and then as he came down, he brought his Masamune down in a killing blow. The swing would have killed Gyver, had he not been faraway once Sephiroth cut through the ground. Sephiroth looked in amazement as he saw that Gyver was gone.

"How in the hell did you do that?" Sephiroth screamed, in anger of the Ghiite's blinding speed.

"I don't know, why don't you try it again, eh?" Gyver grinned as he saw Sephiroth charge yet again, and swing wildly at him with Masamune. Each of Sephiroth's attacks would have killed a good fighter by now, but Gyver seemed to not even to break in a sweat while he dodged Sephiroth's attacks. It seemed that Sephiroth was getting close to hitting Gyver, but each time, he only managed to cut throught the air. Sephiroth swung his sword down in a crushing swing, but Gyver quickly jumped out of the way, and almost twenty yards away from Sephiroth. He stood there with his arms crossed, and his eyes intently studying Sephiroth.

"Is that your best?" Gyver grumbled, rolling his eyes in annoyance. "Really, I expected more from the second strongest fighter on Earth."

"You haven't seen anything yet," Sephiroth rasped, a smile on his face. With amazing speed, he jumped for Gyver with his sword in the air. It appeared that he was going to swing down with Masamune, and Gyver quickly moved out of the way. However, instead of swinging down, he kicked Gyver squarely in the face with his boot, sending the warrior crashing to the ground. Gyver got up instantly, laughing for some strange reason.

"Good job Sephiroth..... I was foolish to think you were weak, wasn't I? But it doesn't matter, because now I will show you how a true warrior fights!" Gyver screamed, and with amazing speed, he flew through the air and punched Sephiroth straight in the face. Sephiroth couldn't even fathom how fast the attack was, and still didn't realize what happened until he was on the ground, his face bloodied from the attack. He quickly jumped up and held his Masamune in a defensive stance. Soon, Gyver was next to him, throwing punches and kicks and connecting with each. Yet again, in a matter of seconds Sephiroth was on the ground, his body already sore from the numerous hits dealt to him.

"Damn...." Sephiroth groaned. Gyver walked over to the battered warrior and picked him up over his head in a military press. He then threw Sephiroth thirty feet through the air, making a loud thud as he hit the ground. Sephiroth laid on the ground for a while, but then slowly rose to his feet yet again. His face was bloodly, bones in his body were broken, but Sephiroth showed no sign of pain on his face. He held Masamune in his hand and managed to say through labored breaths,

"Bring it on." Gyver shook his head, almost feeling sorry for Sephiroth. The fool has no idea he can win, Gyver said to himself. Gyver walked over to Sephiroth, and quickly knocked Masamune out of his hands with a backhand. Then Gyver kicked Sephiroth squarely in the jaw, sending him crashing to the ground. This time, Sephiroth did not get up. He laid on the ground, a beaten, tired man.

"Ha. The world's second strongest man on Earth and he barely lasted a few minutes," Gyver moaned, mocking Sephiroth. He then turned to Cloud, who all this time was watching and in complete of awe of the power of Gyver. "Well Cloud, it looks like it is just you and me now."

"Yeah....I guess so," Cloud replied, his Sword of Life in hand, and his aura of protection blazing a bright green flame surrounding Cloud.

"It's Ghiite against Ghiite.... How fitting, don't you think?"


"You still don't believe me do you?"

"I'll never believe a word out of your mouth, you bastard."

"Really? Then let me show you something," Gyver said, as he walked next to Cloud and then grabbed his face.

"What the hell? Let me go!" Cloud said, wildly slashing with the Sword, but Gyver dodged the attacks. Gyver then dug his hands into Cloud's face, causing great amounts of pain. He then pulled on the skin of Cloud's face with all of his strength. He then heard a pop, and pulled even harder until he felt that he was ripping the skin off. Cloud's could do little more than scream as Gyver did this.

