Ash Through Time Part 11

By Kasady Voorhees

11,998 B.C. the skies

The Epoch was soaring over the ocean. The rest had taken the gate, and Crono, Frog, and Ash were piloting Epoch until it heated up. Thankfully that thing, whatever it was, hadn't smashed the controls. Ash was staring off into space. He almost didn't hear Frog yelling at him. "Yeah, yeah, what do you want?!" he screamed out, angered he had to move. Frog looked at him, and said "we are almost ready to maketh the jump". Ash looked back away. He was worried, though he didn't show it. Things were playing themselves out the same once again. Only this time the stakes were higher. Ash was interrupted again by Epoch's engines, as it sped up and through time...


End of Time

Robo, Magus, Marle, Lucca, and Ayla all stood around Gaspar as the Epoch pulled in. The three warriors jumped out. They joined the party. Gaspar was just about to tell them something important. "Thank heaven you're here! I have found a way to stop all of this. When that creature opened the gates, it crossed our world with the other world. It broght demons forth from that realm" he stated. Ash stared at him. "We know that already!" he snapped. Gaspar, straightening his hat, replied, "yes, well, something went wrong. Horribly wrong". Spekkio wandered in and sat a large orb on the floor in front of Gaspar. he left without saying a word. Gaspar sat his hands on the orb and a blurry image appeared. It took shape as a large, 4-legged spider-like creature with a massive brain and mechanical parts. "Have you seen this before, Mr. Ash?" he asked. Ash reached into his pocket, pulled out his wallet, and showed an Iowa State driver's license, with the name Ashley J. Williams on it. "It's not 'Mr. Ash', and yes I've seen that thing. They seem to be some high brain that keeps the troops in line" he snapped. He had remembered when those large robots bombed the army of the dead, how the spider demon reeled in pain over the dying army. "Anyway", Gaspar continued, " when the gates opened, something happened. A spider creature was pulled through, and was fused with one of the few remaining Lavos Spawns in the dark ages". Gaspar conjured a new image. This looked like the spider demon, and Lavos at the same time. There was a large shell over the brain, the central head of Lavos sat in the face surrounded by two large eyes and an ugly, razor filled mouth. The arms were a combination of zombie limbs and spikes. the four large, mechanical legs were also malformed and armored. This looked like an armored slug with short legs. Lucca pictured a version of Lavos that controlled the dead. Ash pictued an armored tank with a chaingun.

"So, how do we stop this thing?" Ash asked the old man. Gaspar looked at the image and looked for an answer. "The brain is the weak part. Destroy it and you destroy the army. But so little of the brain is exposed, you will not have an easy time" he answed in hesitation. He acted as if he didn't really know. But it was good enough for Ash, who wasn't in the mood to argue. "All right, where is this thing?" he demanded. Gaspar looked at them. "The creature has moved to the dark ages for now, but, like Lavos, it has the ability to open time gates. So you will have to act quickly. But you will need weaponry. Magic will not touch this thing" the old man explained. Right now their weapons supply wasn't exactly up to par. Ash had almost no gas left in his chainsaw, he had no shells, and the basic complement of swords would not do the job. The nailgun seemed the only chance, if it would work. The only other long-range weapon was Marle's crossbow, and......"THAT'S IT!" Ash yelled out. The others stared at him. "before I was pulled through, I had a crossbow and some arrows strapped to my leg. I know it was ripped off before I went through,and...." he finished. Magus caught on. "Let's go check it out" Magus suggested. Ash nodded. before the two cold leave, crono spoke up. "What are you talking about?" he asked. Ash stopped. "Well, there's a small possibility that crossbow came through that gate with me! And the arrows..... on one of our attacks, we hit upon an army surplus store. In the back were poison arrows. I took them and a crossbow, because my shells didn't touch the big stuff, but I thought poison might" he explained to them. Ash and Magus took one of the gate keys from the ground and took the gate to Leene Square. A window of opportunity had opened.


