Tides Of Chaos Chapter 10

By John Donahue

Then, time was up.

The Gate that separated the two worlds leaped open in the air. It was huge. Out poured hundreds of fighters. Then, just as the gate started to close, a huge cruiser emerged.

"Look at the size of that thing," stammered Dar.

Frog was a little more sensible. "Raiseth thy shields!" he yelled.

"Check," was Lucca's reply.

"Come on, time to go," said Tristain. They all went down to the docking bay where the White Bird was docked. Magus and Schala entered the cockpit, and everyone else entered the bays in it. Over the Comm link, Lucca gave status.

"The shields are taking a beating from the fighters and bombers, and that cruiser isn't helping much. Prepare for launch."

The White Bird took off with a tremendous roar. "Prepare for scatter," said Magus simply. Then, the docking hatch on the White bird opened, and the five Skimmers and Epoch took off, and quickly raising their shields, attacked. "We'll take the Cruiser," said Schala over the link.

Crono replied, "Robo, Ayla, give them a hand."

Epoch and the White Bird broke formation and attacked the cruiser, weapons blaring. The next few hours weren't very exciting. Chasing down fighters, their shields held. Except once, when the Cruiser got a lucky shot on Marle. Her shields buckled, and she had to retreat for repairs. After the fighters were finished off, everyone turned attention to the cruiser. After a few hours of trying, they barely made a dent in it as it continued to attack the White Omen. Then, all of a sudden, a new ship emerged from the White Omen. It opened fire on the cruiser, which now turned its energy on the unknown fighter.

"Whoooa!" came Lucca's voice from the link. "This is great!"

"Lucca?" asked Crono, "Is that you?"

"Yup, all present and accounted for. I call this little buggy the Denier. Recalibrate your lasers to, hang on a sec, point three-five-six. You'll do more damage. And, if you would,"

"Yeah?" asked Crono.

"Draw their fire away from me? I'm taking a beating, and shields only go so far, you know."

"Sure," everyone replied.

Taking the pounding that the fighters were dishing out, and not being able to return the power, the cruiser turned tail and headed home. Lucca fired a parting torpedo after it. Just barely making it through the gate, there was then an enormous explosion. Over the Comm, Lucca said, "I don't think that Baruda Deathlance the Third will be bothering us anymore."

"Come on, let's go home," said Crono. To that they all agreed. Later, in Guardia Castle, the King awarded them all Medals of Bravery. "For outstanding bravery in the field of battle, and in the air, I award you all this token of prestige," he said, as he presented them. After the ceremony, they all met one last time in the White Omen.

"Well," began Lucca, "I guess this... is... good-bye?" Magus laughed. "Hardly!" he exclaimed. "There'll be another bad guy to fight. We will all meet again."

Lucca then said, "I guess you're right, but for now, it's over. Time to go." Throwing a switch, they landed in 65,000,000 BC. "Ayla, we couldn't have done this without you."

"Ayla understand. Bye, all!" she said as she jumped out.

Next they were in the Dark Ages. "Magus and Schala, without your sorcery, this wouldn't have been possible," said Lucca.

The pair just nodded as they took to the air, and flew out.

After that they entered the Middle Ages. "Good-bye Frog, we'll meet again, someday. Tristain, it's been fun. So long."

"Lassie, 'tis a sad farewell, but we'll meet again," said Frog.

"Yup," Tristain said. "We'll be back."

Next they landed in the Future. It was green and bright. "Robo, as always, it was great."

"I understand. Good-bye Lucca."

Afterwards, they stopped at the End of Time. "Good-bye Gaspar, Spekkio, take care." The two nodded, and left.

Finally they landed in the Present. "Well," Lucca began, "This is our stop." Leaving the White Omen via Epoch, with Dar hanging onto the wing, they landed in front of Porre.

"Good-bye Dar, I'll see you soon," whispered Lucca as she kissed him on the cheek.

Dar grinned, shook hands with Crono, and entered the Flaming Blade.

Getting back on Epoch, they then steered it to Lucca's house. The sun was setting.

"A simply smashing time, Lucca, as always," said Crono as she left.

Lucca grinned. "See you tomorrow?" she asked.

"Sure, and take care of Epoch."

Crono and Marle set off on foot towards the castle. When they were halfway through the woods, Crono stopped short.

"What's wrong?" asked Marle.

"In the fight today, you almost got killed. That made me realize how important you are to me."

"Crono," Marle said questioningly, "what are you saying?"

Crono sighed, and said, "Marle, what I'm trying to say is," he gulped and, knelling, held up a small box, "would you marry me?"

Marle kissed him on the mouth, hard.

Crono stood up and hugged her. "I'll take that as a yes," he murmured.

Marle looked up at him and grinned. "Come on, let's go tell my dad," she said.

Hand in hand, they set off for the castle.


The End


Or is it...


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