Then, with one hard pull, Gyver successfully ripped the skin from Cloud's face. And Cloud screamed as loud as he could, from the fact that it hurt more than anything he had ever felt and that he just had his face, along with his hair ripped off.

"There... that should do it. Now feel your face Cloud. You will be quite surprised," Gyver said, grinning happily at his handiwork. Cloud did so, and felt his face. While he expected to feel blood, and muscles and basically the inside of his face, he was surprised when it felt very rough and scaly like. What the hell, Cloud thought, scales?

"What the hell is going on here?" Cloud said, realizing now what Gyver had accomplished.

"Now, do you believe what I am telling you is the truth. It's just like that on the rest of your body," Gyver stated, his arms crossed. "Your human skin is a shell, a mask for your true self. You are a Ghiite, not a human. I will give you once last chance to join you before I kill you."

"I don't care what I am, this is my home! And I won't let you destroy it!"

"Is this your home, Cloud, or actually, Sh'kaar? You were only sent here to help us eradicate these humans and you failed! This was never your home, and that is why you should join me!"

"No! Go to hell! I'll never help you! Even if I wasn't born here, this is my home! This is where everyone I know is, everyone I love. And I'm not about to let you take it away from me! AVALANCHE doesn't give up that easy!" Cloud yelled defiantly, his aura blazing even brighter with his rising anger.

"I see, then you have truly sealed your fate."


Finally, Sephiroth regained his strength and had risen from the ground. When he looked around, he saw Gyver and Cloud talking. The perfect distraction, Sephiroth thought, to help me get into this spaceship. He picked up Masamune and decided to walk to the stairway that led into the ship. I must find those missiles and destroy all of them, Sephiroth thought. Even though the spaceship was huge, he had to at least try. While he had been defeated by Gyver easily, he hoped that Cloud would fare much better in order to buy him some time. Sephiroth slowly descended up the metal stairs and into the heart of the ship. Much as to what he expected, there were around thirty guards awaiting him in the room he had entered. It appeared to be a sort of antechamber, a place that led everywhere else in the ship.

"Do not attempt to escape, Earth man. We have you surrounded. Make one move and we shall shoot," one of the Ghiite soldiers ordered. It interested Sephiroth that he speaked the common tongue, but more so that all of the soldiers carried weapons. Why does Gyver not carry a gun, Sephiroth thought to himself. However, he had little time to dwell on such trivial matters and immediately stepped forward, challenging the soldiers to shoot at him.

The soldiers opened fire with their guns, but unfortunately they were hopelessly slow. Their plasma rifles missed Sephiroth, who had already jumped through the air and had brought his Masamune down, slicing three soldiers in the front, cutting through their body armor and killing them. The other soldiers took aim and fired but only accomplished in hitting themselves, for as soon as they fired, Sephiroth had already made his escape into the air.

Sephiroth then pointed a finger at the remaining Ghiites and a streak of energy appeared and crackled loudly. Then, the energy raced down to the soldiers and exploded, incinerating all of them. Sephiroth flew back down and landed on his feet, happy that he had won with no injuries. He then had decisions to make. Where should I go? There were at least twenty different passageways in this chamber, and Sephiroth had no idea where to start. He decided to take one of the passageways that was too the left of him.

He walked slowly and quietly down the passage, well aware that there were probably more guards on duty. As Sephiroth walked through the spaceship, he was amazed at all the machinery and architecture and handiwork had been put into making this machine. It's so much more advanced than anything I've every seen in my entire life, Sephiroth said to himself. The technology on Earth is dwarved in comparison to these Ghiites. I wonder how can we win against a race that is so much more technologically advanced. Do we even have a chance? All these things raced through Sephiroth's mind, and at that moment he began to believe the odds were unbearable. It had never happened before in his life that he could remember. He always believed himself capable of accomplishing anything and always being up to the task. But now, after Gyver easily defeating him Sephiroth doubted himself.