1002 A.D. Leene Square

Ash and Magus stepped out of the gate. Leene Square was empty except for the few mindless zombies that walked around. They were up in the north of the square, by two large, torn apart machines that used to be Lucca's telepods. They looked at the large dent in the side of one, the same spot where Ash slammed into when he first arrived. Ash suddenly felt a jarring pain in his side. As they continued, Magus stumbled upon a black pouch. He picked it up and examined it. It was made of a material he had never seen. He opened it to find arrows. the poison arrows. He took one out. The arrow was a long metal shaft, tipped by a hypodermic needle attached to a glass container filled with red fluid. "I found them!" he yelled out. Ash ran over, as well as the zombie that heard him. The zombie was one of the dead soldiers Ash had seen before. They wore clothes similar to that marine Ash had met. It also had a large rifle in his hands. It pointed the rifle and fired, just missing Ash's head. Magus charged it, his scythe out, but was met by an elbow to the chest. He dropped like a rock. Ash snuck behind it. He reached for the scythe, but was noticed and his hand, his *GOOD* hand, was stepped on. "Ohh, now you're asking for it!" he yelled at it. It growled. Ash revved his chainsaw and sawed it's head off, just before the saw stopped. he was now out of gas. But that rifle would be nice. he pried it from the zombie's hands. Magus stood up, dizzy from the blow. He grabbed his scythe.

Just then, a figure crawled from behind a tree. It was the Chancellor. "Thank heaven, some's still ali-" he fell silent as Ash covered his mouth. "You wanna attract more of them?" he whispered. the Chancellor shook his head 'no'. He pulled out a small black object from his robes. "I found this in the bushes" he said. it was the crossbow. Ash grabbed it. he squeezed the trigger, and the sides folded out. "You," Ash pointed to the Chancellor," get to safety. This isn't a good place to be right now". The Chancellor agreed and ran off. They had what they wanted, and were ready to leave. As Ash walked by the telepods, he wondered what they did. "Hey, you know what these things are?" he inquired. Magus looked at him, and said, "I think one of them said it was some type of teleportation device". Ash just looked at it. "Go get the brainiac" he ordered as he tossed Magus the gate key. Magus didn't feel like arguing, so he stepped into the gate.


5 minutes later

Magus and Lucca stepped out of the gate. They walked over to Ash, who was still eyeing the telepods. "Hey, these were teleporters, right?" he asked. Lucca stared at him. "Yes, but I gave up on them long ago" she answered without hesitation. Ash kept looking at the pods. "Would it be possible to fix these and convert them into some sort of duplicator rather than a teleporter?" he asked without moving his head an inch. "Yes, actually," she began, "in fact I was doing study on that recently. Actually, all I may have to do is alter the machine". Ash just starting walking around the machine. As he walked to the other pod, he tripped and fell on his face. As he tried to get up, he found what he had tripped on. It was an unused shotgun shell, which he had dropped. He stood up. "Get on it" he ordered. Things were starting to go his way.

Lucca started examining the pods for a damage report. She needed to see what needed replacing and fixing before she could alter the machines. As she pulled put some tools, a large, red, floating demon flew into view. It had a red body with no arms or legs, a large mouth, several horns, and one large, ugly green eye in the center of it's face. It opened it's mouth. As Ash looked up and saw it, it fired a large ball of electricity. Ash had just enoug time to avoid being baked. The impact of the ball left a large hole int he concrete walkway. Magus and Lucca were trying to avoid the flying brick fragments. Magus answered back with a lightning bolt of his own. It didn't even phase the creature. Ash licked the saw off his wrist, and snapped his hand on in its place. He grabbed the crossbow and squeezed the trigger to ready it. Grabbing the pouch, he removed an arrow and loaded it into the bow. Aiming, he fired, hitting the floating demon in the eye. it spasmed in pain. Since it had no limbs, it had no way to remove the arrow. Blood starting squirting out of its body. Suddenly, the demon fell to the ground, making a horrid sound as it died. All that was left was a bloody corpse. Ash walked to it, and ground his foot onto the eye, which had fallen out. It burst, sending more fluid onto the ground. Ash looked at the other two. He looked up and said, " we have work to do".


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