Ash Through Time Epilogue

By Kasady Voorhees

The Guardia knights finished piling up the monster bodies. All these creatures in all time periods had died when the Lavos Mastermind blew up. Crono poured oil on the pile, and Lucca set it on fire. Frog had returned home, and Robo had returned to his time, a fixed future. Crono knew, that just maybe, they may meet Ash again.


11,998 A.D.

Magus stood in the snow. He had been made king of the village, and intended to do a good job. He kept the Necronomicon by his side at all times. As he walked back, he saw a shiny object on the ground. Bending down to pick it up, he saw it was the necklace Ash had carried with him. Magus knew that he would meet Ash again.


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