"What am I saying?" Sephiroth whispered to himself, frustrating for doubting his own abilities. This isn't a matter of if I think I can do something, Sephiroth thought, I must do this. For the first time in my life, I am fighting for something and I won't fail. With a renewed vigor, he continued his descent deep into the spaceship. On his way, he noticed a room filled with pods and in the back there appeared to be machinery. Sephiroth wondered what exactly was in the tubes, and then he saw what was inside. There were Ghiites in the pods, in some type of suspended animation. Interesting, Sephiroth thought to himself, but I have no time.

"Damn, will I ever find the missiles?" Sephiroth called out loud, in frustration. How can I even begin to know where they are? Considering the size of this ship, Sephiroth thought, it could take forever till i find them.

"I hope that Cloud can by me some time. Please Cloud, just give me more time."


Gyver charged at Cloud, flying through the air with his fists raised. Cloud jumped out of the way, but Gyver was upon him instantly. However, Cloud blocked all of Gyver's attacks with his Sword, and began an assault of his own. It appeared Gyver was having trouble blocking the Sword, but Gyver merely laughed at Cloud's assault.

"Ha ha ha ha! Finally! You are giving me a fight at least!" Gyver said, as he grabbed Cloud's Sword, and swiftly punched him in the face. With Cloud stunned, Gyver took the opportunity to pick Cloud up over his head and then drop Cloud on his knee, nearly breaking his back. Cloud let out a gasp of pain as he fell to the ground. He slowly arose from the ground, and once more held his Sword of Life out in a defensive position, ready for more of Gyver.

"I see you still want more of a beating, eh?" Gyver said sarcastically, as he was upon Cloud. Cloud immediately blocked Gyver's first punch and countered with a headbutt straight to Gyver's chin. Not expecting the turn of events, Gyver reeled back, holding his face. Cloud immediately jumped over and attacked Gyver, landing a deep thrust into Gyver's side. He quickly pulled the blade out, watching as more of Gyver's blood spilled. Gyver cringed in pain, but only laughed that the reason he had gotten hurt was because of his own foolishness. He got up from the ground once more and looked at Cloud. In less than a second he was behind Cloud and delivered a crushing hammer blow to Cloud's back. Cloud dropped his Sword and went crashing to the ground, blood pouring from his mouth.

"Have you had enough yet Cloud?" Gyver asked, as he put a foot on Cloud's back. Cloud could barely talk through all the pain that he was going through.

"No....way....," he groaned as he slowly arosed to his feet, and gripping his Sword of Life tightly.

" poor fool. You should give up," Gyver said, shaking his head in disdain. Cloud took the offensive this time as he swung high at Gyver, who blocked with one arm, and ran his other elbow into Cloud's stomach. Cloud dropped his Sword, and held his stomach as if he was about to puke his own guts out. He dropped to the ground, completely beaten.

"No........," he mumbled as he found himself lying on his back on the ground. Gyver walked over to the beaten warrior and solemnly spoke,

"It could have been different, Cloud. You could have joined me and all of this would have never happened. We Ghiites could once again rule the land that we love so dear. But instead, you betrayed your own people, your own flesh and blood. How could you?"

"These....people....are my.......flesh...and blood," Cloud responded, having trouble talking through the pain of his injuries.

"Idiot. Believe what you will, but I suppose it doesn't really matter, now does it? In a matter of moments, you and everyone on this planet will be obliterated. You won't even be a memory. You'll be nothing."

"It can't.....end this......way. I can'"

"Believe what Cloud? That someone is stronger than you? That you will see everyone you have loved die? Or maybe it's that feeling of complete helplessness, knowing that nothing you do will matter now? Face it, Sh'kaar Nali, your time is up! Not that it would matter even if you survived! You humans are so pathetic that you fight and bicker with one another for almost no apparent reason! Look at what your world has become, the one that you "saved" from Sephiroth. Nothing more than warring factions battling for power. That is my humans are unfit to live, because they destroy themselves and everything around them. I cannot coexist with anything, not even themselves. So they feel the need to destroy and plunder all things. But no more will that happen, once the human race is defeated. For the first time in thousands years, this Planet will be free from the shackles of humanity!" Gyver yelled out at the top of his lungs, so that all of Earth would hear his speech.

