MST3K Fanfic #001 Chapter 10

By Kasady Voorhees

A Shadow Of Evil Chapter 10

Mike: all right, almost over.

By Icy Brian

The Epoch set down beside Robo and Glenn. As Crono, Marle, and Lucca stepped out,

Crow: they realized that there was no ground under them.

a gate opened up a few feet away, through which Magus and Tata emerged. Stepping forth, Magus sniffed the air and scowled. "They are close." He scanned the terrain for a moment. "This way." He said, pointing to his right.

"But...then we'd be meeting them head on." Crono pointed out. "Wouldn't it be smarter to circle around or attack from the side?"

Servo: yeah.

"No." Magus shook his head. "They'd be expecting that. Omek knows that you would try something like that. Unfortunately, he doesn't know me as well as he thinks he does. Besides," A slight grin formed on his lips. "I welcome any challenge they might hope to offer." Glenn and Lucca exchanged tentative glances, but followed Magus through the snow anyways.

"Hold on." Tata exclaimed after barely a minute. The others paused. "What's that?" Crono followed his gaze and sighed.

"It's just a tree."

Servo: so the little brat never went to school.

"Negative." Robo broke in. "Sensors indicate otherwise."

"Then wha-" Lucca stopped as the landscape blurred for a moment and then returned to normal.

Mike: they've entered television land.

"Sorcery..." Glenn mumbled, drawing his sword.

"Drop the charade!" Magus shouted. "Show yourselves, cowards!" Almost immediately, the entire area returned to its natural state.

Crow: natural as opposed to what?

"He's toying with us." Marle stated. Close by, Magus seemed to be attempting to cast a spell. Before he got a chance to use it, he was knocked to the ground by an unseen force. He jumped back to his feet, but doubled over as something hit him in his gut. Omek's laugh could distinctly be heard a few feet away.

Mike: I wonder how they hope to beat some guy who can kick the crap out of them from a few feet away?

Crono charged in the direction from which the sound had come but hit nothing but air. He grunted as he felt Omek kick him in the chest. He attempted to kick back, but the wizard caught his foot. Thinking fast, Crono countered by jumping up and nailing Omek in the side of the head with an enzuigiri

Servo: what the hell?

kick from his other foot. He felt his foot drop as Omek fell to the ground. Crono was about to grab him, but was tackled by someone else, slamming him into Glenn and Marle. The three toppled to the ground.

"Did you forget about me?" Dalton cackled. Lucca tried to shoot him, but without any way to see him her efforts were in vain.

"We need to do something about this." Lucca whispered to Tata.

"Yeah, but what?"

all: they're dead.

"Buy me some time." Magus hissed from behind them. "I can counter the spell, but it'll take a minute." A set of footprints in the snow were approaching them. Tata raised his arms in the air. As he did so, the earth before him rose up and fell forward onto the invisible figure. Dalton screamed from beneath, and hurriedly burst out from under the ground.

Servo: now that should have squirted his guts out.

Tata fell over as he was hit in the chest by a massive wave of energy. Omek fired another blast at Lucca, who dove out of the way just before it collided with her.

"You should just give up now!" He shouted. "It's not like you stand a chance."

Crow (Omek voice): the Vegas odds are 53:1 in favor of me!

"We'll see about that." Magus remarked. He stood from his kneeling position behind a large rock, his fists clenched. A red light began to flow over his body, starting at his feet and moving towards his

Mike: don't say it Crow!

Crow: what?

head. The light shot up into the sky like an optic blast, exploding just before it went out of view. As the ash fell from the sky, Omek and Dalton slowly faded back into view. Not wasting a moment, Glenn lunged at Dalton, the Masamune aimed straight at his heart. Dalton parried the blow with his own blade, and thrust it upward at the amphibian's chest. Glenn lost his balance avoiding it, and toppled backwards onto a stone. Dalton raised his sword above his head and quickly swung it down at Glenn's skull. The frog slipped out of the way, resulting in Dalton's sword getting stuck in the rock.

Servo: and several hundred years later, a young Arthur pulled the sword out, and became King!

"It seems thou art in need of a lesson." Glenn taunted as Dalton yanked his sword from the stone. Furious, he attacked at Glenn with reckless abandon, but each swing of his blade either missed its mark or was met by the Masamune. A few yards away he could see Crono, Magus, and Marle battling with Omek, whose right fist was illuminated by an orange glow. A sudden burst of energy knocked the three over the hillside, and Omek jumped over after them.

Servo: and they fell into a river.

Crono groaned as he got back to his feet. Looking up, he could see that they had fallen a good forty feet. Magus was standing a few feet from him, while Marle lay on the ground by his feet. Crono rushed to her side. "Are you alright?"

