Tides Of Chaos Chapter Four

By John Donahue

Dar was worried. It had been two days since he had seen Marle or Lucca, three since Crono. Something wasn't right. He then decided something. "Hey, boss!" he yelled, "Can I have a couple days off? I got something important I have to take care of."

"Well, okay, but don't expect pay for it!" was the answer.

"No chance boss, thanks!" With that Dar took his blade, and left.

Along his way, he kept thinking, Where are they? What happened to them? He didn't know, but he was going to find out. Reaching the gate at Leene Square, he took a deep breath, and dove in. Only this time it was red...


Crono awoke with a throbbing headache. He was in some kind of prison, with bars of some weird kind of metal. The rainbow was gone, but the sheath still there. Covertly, he checked his boot. His dagger was still in there. Whoever the figures were, they must only have taken the obvious weapons. Just then, a man swathed all in black, entered. "Well, Crono, it seems that you've rejoined us in the land of the waking."

"Who are you? Where am I? And why am I here?" asked Crono.

"Oh, you'll find out soon enough, but first, a visit with the Master...yes...that will be good..." said the figure, laughing insanely.


Lucca, Marle, and Spekkio woke up to find themselves behind bars. Gaspar was nearby, still unconscious.

Lucca was first to speak. "What happened?" she asked.

A voice emerged from the darkness. "You will soon see...yes, very soon..."

"Lucca," Marle began, "this is too weird, and I'm scared."

"So am I, Marle...so am I."


"Hey, watch the hair!" exclaimed Crono, as he was pushed from some unseen figure.

"Quiet!" yelled the man, and continued pushing. "Soon, you will be with the Master; he will straighten you out." Then came that laughter again.

A few minutes later, Crono was before a throne, made probably by some black crystal. Atop it was a large, horned figure, garbed mostly in black and red. Standing beside him was another man, sword at waist, and very elegant armor, bracers, boots and helmet, also wearing a black cloak. "So this is the famous Crono, yes?" asked the standing man. "This is his majesty, King Baruda Deathlance the third. I am his royal Chancellor, Tristain."

"What are you?" asked Crono, surprised.

"I, boy, am human, but service this king, as he saved my life, a long time ago. The King and all his men are of the great race called Chaosbearers, but they go by Chaos for short. Any who are armed, save for me, are Chaos Knights. It is the King's wish that you become one of this number."

"Why me?" asked Crono.

"Because you have done the king a favor, and he wants to repay you."


"You destroyed his only real match in power, reputation, and ambition. Lavos."

"And if I refuse?"

"That, my boy, is the fun part. You can't refuse." As the door shut, trapping Crono within, the patented maniacal laughter ensued.


"Owww...that hurts," muttered Dar as he landed face-first on the ground. "Where...am I?" he asked rhetorically. He got up, and noticed that there was only one building, a rather enormous fortress. "This is going to be a chore..."

And he started toward it.


Several hours later...

Several hours later, the four prisoners were talking amongst themselves, when a guard, who nobody noticed, suddenly announced, "You friend Crono wishes to see you, all of you."

"Crono? He's here?" asked Marle, to no avail.

As they were led out of their cells, they were all chained, and led to the Throne Room. There, Tristain explained everything about the Chaosbearers. Then, Crono emerged from the next room back. There was a mixed response from all four-Marle fainted clean away, Lucca looked dizzy, Spekkio wobbled, and Gaspar gritted his teeth in anger. Crono was wearing much the same as Tristain, save the bracers. His eyes, which had once been bright and cheerful, were now cold as ice.

"As you can see, my young guests, Crono is now a Chaos Knight," said Baruda, laughing. "Crono, destroy them."

"Yes, master," he took a step towards them, and drew the Rainbow. Hoisting it above his head, he cast a quick look at Tristain. At his nod, Crono spun around, and launched the sword, straight at Baruda, who ducked, just in time.

"Wha-? GAURDS!" yelled the king. Immediately twenty Knights filed in, and charged. Thinking quick, Gaspar and Lucca dragged Marle back a few steps, out of the way. Crono reached into his boot, and grabbed his dagger. Tristain drew his sword, and raced to Crono's side, as did Spekkio.

"Now you will see why they call me Deathlance!" screamed a voice from behind. Then the King yelled, "Now you die, traitor!" as he hurled a spear at Tristain. Quickly ducking, Tristain barely avoided it, and it crashed through the ranks of the Knights, slaying two instantly, and thunking into a third.

"Who are you, that can avoid my spears?" yelled Baruda after Tristain ducked.

"Tristain Darkslayer, last of the Shadow Knights, at your service," he said with a sweeping bow.

"No, it can be, I killed them all!"

"Nope, sorry." Then he turned his attention back to the real threat-a Knight getting in close. Five seconds later, he was dead.

"You really need a better trainer, Baruda, my boy. This is too easy."

But the tide of Knights was growing, and the three were getting tired.

"Crono!" yelled Spekkio. "Luminare!"

"Can't! Out of magic power!" was the answer.

"Here, catch!" yelled Lucca, as she tossed two things at Crono, who caught them, barely. An ether and a Gold Stud! Placing the stud in his ear, and downing the ether, Crono quickly chanted the words to Luminare twice, throwing the enemy ranks to their knees. As they started too come back up, a shout of "FLARE!" completely destroyed them. A few seconds later, Dar rushed in.

"Not bad for a bartender, huh?" was all he said, all he got to say before Baruda, brandishing two spears, charged them. He didn't get very far before Marle, fully recovered, tripped him.

"Come on, let's go!" she shouted.

"Not a bad idea, Marle," Crono began, "but first," he grabbed the Rainbow and, doffing the armor, sheathed it. Then they began to run.

After they all escaped, the bewildered guards letting them through because Tristain was with them, Gaspar asked the obvious question, "How do we get outta here?"

"Like this," Tristain said, and pushed some switch on his belt buckle. A Red Gate leapt into existence.

"There they are! Get 'em!" shouted a Chaos Knight. They looked back. A group was hot on their tails. "Quick, seal the Gate!"

"Go!" shouted Tristain. "Hurry!"

Marle leaped through, followed by Lucca, Gaspar, and Spekkio. Then Dar went, and Crono and Tristain followed him. With the standard swirl, they were back at Leene Square.


"Well, now, that was an adventure," said Crono calmly, "What now?"

"Oh, the fun hasn't started yet, my boy," Tristain began.


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