"Shut the fuck up! Us humans ain't done yet!" A deep voice called out in response to Gyver. Gyver appeared puzzled, and looked to see who had just insulted him. He was not surprised to find Barret and the rest of AVALNCHE standing around twenty feet away from him, each having their weapons drawn and ready for combat.

"Oh really? So now you think all of you can defeat me?" Gyver mocked, crossing his arms and scanning over Cloud's comrades. Barret spoke up and yelled out,

"Well, we sure's hell is gonna find out you bastard! Let's get this asshole!" With that, all of AVALANCHE charged forward, their weapons in hand and ready. Barret first fired his shots of the Pile Banger but to no avail. Gyver easily grabbed all of the bullets out of the air and crushed them. While he did this, Tifa jumped through the air and kicked Gyver straight in the head, knocking him to the ground.

"Bitch! You will pay!" Gyver screamed as he jumped up. In another instant, Tifa was upon him yet again, this time delivering two punches straight into his stomach and an uppercut into his jaw. As he was stunned, she did a flip in front of him, bringing her foot up and catching him in the jaw. To finish her combo off, she picked up the Ghiite and jumped through the air as high as she could. Then, as they fell down she turned him upside down as to break his neck when they landed. In a matter of seconds, they hit the ground and the heard a loud snap of bones as they landed. Tifa was first up from the landing, unharmed.

"That one's for everyone we lost to you, you bastard," Tifa fumed at the fallen figure of Gyver. As she turned around to walk back to her companions, Gyver rose from the ground and immediately sprinted in front of her in less than a second.

"That was good, but not nearly good enough to harm the likes of me!" Gyver rasped as he let loose on Tifa with a multitude of punches and kicks. He was so fast that Tifa didn't even have time to react, only be dealt out Gyver's wrath. Once Gyver stopped his attack, Tifa fell to the ground bloody and unconscious. He turned back to look at the other members of AVALANCHE, as they looked in horror at Tifa.

"Son of a bitch!" Barret screamed as he charged forward at Gyver. Just before Barret tackled him, Gyver brought up his knee and ran it into Barret's stomach. Barret immediately stopped in his tracks and held his stomach. He never imagined anybody was that fast until know. As he fell to the ground, Cait Sith took his place and swung many times at Gyver, each missing by feet. Soon, Gyver grew tired of toying with the big machine and decided to take him out. He dashed behind the machine and tripped it, which caused the toy to fall to the ground with a gigantic crash. Gyver then stood over the machine and punched mercilessly, until he heard and saw several sparks appear on it's chest. Then, he stepped right on Cait's face, smashing it into the ground. As Gyver turned around to see who was left, he saw a young ninja charge with a large shuriken towards him. Yuffie, Gyver thought to himself. She immediately hurled her Conformer at him, which Gyver easily ducked. As he stood up, he laughed at Yuffie's foolish attempt to hurt him.

"Ha ha ha, little girl. What that your best shot?" In response, Yuffie only smiled at him. Gyver looked at her, and then turned around. The shuriken was only feet away from his neck! In a show of speed and agility, Gyver jumped out of the way to the side. He landed on his arms and quickly proppelled himself upward and then landed on the ground. Yuffie, however, was completely shocked by the sight.

"How did you do that!" Yuffie whimpered, knowing now that she was in deep trouble. Gyver cracked his knuckled as he slowly walked over to the girl. WIth a backhand to her face, Yuffie was tossed ten feet through the air and landed with a thud. It appeared all of AVALANCHE was lying on the ground, proving no match for Gyver. Then Gyver saw the sole survivor. He just stood there, with his cape draping around him, in quiet solitude.

