Chrono Trigger: Relationships Chapter 5

Crono's Fury

By John Donahue

"Hey, what's going on in there?" asked the guard, coming to the bars.

Crono shot him. Nothing fatal, but it did knock him out. Quickly reloading, Crono positioned the barrel next to the keyhole and fired.

Pushing open the gate, he reloaded as he ran. "Hey!" "Stop him!" and "Help!" were heard throughout the jail. Nothing got in Crono's way. For long, that is. Crono had been pouring shots out like so much water. Then he got an idea. Running along a jail cell, he blew the lock. Prisoners ran out in a mad frenzy. Pursuing guards were trampled. It seemed Crono was in the clear. He ran for the Throne Room.


Glenn, Lucca, and Elina ran through the forest. Emerging at the other side, they saw that the Palace was in Havoc. The three ran in, and from the King, they learned that Crono was loose. "How'd he get out?" asked Elina.

"He must have blown the lock," said the King.

"With what?"

"We have confirmed his possession of a pistol," said a man who had walked up to stand next to the King.

"Who is this?" asked Lucca.

"Oh," began the King, "this is the Captain of my guards."

"What's he going to do?" asked Lucca.

"We believe he's after the King," said the Captain. "If this is true, I must ask for your help. I know he's your friend, but I must ask you to subdue him, or, failing in that, kill him."

Glenn sighed. "We shall haft to do what be necessary."


Crono smashed the Throne Room door in with his shoulder. The King sat there, alone. Cocking his gun, he aimed the barrel at the King. "Where is the Captain, Highness?" he yelled.

"Crono, put the gun down," said Lucca, stepping out from hiding. She pulled her own gun.

"Crono, drop thy weapon. I do not want to haft to kill thee," came from Glenn as he stepped into the open.

"Do it, Crono. Please," said Elina, her dagger brandished.

"You three, stand away. I have a job to do." Crono said. "Now, again, WHERE IS THE CAPTAIN?"

"Now!" came a voice.

Lucca closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. Crono fell back, a slug in his shoulder. Glenn leaped, but fell back after Crono shot him in the leg. Elina rushed to help him. Crono and Lucca held their guns at each other, ready to shoot. "Let me go," said Crono. The shadowy figure ran away.

"Why? Why should I? What do you want to do?"

"The Captain must die. He killed Marle. I heard it from her herself. She told me, while I was in the ruins."

Lucca stood there. Then she took a chance. She dropped her gun. "Go get 'im."

Crono smiled, picked up her gun, and ran.


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