Biggs' Story

By J-Ultima

A lone man is sitting on a wooden bed, if you can call it a bed, that is. He was reading a book, in which he found was very interesting. Just then, a loud creak was heard and in stepped a woman, about 25 years old and dressed up like as if she was in the army

"Thought you would be in here, Biggs!" she said, in a funny tone.

The man sitting on the bed placed his book onto the floor. "Where else would I'd be except in my room?" he said, with a grin.

Jessie sat down next to him. "Why don't you go down stairs for a change, instead of reading that damn crap?" she said.

"Couldn't care less and couldn't be bothered" he said, while leaning back. "Besides, even Tifa's cooking couldn't wipe out that disgusting Oder smell from Barret" he said.

"I'm sure he's gonna get you for that!" Jessie said, with a laugh.

Then, silence broke out. Nothing happened, until...

"Um, Biggs?" Jessie said.

"Yeah, what?" Biggs replied.

"I was wondering if you could...tell me...about your past," she said, in a slow, doubting way.

Biggs sighed. He hated talking about his past to other people. It gave him bad dreams and made him feel really sad and lonley.

Biggs turned and faced Jessie. He knew that sooner or later, he would have to tell someone, so whats better than telling one of his best friends?

"Okay, I'll tell you about my past, but don't tell ANYONE I told you" he said, commandingly.

"Sure! I promise that I won't tell a soul, even if someone bribes me with food!" she said. Biggs bursted out laughing. He knew that she was joking, since she was very fond of food. After awhile, he stopped laughing.

"Ok, I'll tell ya. It all started in Kalm..."


Flashback back in an Old Kalm...

"Back then, I was a foolish kid. I was always on the move, doing either something dum or mad. You could say I was one of the most sneakest kid back then.

I lived with my dad in a small apartment opposite a hotel. My mom died just after I was 3. Some stupid guy had came in one night to steal something. My mom was just coming back from shopping when he saw her. He quickly killed her using a small knife. It went right through my mom's neck.

I never forgived myself that day. As usual, I was out, playing with my friends. If I could just come home, I could have saved my mom!"

End of Flashback....


Biggs banged his fist onto a nearby table. "Because of damn, stupid, idiotic me, I missed the chance to save my mom."

Jessie patted him on the shoulder. "There was nothing you could do, anyway. Try and stop blaming yourself" she said, in a comforting tone.

"Yeah, I guess" Biggs siad. There was truly nothing he could do, anyway. \par "Alright, on with the story" Biggs continued...


Flashback back in old Kalm...

"Well, after mom died, dad and I became truly alone. We soon drifted apart from each other. Maybe mom was the only one who could keep us together.

From when I was 4, I started to track down on the person who killed my mom. I searched everywhere, looking for clues, fingerprints and all, but I could find nothing. Then, when I was 19, I found the killer.

After coming home well later at night, it was very unusual to see my dad watching TV, since he absolutly hated the damn thing. But then, I saw him. A man completly dressed in black. He was behind my dad. He had a knife. He was gonna kill my dad.

I tried to yell at him, but I was scared that the man might attack me. As soon as I left my eye of the man for one second, the man had struck.

Guess how he killed him?

The man sabbed a knife right through my dad's neck.

I had a flashback. My mom's death. A strike through the neck. My dad's death. A strike through the neck. This was the same killer who killed my mom!

Dad couldn't do 'nothing. He instantly died with a low yelp. Suddenly, the man turned to me. All I could do was watch with tears in my eye. I wanted to cry, but I knew crying won't do anything. I wanted to shout, but I knew that the man would be gone in flash before anyone would get here. I just stood there, staring.

The man flashed a grin at me, laughed, and then jumped out through an opened window into the opening. What he didn't know is that I had a good site. I saw the man's jumper.

It had a Shinra sign on it.

I told everyone that my dad was killed. They believed me. But what they didn't beleive that it was a Shinra-doing. I already knew that they wouldn't. Who would beleivea sly, lying boy like me? I could do nothing.

So, I waited until I was older until I could get out of Kalm. Back then, they had rules like 'People under 24 are not allowed to leave Kalm'.

After years of waiting, I hit the 24 mark. I was free. Free to go anywhere. Free enough to avenge my mom and dad. I knew where to go. To Midgar, home of Shinra. That is, EX-home of Shinra..."

End of Flashback...


"After getting here, I heard about AVALANCHE from a group of gossipers. I went straight here, and what do you know, I joined."

Jessie made a small tear come out from her eye.

"Hey, c'mon Jessie! My past isn't THAT bad!" Biggs said, with a joking tone.

Jessie stopped crying and laughed abit, sobbing in between.

"Thats better. C'mon, lets go downstairs and get something to eat. I can smell Tifa's cooking!"

Jessie punched him lightly onto his arm. "Alright! But you better not tell anyone I cried!" she said in a funny tone, while wiping her eyes.

"I won't Jessie. I won't" Biggs said. Both of them went downstairs.

Even though they died in Sector 7, two days later, Jessie never did tell anyone. They remained as friends, forever.

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