"Vincent Valentine I presume. Why have you not attacked? Are you afraid of a warrior like me?" Gyver proclaimed at Vincent.

"No. I'm waiting for the games to end. And the real fight to begin," he solemnly spoke, much to Gyver's puzzlement.

"What are you talking about?"

"Turn around." Gyver did so and looked into the distance. He saw a tiny explosion, but it was growing bigger. He wondered what was being destroyed inside the ship and then remembered. The missiles! He raced over as fast as he could but it was no use. He had to shield himself from the blast, as it exploded in a gigantice fury, incinerating everything it came in contact with. Gyver had just now witnessed everything that he had hoped for go down in smoke. As the ashed cleared from the blast, he saw a figure racing through the air. Sephiroth! Gyver immediately chased after him. Sephiroth flew straight to were Vincent was. As he landed, he noticed that Gyver was right behind him.

"I hope you enjoyed the fireworks, eh Gyver?" Sephiroth called out, laughing to himself. Vincent however, remained still and silent. Gyver looked at Sephiroth with pure hatered in his eyes.

" son of a bitch," Gyver said angrily. He was so angry that he did not scream, he barely even whispered. "All my plans of conquer.....are over because of you. AND NOW I"M GOING TO KILL EVERYONE ON THIS FUCKING PLANET!" Gyver now screamed at the top of his lungs. Sephiroth and Vincent did not move, did not even blink. They only watched Gyver.

"You'll have to get through us first," Sephiroth responded. Gyver looked at the two and laughed silently to himself.

"Ha! You think you have a chance of beating ME? I'm easily beaten you and all of your friends, and I'm not even close to using full power! YOU HAVE NO FUCKING CHANCE AGAINST THE LIKES OF ME!"

"Yes, but I have learned some new tricks as well after being beaten by you. Watch." Sephiroth grinned, and then he stuck out his arms and flexed them. Then he bent his knees, in a sort of crouch. He gritted his teeth, and focused very hard on in his mind. After a matter of ten seconds, sparks of energy shot off from his body. Sephiroth now doubled his efforts and more sparks flew up. Then, a small burst of blue flames rose from Sephiroth's body. Gyver now realized what Sephiroth could do. Good God, he's learned already how to charge up his energy! But how? More flames arose, and now they covered his entire body.

"Ha ha ha!!!! IT'S TIME TO DIE GYVER! AHA HA HA HA!" Sephiroth screamed as the flames around him intensified, growing and finally Sephiroth screamed once more and the ground aroud him started to shake. It was unlike anything Vincent had ever seen in his entire. He's become more powerful than I can ever imagine, Vincent thought to himself. Even if we win, we won't stand a chance against him.

Sephiroth had finished powering up, and the blue flames around him ceased.

"I see you have found your true power," Gyver remarked, apparently unimpressed.

"Yes, and now you will see them in action!" Sephiroth then charged forward, with Vincent along side. Sephiroth was the first to attack, as he lashed out with Masamune. Sephiroth was now as fast as even Gyver, and now Gyver had a hard time avoiding Sephiroth's attacks. Vincent then lashed out at Gyver's face with his claw. Gyver grabbed his arm and was about to elbow him in the face when out of nowhere, Sephiroth's fist smashed into Gyver's face. Then, with his shoudler down, he charged straight into Gyver's chest, knocking him straight to the ground. He immediately jumped up, but the two warriors were upon him in an instant. Sephiroth's Masamune barely missed their marks, but Vincent's claw managed to keep Gyver offbalance. Gyver immediately knew that he needed to do something drastic but he had no time. First things first, I must get rid off Vincent. I can handle Sephiroth, but not with Vincent attacking as well. As Gyver dodged and blocked both his attackers, he went after Vincent. With one arm he blocked Sephiroth's Masamune, and with the other, he ran his fist straight into Vincent's stomach. Then, he assaulted the warrior with a barrage of punches and kicks, beating the fighter down, and finishing with a solid knee to the back. Before he knew it, Sephiroth had lost Vincent and was on his own.

