The Beginning Of The End Chapter 3

Where Are We?

By John Donahue

"Sire! There are strangers in the Infirmary! There's something odd about them. They claim not to know of this place!"

Edgar looked up from his chess match with Sabin. "Really?" he asked.

"Yes sire, you must come quickly."

Edgar looked at his brother and shrugged. "Guess we have to."

A minute later, they were all in the infirmary. Crono, was fully awake, Lucca and Marle were just getting up. For a minute they just stared at each other.

Sabin was the first to speak. "Who are you?" he asked. "And why have you never heard of Figaro?"

Crono spoke for them all. "Because where we come from, there's no such place."

"How can that be?"

"Because I don't think we're even from this dimension at all."

Sabin and Edgar looked at each other. "" Sabin began, at a loss for words.

"Look," Lucca began, "We're not crazy. And we have proof we're not from around here."

"Proof?" asked Edgar, "I'd like to see it. Where is it."

"About six miles into the desert."

Edgar sighed. Sometimes he hated living in the middle of nowhere. He turned, and called out to a guard, "Saddle up five Chocobos!"

An hour later, they came upon Epoch, or, what was left. One wing lying fifty yards away, the hull cracked and smashed up, the controls totally shot, engines that wouldn't lit up if you set them on fire, and the leather upholstery ripped to shreds, perhaps the most expensive loss.

Edgar whistled. You could tell he would jump at the chance to fly, design, or even repair one of these things. "Okay," he began, "I don't think you're from around here. Tell you what. Let's drag this thing back to the castle, and try to patch it up."

"That's really no necessary..." Marle began, but stopped when Lucca gave her a small kick.

"That would be nice of you," Lucca said sweetly.

Edgar glanced at Sabin and grinned.


"Sire, your plan is working perfectly! The three are in the other world, and all the others think them dead! Now would be the perfect time to attack!" a croaking voice said.

"Yes, perhaps it is. Ready the troops," said a voice that no one could misplace.

Maniacal laughter sounded.

The voice was Baruda Deathlance's.


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