Payback's a Bitch Chapter 4

By Joe L.

Gyver led Jake around a mountain pass to a small village. The homes were made of straw and wood, obviously the people that inhabited this village were very primitive.

"Where are we?" Jake asked. Gyver looked at the village with a spark of proudness in his eyes.

"Welcome to the village of Yasir, home of Yegolar." Jake looked around. Everybody was in their huts.

"Can the people see us?" Jake asked, as a figure opened up the door in his hut.

"No....we are merely in our astral forms. No one can see us but ourselves." Jake nodded, this was getting a little weird. Jake looked at the figure coming out of the hut. They were somewhat reptilian, with green scales and a long tail. Though they stood erect, and had five fingers on their hands and feet.

"What the hell are those?" Jake asked, though Gyver glared at him.

"Please don't use such language. Those are the Ghiites, your and my people."

"They..they are lizards?"

"Not lizards, Ghiites. They are far more advanced than any common reptile."

"Will I become one of them?"

"Of course. You possess Yegolar in your veins." I'm going to be a lizard, Jake thought. "Look! There he is! Yegolar!" Gyver pointed to a certain Ghiite engaged on conversation with another. Yegolar stared in Jake's direction.

"Hey Gyver, can Yegolar see me?"

"No....he only senses a familiar presense." Yegolar returned to the conversation.

"Let's get a closer look, shall we?" Gyver said with a grin, and led Jake right next to Yegolar.


"There have been some very interesting activities in the Forbidden Sector, Master."

"What kind of activities?"

"Some sort of green liquid shooting up from the ground....People hearing strange voices in the caves. It's all very strange, Yegolar." The Ghiite nodded. He sent the serf away, and retreated to his hut. He put on some mail of leather, and attached a short steel sword to his belt. He would find out what was going on in the Forbidden Sector.

Yegolar arrived in the Forbidden Zone. The caves were numerous, branching off in every direction.

"Where should I go?" Yegolar rubbed his chin. He'd get to the bottom of this.

"Yegolar..........." a voice from within the cave beckoned him. Yegolar jerked his head backwards. Who had said that?

"Who's there?" He unsheathed his sword, looking around in every direction to see who was calling his name. He stepped into the mouth of the cave. It was dark, stalactites and stalagmites surrounding the cave. A few bats passed by Yegolar, squeaking as they went by. He walked very slowly down the cave, monitoring his every step. The ground was very wet, but it smelled like something different than say, water.

"What is that smell?" Yegolar saw the liquid on the ground. It was green, and looking into it he saw fantastic visions. They were almost indescribable, save for that brought him great happiness.

"What is this?" He peered at it a while longer, and then heard a soft cry. He turned his around. He saw nothing save for the inpenetrable blackness. His visage was one of fear. He pressed on still, until the blackness gave way to a valley.

On both sides were mountains, spiraling and twisting up to the heavens, and in between a peaceful valley, green with grass. As Yegolar looked in the sky, it had gotten ominously dark and dour. When he entered the cave, it had been bright and sunny. He treaded through the valley, then it started drizzling. The rain felt cool to the Ghiite, who felt very uncomfortable. Then the rain started getting heavier, till it was a veritable thunderstorm, with the thunder booming loudly in his sensitive ears.

Then Yegolar saw something strange in the distance, a lake. But of course, the lake was a bright green color. Like the water Yegolar saw in the cave. He picked up his pace and rushed to the lake. When he arrived, he stood over the lake. It wasn't a lake really, a crater with liquid flowing around like an immense whirlpool.

"Come in......" a soothing voice beckoned to Yegolar. Yegolar shook his head, who is calling my name? As Yegolar was staring into the pool a great gigantic, liquidy hand came up from the pool. It was the liquid grabbing him. The hand held firm on to Yegolar, who was screaming wildly and yelling curses. The hand then dragged Yegolar back inside the pool.


"Gyver, what just happened?" Jake stood in awe at what had happened.

