Golden Fantasies Chapter 5

By Jupiterstar

The mill was turning well in the morning light and the old farm couple woke up early. The woman, Donii, made her husband Herald a breakfast of scrambled eggs and whole wheat bread before venturing outside to see how the day was beginning.

Something was floating in the river and it was rather large and heading right for the mill. Donii squinted her eyes to see clearer and she made out the outline of a basket in the sun’s light.

She shouted for Herald and jumped down to a lower level of the hut’s steps to see if she could grab the basket before it hit the mill. She positioned herself right above the basket and snatched it out of the water just in time.

"Why Herald look! A baby!" they both leaned in to see better. Donii uncovered Charity’s wings and whistled.

"So, the baby is from Winden. Wonder what she’s doing this far from home. What’s this?" Donii pulled out a note scribble in childish handwriting saying:

Please sayve save my sister Charity. She is going to be killed becuse because she is thought to be evil. (She’s not though) Don’t bring her back.

-Nina, princess of Winden

"Well, well, well. Herald, we can’t just leave the poor dear out to die. We have to take care of her," Donii decided. She brought the basket into the hut and set it on the table.

"I suppose we could," Herald agreed. He followed his wife and set up a tiny cradle in the small storage room.

"She can sleep in there."

Donii smiled down at Charity’s face. Charity grinned back, but looked slightly worried, almost as if she knew she would never see her mother or sisters again.

"You are our daughter now Charity."


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