Golden Fantasies Chapter 3

By Jupiterstar

"She will be killed tonight!" the King ordered. The Queen jumped up and grabbed his arm in a desperate attempt to save Charity’s life. He just stared at her coolly and said nothing. The Queen drew herself to her full height and looked him in the eye.

"My daughter is not evil, there is not one evil bone in her body." The King shook his head and sat down on the thrown. He rubbed his head as a splitting headache shut his eyes.

"Don’t you think this is hard enough for me to do?" he asked his wife who was staring at him angrily. She dug her fingernails into his arms.

"I gave birth to her! I know my daughter is not evil!"

"How do you know!" the King roared. The Queen backed away, momentarily frightened. The King stood up and walked toward her.

"She shows the mark of the demon! It is the only way to save my kingdom!" The Queen sobbed.

"You would sacrifice our daughter for a cause we don’t even know is real?"

The King sat down again.

"Yes. To protect my people, I must do what my duty asks of me." The Queen began to walk away, but turned to face him.

"Then you are giving up me. I will not stay with a man who would kill his own flesh and blood. I’m sorry."

She left the King alone with his thoughts. The King started after her, but slouched in his thrown, miserable. He rubbed his temples and thought about the decision he had just made. He had given up his wife, his children, his happiness, for what? A stupid curse a demon yelled before death? Perhaps the Queen was right and Charity was not evil. Perhaps this was all a mistake.

The King did not want to consider those perhaps.


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