"The Lifestream took him. To show him the secrets of this planet."

"Did he live through it all?"

"You shall see."


He was in a void of nothingness. When he opened his eyes, there was nothing surrounding him. He stood up. He was fine, with no apparent damage done to him. He was puzzled. Where had he been taken? He couldn't still be anywhere on Earth. There was nowhere for him to go. He started walking. He didn't know what direction, he didn't know where it would take him if it indeed took him anywhere, but anything was better than staying in one place. As he walked, he noticed his surroundings didn't change. This is getting me nowhere quick, Yegolar mused. Then he heard a soft rumble in the distance. What is that? It sounded like a herd of buffalo charging, but miles awway. It got louder, and louder, and louder still. Yegolar frantically looked for something that was making the sound. Then he saw in the distance he saw a green liquid rushing towards him.

Yegolar instinctively ran as fast as he could. He knew it probably wouldn't get him anywhere, but he had to try. But the tidal wave kept gaining, unrelenting in it's speed. Then the tidal wave hit him. It knocked him off his legs, and the current carried him down. Yegolar was powerless to do anything, considering he was only a neophyte in swimming capabilties. He flailed around wildly in hopes that somehow he would not be submerged in the water, but to no avail. I'm going to die, Yegolar thought to himself.

When he opened his eyes, he was on some grass. Where am I now? He looked up in the sky. The sun was setting, making the sky a purplish hue. It's beautiful, Yegolar thought. Then, a person stood over him. It was covered by a white cloak. The man was old, with a long white beard. He gave Yegolar a comforting smile.

"Greetings, Yegolar. I am glad you are here." Yegolar stared at the man in awe. Who was he?

"Where am I?"

"The Lifestream.....The essence of the planet. Don't worry, you will understand in time." Yegolar appeared even more confused.

"How?" The man only grinned.

"Watch...." Yegolar stood up, and noticed the environment was changing from a plain, to nothingness.

"What's happening?" Yegolar whispered to the man.

"Do not fear." The man was silent. Now it was completely dark, again. Just then a light flickered.

"Go over there," the man pointed to where the light was flickering. Yegolar gave a hesitant look, and slowly made his way over to the light. When he stopped, he saw nothing. Then he saw another figure come toward him. It was somewhat a shadowy figure. It looked human from it's features, but's it's body looked like smoke. It was a ghost.

"Yegolar, you are the first one to travel to the depth's of the planet. And now, I shall reveal my secrets to you."

"What secrets?" Yegolar asked, but the ghost did not respond. The ghost looked into his eyes, and Yegolar was in a trance. As he gazed into the eyes, he felt as though he was staring into a whole new, fascinating world. This is incredible, Yegolar thought. He saw spirits returning to the planet, rebirth, the never-ending cycle of life. He now knew the secrets of the planet, and knew his life would never be the same.

"Yes, I understand," Yegolar said, his mouth gaping, and still in a trance.

"Now you must go. Now, let your people know of these secrets," the spirit said, and before Yegolar knew it, he was standing outside his hometown of Yasir.


What happened? One moment he was staring at some ethereal spirit, and now he was on the outskirts of his town. He shook his head. Everything that had happened was very strange, but he knew it had really happened. It didn't make any sense, however. He slowly stumbled back to Yasir, till two Ghiites greeted him, and helped him back to his home.

"Yegolar sir, what did you find?" One Ghiite eagerly asked.

"I don't know for sure..." Yegolar said, apparently dazed. The two lizard men stared at each other. What had happened to Yegolar?

"Are you alright sir? You seem....confused," the other Ghiite said, thoughtfully. Yegolar shook his head,

"I'm fine....I just need a little rest." The two lizards nodded, and soon they were at Yegolar's house.

"Hope you are better tomorrow morning, sir." Then both lizards left, leaving Yegolar alone in his house. He slowly stuttered his way to his bed, and plopped down. He closed his eyes, hoping that some well deserved rest would do him good.


