Chrono Trigger: Relationships Chapter 10

Crono's Confrontation

By John Donahue

Crono had landed safely in Medina's dock, and went back to the trail. It led east for a while, then curved north. Towards the ruins. A grin spreading across his face, he fingered his gun. Then he ran off.


Lucca reached the docks, and found out that Crono had gone off to Medina. With a heavy sigh, she bought a ticket and sat down to wait for the boat.


The Captain padded nervously into the ruins. He'd only been here once, and he didn't like it. Approaching the blue pyramid where Marle's body lay, he smiled widely. Now, he thought, now, I end this. He took out the package he had been carrying, and started to set up.


Lucca had disembarked at Medina, and she quickly went through town, setting her sights on the ruins. "Crono, hang on, I'm coming..." she whispered to herself as she took off.


The Captain stood up from his work. He smiled, pleased with himself. A ring of explosives was all wired to the pyramid. One flick of the switch, and this structure would be reduced to dust, collapsing and destroying whatever was inside. Now all that he had to do was wait. Wait, for that fool boy to come to him.


Crono looked out from his place in the trees. He set his sights square on the Captain's head. No he thought. Not the coward's way. I end this face-to-face. With a blood-curdling scream, he leaped from the foliage.


The Captain was taken somewhat by surprise. The boy was on him in a flash, beating, punching, and all-around trying to kill him. He smiled. Heaving his arms, he threw the boy off.

Crono tumbled to the ground, lying on his back. The Captain was up, and had a pistol leveled with Crono's head. He cursed under his breath. The Captain smiled.

"Well, now, I'm afraid it's time we part company, boy," he said. Then, all of a sudden, he cried out in pain. His hand went behind his back, and went it emerged, it was red and held a blood-soaked dagger.

"Elina!" Crono yelled with a touch of surprise. "What are you doing here?"

"She and I are saving your scrawny neck, you fool!" yelled Glenn, as he leaped from the trees, sword leading.

The Captain drew his own blade, and the pair clashed as Elina ran to help Crono up.

As Crono got up, the Captain got a lucky shot. Glenn went sprawling, a deep slash on his side. Elina's eyes went wide and she screamed.

"You bastard!" she shouted, diving to grab Glenn's lost sword. She brought it to bear just as the Captain was about to split her in two. They clashed for a few minutes while Crono checked on Glenn.

"Ahh!" Yelled the Captain, as Elina's borrowed sword rang home. The Captain went flying, and landed near the pyramid.

Crono stood to face him. He leveled his pistol at the Captain. "Now," Crono said, "now you die."

The Captain fumbled around for a moment until his hand closed on something. He struggled to his feet. He was breathing hard, but managed a smile. "I think...not..." He gasped out. He touched something on the object he held and dove through the air.

Now Crono might be nearly insane, but he knew a trap when he saw one. "Glenn, Elina, look out!" he yelled, diving towards them.

The explosives went off, and for the four people there, everything went black.


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