"Do you see how fast I defeated Vincent? It won't take much longer for me to beat you!" Gyver ripped through the air, as he flew towards Sephiroth. He landed, and then began an assault on Sephiroth, using all of his martial arts training and beating down Sephiroth. Soon, Gyver began scoring hits on him, knocking him to the ground. But Sephiroth wasn't about to give up. As Gyver tried a backhand to Sephiroth's face, Sephiroth grabbed his arm and kicked him in the stomach and then grabbed the Ghiite. He lifted him high over his head and the brought him crashing down onto his knee.

"AUGGHHHH! SON OF A BITCH!" Gyver cried out as he felt bones break in his back. Sephiroth then delivered a hammer blow straight into Gyver's stomach, sending him reeling to the ground. Gyver got up very slowly this time, and shook the cobwebs out of his head. It's been awhile since I've fought someone as powerful as this, Gyver thought.

"Time to finish you off!" Sephiroth yelled as he raised both hands above his head. He then closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. He's charging up and energy blast, Gyver thought. Crackles energy arose from Sephiroth's fingertips, slowly a small ball of energy appeared. It grew bigger and bigger, with more enrgy crackling around it. It a matter of seconds, Sephiroth had summoned up all of his strength into this blast and was ready to throw it. The ground around him had started to shake, and rocks and loose dirt had started to rise due to the power of Sephiroth's energy.

"Eat this!" Sephiroth screamed as he shot the blast straight at Gyver, leaving a blue streak of energy behind it. Gyver stood his ground, and awaited the blast. While it seemed like a lifetime, it was less than a thousandth of a second before the energy blast struck Gyver. A gigantice blue explosion ensued, engulfing the entire countryside in it's way. All across the Earth, Sephiroth's power was felt. Once it was over and the smoke had cleared, Sephiroth heaved mightily and fell to the ground. He breathed fast, almost hyperventilating. I put everything I had into that blast, Sephiroth said as he laid on the ground, I hope it was enough. When he looked to see the place where Gyver stood, he saw a figure whose arms were outward and palms extended. Gyver had survived!

"He he he.....That was good but not nearly good enough," Gyver whispered, as he stood straight up looking at all of the unconscious bodies that pervayed the land. All of AVALANCHE had been defeated, and now Sephiroth was spent. Gyver had won.

"Don't you get it now! I don't need any missiles to destroy the Earth of all life! I shall do it by myself! AHA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I AM INVINCIBLE! AHA HA HA HA HA!" Gyver's maniacal laugh screeched all around Earth, bringing shivers to those who heard it. AVALANCHE and Sephiroth had been defeated. Earth's only hope was defeated.


"Cloud...wake up," a soft feminine voice called out, in a very soothing tone. Cloud opened an eye. He was where he had been, on the ground and not being able to move.

"Cloud...please wake up," the voice said again. Cloud wondered who was talking to him and whispered,

"Who is it?"

"You shall see, but first you must stand up."

"What? I can't stand. I can't even move."

"Then let me help you," the voice responded, and then Cloud felt a warm feeling come over his body, and he felt a surge of energy. He felt immediately better, and jumped up to the ground, feeling as good as new.

"Wow! I feel great! Thanks!" Cloud said, as he flexed his muscles and then grabbed the Sword of Life. I can take on Gyver.

"But Cloud, I still need you to stay here. I must give you something."


"Cloud...The Earth is in very grave danger. All of AVALANCHE has been defeated, and Sephiroth has used all of his energy. You are the only remaining warrior left to fight Gyver."

"What? What about everyone? Are they dead?" Cloud called out in a panic. If they're all dead, then...

"No, just injured...But we have one hope left. You see, I am the Lifestream. And I cannot let life be in danger from one man. And that is why I give you all my power and strength."