"So what happened to Yegolar?" Jake said, as he contemplated what had happened.

"That ghost was the spirit of the planet. It revealed to him all the knowledge of the planet, though it would take a lifetime to accumulate it. The spirit returned him to his homeland after it."

"It all seems so crazy! It doesn't seem real!"

"Why all the sudden anger, Jake? Are you unhappy that you will soon rule the world, or that you are quite possibly the most important boy in the history of this entire world?"

"I dunno....I just, I wish I could go back to being a normal kid! I mean, this is happening so fast! Why should I believe any of it? Maybe this is all a dream!" Gyver laughed to himself.

"This is no dream, I assure you. You were never normal, Jake. Sicne the day you were born you weren't normal. Why can't you accept that? You are destined to lead the ancient Ghiites to grandeur, no matter what you think. That is your reality, nothing else." Jake nodded. He couldn't fight it anymore. Gyver was right. Jake stared at the sleeping form of Yegolar for a while. That is what I am, he thought. That's what I am going to become. He just had to accept it.


When Yegolar awoke from his sleep, it was very early morning. He felt invigorated, and much better than the previous day, when those eerie events had occured. As he yawned, he remembered what the spirit had uttered to him, "Now, let your people know of these secrets." Should he tell his people what had happened to him? His peers could just as easily consider him crazy. He was torn as to what to do. He decided to think about it, and then decide if he should tell his people what he knew.

As he opened his door of his hut, he noticed a Ghiite in leather armor was apparently waiting for him.

"Yegolar sir, please come with me. Mayor Overond wishes to speak with you about your findings in the Forbidden Zone." Yegolar nodded and followed the servant to the Mayor's mansion. It was really nothing more than a large hut of wood and straw, but however, it was more furnished than all the other huts in Yasir.

The servant led him to the Mayor's office, where the Mayor Overond was waiting and sitting on a chair, reading some sort of book.

"Yegolar, I am glad that you could make it," Overond said, his face buried still in the book.

"What exactly Mayor, do you wish to speak to me about?"

"Well, considering you have been to the Forbidden Zone in search of information regarding the strange activites going on, I would like you to divulge to me what exactly you found, and if it poses a threat to out small town or the entire race of Ghiites." Yegolar felt a lump grow in his throat, and found himself sweating. Should he lie to the Mayor, or tell him the truth, and risked being labeled insane and psychotic?

"What did I find?"

"Yes my boy, what did you find?"

"Well, you see, it's kind of hard to explain right now."

"What is that supposed to mean? Just tell me what you found."

"I don't really know what to make of it Mayor. It's a very long story, and it might sound kind of crazy."


"Well, here goes. Are you sure you'll believe me no matter how crazy it sounds?"

"Yes, yes, just get on with it."

"Well, I stumbled upon some sort of pool. But the water inside it was very queer, and literally, it grabbed me and pulled me inside. When I woke up, I was all alone and it was very dark. Then I heard a rumbling, and I saw a tidal wave come rushing towards me so I ran. I dashed as quickly as I could, but I wasn't fast enough, and it hit me. The next thing I knew, I was in some sort of grassland area with a strange old man next to me. Then, it became very dark, but an ominous light flickered, and the old man told me to go over there. So I did, and the next thing I knew there wast this strange ghost in front of me. Then this ghost showed me all the secrets of the Planet, and told me to tell them to my people. The ghost transported me back here yesterday night. And well, that is what happened."

Mayor Overond cocked an eyebrow at Yegolar. He had to be insane, Overond told himself.

"I see....How very interesting. Are you sure you weren't hallucinating? I mean, it was a very hot-"

"Damn it! I know what I saw. I don't care if you don't believe it, but I know it's the truth!"