"I'll be alright." She winced as Crono helped her to her feet. Almost instantly she dropped back to her knees, blood covering the top of her leg. Crono looked where it was coming from and gasped. An arrow had come loose from her pouch and was now protruding from her leg. Marle pulled it out and cast a Cure spell on herself, healing the wound. "No major damage."

Mike: now that made no sense. She had an arrow in her leg, and it was no major damage?

"That comes next." Omek growled as he stepped out of the shadows cast by the cliff. A sinister smile crossed his lips, and he began to hover over the ground. Once he was about midway between the ground and the top of the cliff he placed one hand on the mountainside, with the other aimed at the three below. Boulders and large stones freed themselves of their rocky home and hurtled themselves to the ground at Magus, Crono, and Marle. The princess encased them in a shield of ice to protect them from the shower of stones, but it didn't take the rocks long to chip it away. Within a minute the barrier was gone and the three were left to defend themselves by casting quick spells of lightning and ice to fend off the brutal assault.

"I don't know how long we can keep this up."

Crow: until you die, or he gets tires. Either way, we'll be here a while.

Crono grunted as a stone slammed into his shoulder, knocking him back a few feet. He shot a bolt of lightning at the next one approaching him. Omek increased the intensity of his attack, pummeling them with immense force. Marle cried out as a jagged rock cut into her side. Crono rushed over to her as she lay on the ground in a pool of blood. He tried to shield her from the projectiles being launched at them, but a blow to the back of the head knocked him to the ground beside her. He felt the stones

Servo: tear his flesh off.

trap them beneath, and could do nothing to stop them. The last thing he saw before becoming engulfed in darkness was Lucca standing at the edge of the cliff.

Lucca had just seen what had happened to Crono and Marle, and was now beginning to scale the rock wall.

Mike: oh, yeah, it's smart to go into a pit with falling rocks.

She glanced over at Glenn, Tata, and Robo and decided that Magus needed her help more than they did. Tata watched as the top of her head disappeared over the edge, and then redirected his attention back to Dalton. The villain was having little problem taking on both Glenn and Robo. His swift movement and excellent swordsmanship made him both a hard target and a formidable foe. Concentrating, Tata caused two vines to grow out of the ground behind Dalton. They wrapped around his

Crow: eyes, pulling them out.

legs, holding him in place.

"What the hell?!" He shouted in surprise. He tried to move his feet, but they were too tightly wrapped to let him go. Taking advantage of this, Glenn attempted to thrust the Masamune into his chest. Dalton leaned his weight to the right and caught the blade flat between his left arm and his rib cage. He grabbed Glenn's arm with his right hand, yanked him in closer, and headbutted him. The frog was knocked to the ground, blood trickling from a gash on his forehead. Robo tried to throw a punch at him, but Dalton caught his arm and threw him into Tata.

Servo: they can't beat some guy who's welded to the ground? Where the hell did they get their experience?

Mike: and survive beating Lavos?

Picking his sword up off the ground, Dalton cut himself loose. By then the three were back up and standing in front of him. Glenn and Tata both charged him at the same time. Dalton dodged the attack from Glenn, but Tata's blade was waiting for him. It swung up in an arc and cut into his chest.

Servo: and his entrails poured out, yet he didn't die.

Dalton gasped and fell back. "Damn! Golem!" A bright light flashed and a stone demon stepped out of a vortex in front of them.

"Thy golems doth not offer a challenge." Glenn quipped. "We have defeated them before, and we shall do so again with ease."

"You think that I would be foolish enough to use a monster of that caliber again?" Dalton laughed. "The last ones you faced were weak. The cowards were too stupid to realize their own predictability. That was their downfall. This creation has the intelligence to know what it's doing. Golem, attack!" The stone giant stood still, puzzled.

Crow: yeah, it's intelligent, all right. Intelligent for something with the brain of a caterpillar.

Dalton sighed. "Attack them, you idiot!" He shouted, pointing at Glenn, Tata, and Robo. The golem nodded and approached them. It swung its fist at Tata, hitting him in the gut and sending him flying back about ten feet. Glenn swung the Masamune at the golem, who caught it in its fist and threw it, with Glenn still holding on, to the ground beside Tata. It straggled over to Robo and punched him in the chest. Robo stood unaffected, and hit the golem in the side of the head. It too was unharmed. They exchanged blows for a few moments, with neither one gaining the upper hand.

Mike: yep, the Three Stooges violence had to be in this.

"It would seem that we need a more viable strategy." Robo reported to his two allies. Tata looked over at the cliff.

"I've got an idea." He whispered. The boy ran over to the edge of the snow-covered peak and started to jump up and down, his arms flailing wildly. "Hey bonehead!" He shouted. The golem turned to face him. "Get over here and fight, you coward!" The hulking brute started to charge at him.