"Just relax," the sweet voice said, and then nothing. I don't understand, Cloud thought. The Lifestream is an actual person, this doesn't make sense. As Cloud pondered on this, he felt a small spark of energy go into him. The shock of it forced him straight up, and then more energy surged into him, and it went faster and faster.

"What's happening!!!" Cloud felt as though he was going to explode if any more energy went into him. He could do nothing to stop it, only clench his fists and bare with it until it ends. The energy coursed all through Cloud, and went it was done, he felt incredible, stronger than he had ever felt before. He was ready to face Gyver.



"GYVER!!!!!!" As Cloud called out to him, Gyver turned around. It appears Cloud is alive after all, Gyver mumbled to himself. Oh well, it won't last long. In a matter of seconds, Cloud was inspecting the wounds of all his fallen comrades. When he finally got to Tifa, he held her close to him and kissed her on the forehead, praying that she was alive.

"Gyver, you have caused all of this Planet great pain."

"Humans deserve such treatment. They were never meant to rule Earth. We were. You and me."

"I don't care....This is all going to stop. Nobody else is going to get hurt! I won't let you destroy everything I hold dear!" Cloud screamed and rushed forward to Gyver, swinging wildly with his Sword, and Gyver realized Cloud was even faster than he. With one swing, Cloud made a deep gash in Gyver's side, drawing blood and causing Gyver to stagger to the ground, holding his side. Then, Cloud kicked the Ghiite in the face, knocking him to the ground. Gyver rolled backwards and then jumped up, but Cloud was already there to greet him with his Sword. With another stroke, Cloud made another gash in Gyver's chest. Gyver now fell to the ground, and Cloud stood over him, holding his Sword up and ready to attack.

"Goodbye Gyver!" Cloud said as he was about to strike down, bur Gyver rolled out of the way, avoiding the attack. He then stood up and looked hatefully at Cloud.

"You think for a FUCKING SECOND that you can beat ME?" Gyver seethed with anger as he stared at Cloud.

"You are now nothing compared to me Gyver. Just give it up."

"Aha ha....You are wrong. I didn't think I'd have to do this, but drastic times call for drastic measures. You will see me at full strength. And trust me, you won't stand a chance!" Gvyer began to power up just as Sephiroth had, but only much quicker. In seconds, yellow flames arose on his body and shot up high into the air, reaching to the heavens. Now the ground was cracking and pieces of the Earth were shifting, causing earthquakes. Gyver was finished, and had now powered up to his fullest.

"DIE!" Gvyer screamed manically as he rushed forward, and hit Cloud full in the chest with his shoulder. Cloud was knocked down but immediately got up. Gyver was upon him, punching and kicking with a fury never seen before. Cloud skillfully blocked each blow with his Sword, but did little to slow down Gyver. Gyver then grabbed Cloud arm that was holding the Sword, and punched Cloud in the stomach. He was about to finish off the warrior as he started an eneryg blast, until he felt a sharp pain in his back. He turned around and saw Vincent, his claw stained with blood.

"AUGHHH! BASTARD!" Gyver screamed as he kicked Vincent in the face, sending him though the air and onto the ground. He then turned his attention to Cloud, who was ready and charged at Gvyer with Sword in hand, and slashed wildly at his fellow Ghiite, nicking him with every shot but doing little damage to him. Leaping into the air, he held his Sword above his head and then brought it down, but Gyver jumped out of the way at the last second.

After much more fighting, no warrior had gained the upper hand. Both looked at each, waiting for the other to attack.

"So, it looks like we are in a stalemate." Gyver called out, as he circled around Cloud.

"I guess so," was Cloud's simple response. Then he saw Gyver holding out both arms, and concentrating on something.