"Please, Yegolar, calm down. It's just that.....I don't see how anybody could believe the story you just recited to me. I mean, who's gonna believe that you saw ghosts? And what about-" The Mayor was interrupted by Yegolar grabbing him harshly by the neck and sneering, "So you think I'm crazy do you? Well, lemme show you what I'm talking about!" Just as the ghost had done, Yegolar stared Overond straight in the eyes, and revealed to him all he had witnessed in the lifestream. Overond eyes almost glazed over as he was watching and muttered many things, that were all gibberish.

"Good lord......" Overond said, as Yegolar finished his incantation. "It's all true...Everything you said was true. We have to tell everybody about this!"


In a matter of weeks, when the assembled coucils of the Ghiites met to discuss the welfare of the people, Yegolar accompanied Mayor Overond to the meetings at Geldin. He was to tell them his discoveries of the planet, of the lifestream, speaking to the planet, and living in harmony with the planet and the ways it could benefit the Ghiites. After many a Ghiite had spoken their business, most of which were trivial matters or unimportant, it was time for Overond report of Yasir.

"Greetings respected councilmen of the Ghiites. I am here with head of security of Yasir, Yegolar, to discuss information found in the Forbidden Zone seventeen days ago. Yegolar, if you will." Yegolar walked over to the podium, cleared his throat, and began his speech.

"Greetings. I am Yegolar, and now I would like you to listen to what I have to say. At forst, it might sound strange or downright crazy, but I think you will see the truth in it all. I found something amazing in the Forbidden Zone. At first, I didn't know what to make of it. But nwo, it has bestowed upon me gifts to prove to you that strange things exist in this world." Yegolar took a deep breath of air, and then bowed hid head. All light in the room was now cut off. It was totally dark. Some councilmen gasped and started out of their chairs, but were ordered to stay seated. Just then, an image of the planet of Earth materialized. Nobody knew where it came from.

"This is out planet, Earth. Most of probably think, when we die, then it is over." A small figure appeared on the globe Yegolar was pointing to. The figure was a representation of a Ghiite, appeared to die. "But it is not so. Nothing in this world truly dies. We all return to the Planet, and the Lifestream. At a later time, we are resurrected as something new." The figure on the globe went inside the planet, and then came out the other side as something new.

"As you can see, it is a miraculous thing. Also, I have learned to communicate with our Planet. In communicating with our planet, I hope to live in harmony with nature."

The speech Yegolar gave went on for hours. He even lightly touched on the materialized energy of the planet, which he called "materia". He explained this materia can only be found where the planet's energy, which he named mako, can be found. Materia has special powers, tapped from the very essence of the planet. For instance, one type of materia can summon the ice of the North, and others can summon fire like that from the depths of hell. Though Yegolar said this materia is potentially destructive and should be used with great care. Yegolar said it might take years of study to unlock all the secrets of materia, and see what they can do. Thus, months after Yegolar gave his climatic speech, the council announced to fund his findings and created the Ghiite Confederation of Greater Knowledge. It was a place of study for people that wished to learn about the planet. Soon, every Ghiite on Earth had some knowledge of the planet, and most could even speak with the planet. Great temples were constructed in various cities where people could go and speak to the planet and ask for advice.


"That is how Yegolar came the most famous Ghiite ever. His legacy lives on with you, Jake."

"So, what exactly happened to the Ghiites?" Jake asked. Gyver smiled to himself.

"Well, let's see."


Fifty years later(though it was only seconds for Jake and Gyver), there had been reports of strange lights in the sky, and one Ghiite said they had seen some sort of ship land from out of the sky itself. Again, now King Yegolar of the Ghiite Republic, sent an army to investigate.

When the army arrived outside of Jericho, they noticed strange lights on the horizon. It was dark, but Ghiite's keen sense of vision allowed them to see perfectly in the dark. When the battalion arrived to the source of the lights, they were in shock. In front of them was a spaceship shaped like a sphere, with men inside. They appeared human, clothed in white robes. They appeared scared as they saw the Ghiites. They appeared to have no weapons on them.