"No you fool, halt!" Dalton screamed. The golem paid him no heed, and continued running at Tata. A split second before the two collided, Tata dove out of the way and the golem toppled over the edge. Peering over the side, Tata saw the shattered remnants of the golem strewn across the ground.

Servo: Dalton lied. He probably lies to his boss too.

He looked over to the side a bit and saw Lucca hanging onto a root, her gun pointing straight at Omek. She pulled the trigger and a burst of flame shot out of the barrel. It collided with the unsuspecting mage, causing him to lose his concentration and fall to the ground.

"You'll pay for that."

Mike (Omek voice): as soon as I put myself out.

He growled as he brushed the dirt off of his tunic. Lucca had now come to rest on the ground beside the stone wall. "Take your best shot." Omek dared, motioning with his hand for her to attack. Lucca obliged, concentrating hard to pull in as much magical energy as she could. A red glow overcame her and flames seemed to dance around her entire form. She screamed out in a battle cry as she let all the energy shoot out of her body. A giant wall of flame engulfed Omek, and the heat from it nearly scorched Lucca some twenty feet away. Multiple explosions from within the fire erupted with such a deafening force that the entire area was quaking.

all: BAR-BE-CUE!

"You wanted my best shot." Lucca said cockily, a grin crossing her lips. It faded just as quickly as it had appeared, as she stared with a terrified expression at the man stepping out of the flames.

Crow: heh? He should have grill marks on him!

"Yes. Now take mine." Omek charged at Lucca, a magical energy growing stronger around him with every step. He slammed his shoulder into her and she flew into the cliff face with such force that it left a large indentation of her form in the rock. She crumpled to the ground, unconscious. Omek walked over to her and lifted her head up from the ground. He pulled out his sword and poised it in front of her throat.

"Eeeeaaaggh!" He dropped Lucca's head and looked for the source of the scream. Omek rolled out of the way just before the tip of Tata's blade cut into his head. Glenn landed on the ground beside the boy, having also jumped from the cliff's side once he neared the bottom. Robo was clanking his way down, and Dalton was already on the ground next to Omek.

"Thy villainous acts shalt end now!" Glenn croaked. "The odds are against ye. Four against two hardly seems fair." Magus had now uncovered himself from the pile of stones and was standing behind Omek and Dalton.

"You're right." Omek sneered. "It hardly seems fair." He let out a short laugh. "For you." Swords drawn, they ran straight for Tata, Glenn, and Robo. Right away Dalton slashed through Robo's main power cord, sending him to the ground in a heap.

"Expensive toys always break so damn easily." Dalton smirked.

Mike: just like that rock thing he had.

Crow: yeah, the materials in toys get cheaper every decade.

He parried a slice from Tata's sword and side-stepped the recoil. He swung his blade at Tata, who couldn't escape its path in time and ended up taking a cut across his chest. He winced in pain, but still stood on his feet. He took a wild swing at Dalton and missed. His opponent's sword quickly flew back around, knocking his own out of his grasp. A cruel smile crossed over Dalton's face as he stabbed the boy in the stomach and watched him fall to the ground. Before he could finish the youth off, Glenn rushed over and stood above him.

"Thou would stab a fallen warrior who ist unarmed? Thy honor is comparable to that of a snake.

Servo: he's a villian, what'd you expect?

En guarde!" Glenn was about to swing the Masamune at Dalton when a firm hand grasped his shoulder.

"Don't be so hasty." Magus whispered. "Charging in without thinking will only lead to your own demise. Wait until I give the signal." He walked past the frog and up to Dalton, staring him in the eye with cold vengeance. Dalton attempted the first move by trying to stab him in the leg. Magus was waiting, and caught the sword with his scythe. "Now!" Glenn rushed in and stabbed his sword into Dalton's side. Dalton screamed in pain as he felt his ribs crack under the power of the blade. Glenn pulled out the sword and Dalton fell to the ground clutching his bloody torso.

Mike: ah, yes, this is Chrono Trigger, no one ever dies.

"Art thou prepared to surrender?" Glenn asked again. Dalton laughed.

"You just don't get it, do you?" He smiled grimly at the frog. Before he knew what had happened, Glenn was hit by a bolt of lightning hurled at him by Omek and fell to the ground. "You just don't get it."

"The time has come for you to meet your death." Magus snarled.

"What do you plan to do?" Dalton smirked. "There's two of us and only one of you!"

Servo (Magus voice): yeah, if you count the corpse.

