Tides Of Chaos Chapter 7

By John Donahue

"How would you like to build one?" Robo asked.

The director looked astonished. "But, without plans, all we have are pictures!" he exclaimed.

"We have plans. Got them from Belthasar, in about three hundred years," explained Lucca.

"Oh, well then, sure, but without helpers, it'll take ages."

"I have a plan," said Robo, "we'll do the same thing as with Fiona's Forest. We will start it, and I will finish it, enabling the three human builders to return home to this time."

"Great plan, Robo!" exclaimed Lucca. "Let's get moving!"

So they went back to AD 600, and started work. After a few days, Robo said that he would continue, alone. Lucca then returned the three human builders to their own time, and afterwards she returned to the present to see how everything went. It was just as she had hoped. A replica of the Black Omen floated in the sky, and a replica of the Black Bird was parked nearby. Entering the palace, she went to see Marle.

"Lucca, you've done it again," said Marle, when she saw her, "except for one small detail: Robo."

"Oh, Marle, I didn't forget about him. I left him instructions to remain in the White Omen as soon as it was complete."

"The White Omen?"

"I named the replica of the Black Omen that, and the replica of the Black Bird is the White Bird." explained Lucca.

"Oh, all right. Let's get up there, then."

"First we have to get everyone."

"Okay! Let's get to it!" exclaimed Marle.

After the eight of them were assembled, Lucca had them all help hoist Epoch onto the docking bay of the White Bird. After which, she took them up to the White Omen. Upon landing, they all went to the bridge. Robo was there, waiting for them, still functioning.

"Ah, finally, my friends are back. It's been a long time." He said as they entered.

"Firstly," began Lucca, "I think we should evacuate every person on the planet up here. There's more than enough quarters for them, and it's safer."

"Good idea, Lucca," said Crono, "but the White Bird only holds twenty people at a time, and there has to be at least three million."

"Ah, but you see Crono," said Robo, "we've prepared for that. On board are several hundred thousand pods, each capable of holding three people. By my calculations, we should be able to get everyone up here in only three to four trips."

"Well then, let's do it!" said Crono. Everyone heartily agreed.

Within two hours, everyone was aboard. Lucca gathered the party in the war room. She began speaking. "Epoch's repair team gives it about a two day repair time. Until then we need to hold this station with what we have." She grinned, "Luckily, this station has twenty-first century technology. Powerful shields, an impressive weapons array, jet propulsion and a self-powering energy core. The White Bird is equipped with shields, lasers, and torpedoes. It is also more maneuverable than you might think. Epoch is being upgraded as well as repaired. Soon, it will also be equipped with repeater blasters, shields, and missiles. Also work has begun on small, one-person fighters. These are armed the same as Epoch. And finally, all of these ships have time-travel capabilities."

"Very impressive," said a voice most of them knew, but didn't expect.

"Magus!" exclaimed Lucca. "How did you get here?"

Magus stepped from the shadows, with a woman beside him. "I trust you all remember Schala?"


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