The leader of the Ghiite force dispatched here, by the name of Derin, was the first to approach the strange people. He held out his hands in submission to show he meant them no harm.

"Who are you?" He said softly to one of the humans.

"Cetra." An old man responded. Derin thought for a moment. Maybe that was the name of their race he thought.

"Cetra?" Derin pointed at one of them with his scaly, green hand. The old man shook his head in approval.

"Cetra." Derin now understood. They were the Cetra.

"Where did you come from?" Derin asked the same old man.

"We came from far away. We wish to live in peace." The old man stuttered, and held out his hand as if to shake Derin's hand. Derin looked at it for a moment, and then shook it. The old man smiled. He took Derin's hand and led him inside the ship. It was like nothing Derin had ever seen. The advanced machinery was amazing in every aspect as Derin was led through the twisting halls of the ship. He didn't exactly know where the Cetra man was taking him, but there was really nothing he could do. Soon, Derin was led to a small, scarcely lit room. In it, a small man was meditating.

"I am Uikel. My people are the Cetra. We came from a faraway planet that has all but died off. We wish to live with your people."

"I..I'm not really the person to speak to. I'm only a soldier, not a politician," Derin responded.

"Then take me to your leader." Uikel stood up, and ordered Derin to take him to their leader. Derin nodded, and was led back outside. All the Cetra were ordered outside the ship to follow Uikel. When Derin arrived back to his comrades, they were stunned to see all these people following. There must have been tens of thousands of them.

"Derin, who the hell are these people?" One soldier asked.

"They are the Cetra. I am here to take them to Yegolar." Derin said, and then continued on, not saying anything more. He traveled for hours until finally they were at the now appointed capital of the Ghiite Republic, Yasir. Ghiites came out of their huts to see the amazing sight of a sea of strange, new people. Derin told he rest of the Cetra to stay here, and told Uikel to come with him to meet Yegolar.

Derin and Uikel came upon the the capital building, and Derin was confronted by a guard.

"Who the hell is that?" The guard at squinting at Uikel.

"Don't worry about it, I need to see Yegolar."

"He's a very busy man ya know-"

"Damn it! Let me in!" The guard rolled his eyes, and let the pair pass. They walked up many stairs and passed many Ghiites giving Uikel a suspicious look till they arrived at Yegolar's office. Derin opened the door to find Yegolar behind his desk.

"Your back, I see. And you have brought a visitor."

"Yes your majesty. Uikel, go ahead." Uikel stepped in front of Derin and cleared his throat.

"I am Uikel, we are the Cetra. We come from a planet far away, and wish to settle here. Do you accept?"

"Pushy, aren't ya? Well, I don't know. This could take months, I mean I don't even now your people. And there are no agreements on land usage, and peace treaties as to avoid wars and all-"

"It is a simple question my friend. We wish to cause you no harm. Only live in harmony. Do you accept?"

Yegolar rubbed his chin for a moment, and then said, "Sure. Settle anytime you are ready." Uikel smiled and walked back out of the building.


Later that night, the Cetra returned to their gigantic mother ship.

"We have been accepted. Remember, hide the weapons at all cost. Don't want the fools to find something they shouldn't," Uikel spoke to another Cetra.

"We shall. They won't even see it coming."


Months later, the Cetra had fully settled, in one large town outside of Yasir. Their city was very large, overflowing almost with people. Though they had constructed an extraordianry spaceship, their technology on Earth appeared to be limited. Still, they got along peacefully with the Ghiites. Then, underneath the capital building of the Cetra city, the war had begun. Cetra armies had gathered and were poised to attack Yasir at any moment.

"It is time, my brethren. The Ghiites time is up!" With that, the Cetra began thei rmarch to Yasir. It was late night, and most of the guards were asleep. They were not expecting anything.

One guard rushed into Yegolar's bedroom, were he was sleeping.

"Sir! The Cetra are here! I've seen them! They are here with weapons! The bastards are marching right now to here!" Yegolar immediately stood up, in a panic.


