The Beginning Of The End Chapter 8

Till Death Do Us Part

By John Donahue

Crono watched as Marle began to move. He figured out what was going to happen. He screamed, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

It was too late.

Marle engaged Epoch's Time Drive, and went sailing headfirst into the ship. Right before she hit, the comm came on one last time. Marle's voice said, "Tell Crono I love-." When the smoke cleared, nothing was left. Crono screamed again, and began to sob.


Frog, Lucca, Robo, Dar, and Ayla watched as Marle kamakazied. They didn't even notice the beast that came upon them. Before they did, Robo was a pile of circuits. Frog looked back, and gave the alarm. The fight began.


Tristain looked out from his hiding place, unable to help. He was unable to do anything, not to save his Shadow Knights, and he couldn't help these people.


Marle's action had been for naught. As one ship was destroyed, another came out. The comm came on. "Well, well, what a touching performance," Said the voice of Baruda Deathlance. "Too bad it was for nothing." That annoying mechanical laughter rang out.

Crono knew what he must do. He headed for the Docking Bay.


Baruda was happy with himself. He knew someone would try to kill him, by taking out the entire ship. Too bad he wasn't on it.

"You're death-day has come, Baruda." Someone said.

Baruda whirled around. Magus and Schala were there, preparing to fight. "You will die," said Schala.

'I don't think so, dear. My magic is more powerful than yours. Observe." The man made a gesture, and Schala found she couldn't breathe. Within minutes, she was dead. Magus snapped. Drawing his scythe, he lunged. But Baruda simply laughed and faded out.


Crono boarded a skimmer and took off. Locking his sights, he headed straight for the ship. But he didn't fire. He just charged.

Drawing near enough, he leaped off just as the skimmer smashed into the ship. On his portable comm, he heard Baruda's voice.

"Oh, too bad...You see I wasn't even on. I am now, but that doesn't matter because..." he trailed off. The ship's cannons smashed the White Omen, and it started to fall.


'Frog, can you handle without us? We gotta get back to the Omen!" yelled Lucca in the midst of the fray.

"We be dead anyway, so RUN!" yelled Frog back. Dar and Lucca ran. Frog and Ayla stayed. If they were to go, they would go the way they wanted to: in a fight. They charged.


Dar and Lucca ran to the bridge. When they got there, they were appalled. Everyone was dead. "Hurry up! We've no time to lose!" yelled Lucca as she started working on the shields. Dar helped as he could.


Magus was at Schala's fallen body in a second. He stood up, and ran, right for the Chaos base. Tears stained his face.


Crono moved like a cat, entering the ship and making his way to the bridge. It wasn't that hard, considering. He made it. He opened the door, and everyone turned to look at him. Drawing his sword, he ran at Baruda.


"Lucca, we gotta go! We can't do anything!" yelled Dar.

"Just another wire..."


"Just one more..."

Just as she went to hook up a wire, the console blew up in her face. She flew back, burns all over. Dar rushed, and took her in his arms, cradling her like a baby. He began to cry.

"Dar, I...I must tell you...I...I" she lifted her face to his, and kissed him long and hard. She gave one final shudder, and left. Dariun howled.

Then, The White Omen began to fall.


Tristan watched in horror as the White Omen fell. Then, a black-robed figure leaped from the shadows. "Now you DIE, Darkslayer!" it yelled as it plunged a knife into his heart.

Tristan's scream reached the farthest points on the planet.


Crono flew at Baruda, sword leading. Lances from Baruda's hands flew into him, but he kept going, making no sound of pain. He didn't stop until he had plunged his sword into Baruda's heart, to the hilt. Then he died.


Magus raised his scythe, to kill another Minion of Chaos, but time froze. Magus looked around, and saw an old man with a cane, wearing an old, ratty brown robe and hat.

"Gaspar! What are you doing here?" demanded Magus.

"It is over. Chaos has won. You are the last human remaining, in any time frame. But this should not have happened. Remember when you came to me, seeking a way to bring Crono back?" Asked the Guru.

"Of course."

"And I told you I could replace lost time streams?"


"I can replace the World's time stream, and will do so. Wear this." He handed Magus a pendant, which was the one Marle had worn. When you have killed Deathlance, shatter it. Gaspar gestured.

Magus found himself in a royal court, Baruda Deathlance on the throne. Hefting his scythe, he swung it in a wide arc. Baruda Deathlace's head parted company with his body. Chaos gave a great wail, and Magus smashed the Pendant. Everything went black.




"You may now kiss the bride," said the minister.

Crono turned to Marle, lifted her veil, and kissed her. The crowd erupted into cheering.

Magus smiled. He remembered, and he knew he had saved the world.


The End

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