Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Epilogue

By Jupiterstar

"Oh Grandmother, how beautiful!" Honni cried, breathless. Leene sat down her cup and rose, walking to her vanity. Honni watched as Leene’s old, softened fingers delicately picked up a small, golden jewelry box.

She brought it back to Honni and placed it on the table in front of her.

"What is it?" Honni asked eagerly. Leene simply gestured to the latch on the front.

"Open it," she told her. Honni did as she was told and undid the hook, then drew out a beautiful hear-shaped pendant. She gasped.

Oh, Grandmother…" Leene smiled kindly, the movement stirring the wrinkles lining her still quite pretty face.

"I want you to have it," she said to her young granddaughter as Honni slipped the necklace around her head. "I want you to give it to you granddaughter and to hers and so on. I know someday it will be of use."

"I love you Grandma," Honni said. Leene smiled again. "And I you child."

Honni kissed her grandmother’s tired cheek and left quietly. Leene closed her eyes for the last time that night, leaving the world with the scent of flowers around her. For after all, there is no escaping destiny…


13 generations passed between Leene and Nadia, but Leene was right, the pendant did come in handy, for without it, Lavos could not have been stopped. As for Grant, he gave the throne to his son, Cyrus, and passed away the same night Leene did, only two years earlier. Ginny’s husband was killed in battle, leaving her a widow with her daughter. She raised her daughter in Porre, where she married the mayor. Frog went on with Crono to help save the world, but that my friends, is a completely different story…


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