Within a matter of thirty minutes, the battle had begun. The Cetra had stormed through the gates of Yasir, and started burning down homes and everything in sight. The Ghiites met to attack them, but were immediately overrun. The Cetra army was simply too much. The Ghiites force was around 5,000, while the Cetra had everbody from their city. The Ghiites however, held out as long as they could. Archers from faraway picked off Cetra, while catapults crushed multiple targets. Yegolar however, was ordered to stay back in his room, with 200 guards all guarding the hallway to his room.

Derin rushed madly to attack as many Cetra aas he could. Ghiites by nature were not violent people, but when drawn into war, they were extremly deadly. Derin had exterminated many Cetra, at the moment he was fighting back three Cetra armed with small axes. The first one swung at him overhand, which he blocked with his sword, and stabbed the Cetra in his heart. The next two simultaneously slashed at him which he ducked and sliced both of them across the chest in one blow. Then Derin saw a familiar face. It was Uikel. He immediately pushed through the onslaught to attack him. When Uikel turned around to see Derin charging at him, Derin had already tackled him, knocking the broadsword out of Uikel's hands.

"You bastard! I'll kill you!" Derin yelled manically, punching Uikel in the face with his fists. Uikel's face by the time Derin was finished was bloody, but he showed no sign of pain.

"I'm sorry, Derin," Uikel said, as he pulled out a short sword. Derin gripped onto his sword tight. He slowly circled around Uikel a few times, faking a few attacks. Then he struck with a quick thrust to Uikel's knee. Uikel parried the attack, and countered with a thrust of his own to Derin's chest. Derin easily stepped out of the way, and then with a renewed fury, was upon Uikel. The slashed at Uikel, who blocked with his sword, but Derin struck immediately with a barrage of attacks. For each attack though, Uikel skillfully parried, and saw that Derin was getting very tired. He started breathing very heavily, and Uikel swung at Derin who blocked, though it brung him to his knees, and Uikel thrusted at him, cutting open Derin's chest. Derin dropped his sword, and then dropped to the ground.

"I am sorry it had to end this way, Derin. But you don't understand." Uikel shook his head, and quickly decapitated Derin with one swift slice.


Soon after, the Cetra has stormed the capital building. They had destroyed everything in sight, and were now battling the guards outside Yegolar's room. Yegolar's heard the cries and screams of war, and bowed his head and prayed to the planet. Prayed that a miracle would happen. Nothing did, and soon the Cetra came rushing through his door, breaking it down. Uikel was at the front, and ordered his kinsman to stop.

"Why are you doing this? Why did you trick us?" Yegolar pleaded, on his knees, pleading. Uikel's visage remained the same.

"It doesn't matter. We care nothing for you. We only want your planet." Uikel then shoved his sword in Yegolar's heart. Yegolar died a quick death.

With the destruction of the capital, Yasir, it was the beginning of the end for the Ghiites.


In the days following the war, a Cetra stumbled upon a library of books. He couldn't read them, but the seemed important, considering that they were hidden, and appeared to have been guarded, considering fallen Ghiites soldiers were around them. Miraculously though, the Cetra warrior made out the title of the book.

"The Secrets of the Planet, Volume 1". Secrets of the planet, he thought. This had to be important.


"That is what happened to my people." Gyver said, a single tear streaming from his eye.

"Damn.....That's horrible," was all Jake could come up with.

"Now you know the truth of the Cetra, Jake." Gyver stated. "Now, it's time to go back." Then, with a wave of his hand, a portal was open. Both Jake and Gyver left the horrible massacre to go back to their own time.

When they came back, all was normal. It was as if they hadn't really ever left Gyver's base.

"I hope this changes your opinion of the Ghiites. We deserve to own this planet, Jake. Please help me. You are our last hope."

"I know. I guess I can't fight it anymore. I am Yegolar, Lord of all Ghiites, and I am here to reclaim what is rightfully my people's!"


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