Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Prologue

By Jupiterstar

Leene sipped her cup of tea peacefully. The sun shone through her open windows as morning ended and noon creeped up. The clear sky promised sunlight and good weather.

A knock on Leene's door made her turn towards it.

"Come in," she called. The door opened slightly and the face of Honni, Leene's youngest granddaughter peeked in.

"May I come in?" Honni asked timidly. When Leene nodded and smiled she walked across the room to sit on a plush chair made of soft maroon satin that matched the one Leene occupied.

"Grandmother, I have to confess something," Honni said looking very solem. Leene set her tea and looked her granddaughter straight in the face.

"I don't want to rule the kingdom and I don't want to be queen," Honni burst out. She looked down at her feet in humiliation. Leene laughed.

"Oh child. Your mother was just like you at your age." Honni perked up at the thought of the queen not wanting to rule the kingdom she loved so much.

"Really?" Honni asked. Leene motioned for Honni to sit by her chair.

"Dear, when you are old enough you might change your mind. But you know, destiny controls your fate."

Honni scrunched up her face. "Destiny?"

Leene nodded. "Yes, destiny. All my life destiny has ruled my decisions. I will tell you. It all began when I was five years old…."


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