"Now, try and block this Cloud!" Gyver said as he summoned up his energy to make a blast to destroy Cloud. Cloud realized this, and had no idea what to do. I can't make an energy blast, but I have to do something. Cloud then thought of all the things that would be lost to him of he failed. His friends, family and the Earth. Then he thought about Tifa. Oh God, if Tifa died....I love her more than anything, Cloud thought, and I won't let anything happen to her. With all of his strength, he started to summon an attack of his own. Soon, both warriors were engufled in flames and energy was swirling around them, shaking the Earth to it's core.

Then in an instant, Gyver shot his off first. It raced forward straight to Cloud, but Cloud as well let his loose, and in a massive explosion, the two blasts collided. However, the two warriors continued their struggle as the two balls of energy tried to over power the other. Both warriors had broken into a sweat, their power draining slowly. They knew sooner or later that one of them would give out and the other's blast would destroy them.

"NOOOO! HE CAN"T BE AS STRONG AS ME!" Gvyer said, his blast holding strong against Cloud's. Gyver remained focused on summoning more energy to destroy Cloud, but he had none left. Cloud as well, tried to force himself over his limits to destroy this evil.

"I WON"T LET YOU TAKE TIFA FROM ME!!!" Cloud screamed defiantly, trying desperately to overpower Gyver. But soon, Gyver's energy blast overpowered Cloud's and came racing towards Cloud. In an instant, the energy blast hit Cloud straight in the chest, enveloping him in the blast and causing a massive explosion.

Everywhere across the globe, the sky was lit up do to the magnitude of Gyver's power. Soonb, the explosion faded, leaving a massive crater, where Cloud laid. He barely clung to life.

"No....It can't be....I won't let you.......take Tifa....from me....." Cloud said, as a blackness overcame him. He had nothing left to give. Despite his efforts, Cloud was not strong enough for Gyver.

Gyver heaved for air violently, slowly recovering from the battle. It's over, and I've won, he thought. But then a feeling overcame Gyver. It was remorse. He then realized he could not kill these humans. He and his friend Sephiroth have too much potential in them. I cannot let it go to waste, Gyver thought. Gyver decided then to take the two back to his home planet. He slung both of the warriors over his shoulder, and took them to the spaceship. I will help train them both into great warriors like myself. One these two are subservient to us, then I shall destroy this world.

As Gyver carried the two to the spaceship Cloud opened his eyes and saw Tifa lying on the ground, unconscious and unoblivious as to what was happening.

"Tifa.....I love you and I swear.......I'll be back...." was all Cloud managed to say as he succumbed to unconsciousness. From there on, he had no idea what would happen to him next.


When Cloud regained consciousness, he found himself in a type of cell. There were no bars or gates, only an empty room.

"Where am I?" Cloud called out as he wondered where he was. He had trouble remembering what had happened to him.

"Calm down," Sephiroth responded," we are on the Ghiite's spaceship."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"I know....It's crazy, but Gyver didn't destroy the world, not yet."

"So where are we going?"

"To his home and your home planet of Bakaar."

"You know I'm one of them?"

"Yes....He spared you and me so that he might train both us to be martial arts warriors like him."

"My God, this can't be happening," Cloud said, as he fell to the floor at this new revelation.

"It is, trust me."

"I'll never return home, see my friends.....or Tifa....I never told her..." Cloud said, as he buried his face into his hands, sobbing softly. He noticed that all of his human skin had been removed. He was a true Ghiite.

"Will we ever return home?"

"Cloud, for the first time, you are going home...."


Well, that's the end of Payback's a Bitch!!!!!!!! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did righting it. Well, email me at if you have any comments on the story. But don't worry, all of you fans of mine out there (yes, im talking to all three of yoU!) that there is GOING TO BE A SEQUEL. I don't know when I'll start, but it'll probably be in July. I just don't think it would be fair for me to end the story like that, eh? Thanks for hanging with me and reading this story! It was really fun for me, cuz I'm just doing this for you, the Final Fantasy 7 fan! Well, peace!



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