"Stay out of this, Dalton." Omek ordered. "This whelp will die at my hand and my hand only." Omek pointed his sword at Magus. "I was hoping it wouldn't come to this. You're just so damn stubborn. But you've made your decision. Now you will die by it." He lunged at Magus, but before the blade reached him, a ball of fire flew from it and hit Magus in the chest. The mage staggered backwards and cast a quick water spell to put out the flames on his clothes. A black shimmer crossed his eyes and a series of Dark Bombs exploded in the area ahead of him. The smoke cleared and Omek stood in the center, leaning upon his sword. "You'll have to do better than that."

Servo: come on, neither of em are trying.

"I already have." Magus replied coolly. Omek raised an eyebrow, but didn't see the blocks of ice which smashed into him from behind and knocked him to the ground. Several bolts of lightning flew from above and crashed into the wizard, sending electric pulsations throughout his body. The ground surrounding Omek erupted in flames; the blazing inferno engulfed him until he was no longer visible.

Mike: he ain't dead yet.

Magus now began to hover over the ground. He chanted a few words and cast a version of Dark Matter with a look of death on his face. The power and energy consumed Omek. As it intensified, he was surrounded by a dark light, both pitch black and as bright as the sun at once. The light pulled itself into him until he looked like nothing more than a shadow. It exploded outward, nearly taking his skin with it. Omek lay still on the ground, his body scorched and still ablaze. Crono had just made his way out from beneath the pile of rocks and walked over beside Magus.

"It's over."

"No." Magus said hesitantly. "It's not."

Crow: at least someone knows what's going on.

Crono began to say something, but a scraping sound stopped him. He turned back to Magus, and watched in horror as Omek rose to his feet. He was still on fire, but it didn't seem to bother him. The wizard raised his arms up high and lightning shot down from the skies into his body.

"You cannot destroy that which does not wish to perish!"

Servo: famous words of many Death Row inmates.

Omek thundered. He shot his fists forward; black rays of light flew from them into Magus and Crono, slamming them into the ground. "Now you will feel true agony." Omek clenched his fist, and the pile of rocks which Crono had been buried under took the shape of his hand. It picked up Crono and held him in its grasp, attempting to crush every bone in his body.

Mike: those vegas odds just went up on Omek's side.

Just before its task was accomplished ,Magus ran into Omek, knocking him over. The fist lost its shape and dropped the barely conscious Crono to the ground. Dalton stood above him, blood dripping from his chest and side.

Servo: most people would be dead at that point, but not him! He's Dalton, the weenie who no one ever suspects!

"Can I at least kill this pest?"

"Fine, do what you wish." Omek yelled back, his gaze not wavering away from Magus. Dalton grinned and drove his sword straight at Crono's skull. Just as the tip grazed his face, a blast of fire knocked Dalton to the earth. Looking up, he saw Lucca standing next to the cliff with a trail of smoke eminating from her gun.

"Ya didn't think I'd let ya down, didja?"

Mike (Crono voice): trust me, you don't want an answer.

She hurried over and helped Crono back to his feet. Dalton started to rise back up as well. Not far away, Magus was dueling with Omek. He leapt at his father, swinging his scythe wildly. Omek leaned back out of its way and swung his blade at Magus, who brought his scythe up to meet it just before it was introduced to his throat. Both men took a step back, and simultaneously swung their weapons at each other as they charged forward. The blades clashed, and the two stood nose-to-nose trying to outpower the other until Magus pushed off on his scythe to break the stalemate. He slashed at Omek, who dodged the blow and threw a shot at Magus, cutting into his chest. Magus gritted his teeth and tried to block out the pain as he attempted to slice Omek's throat with his scythe. He was unsuccessful, as Omek brought his sword up to meet it with such a force that Magus lost his grip on the scythe, and it clattered to the ground some ten feet away. Magus stood firm, not making a move for his weapon. Omek stabbed him in the leg, and the wizard fell to his knees.

Crow: we just witnessed the plot of every battle on the GI Joe cartoon right here.

Mike: how?

Crow: no one was seriously hurt in a large weapons duel.

"Your power could never match my own." Omek snarled. "You were so foolish to even try. The weak only strive to be weaker." He plunged his sword into Magus' chest. "I taught you that years ago. You should have learned something from it." He pulled his sword out and Magus fell to the ground, barely able to breath. Omek reached down and pulled the Demon Staff from Magus' belt. "Everything I am, everything I have become...has led me here."

Servo: well, the bad guys won, story over, let's go.

Mike: come on, just a few more minutes.

Omek extracted the two staffs from his cape and planted them in the ground. Kicking Magus aside, he placed the third in front of where he had lay. The staffs took on a golden glow which was almost blinding. The light from the staffs shot out, connecting them in a triangle. Three bolts of lightning struck down into the staffs, staying poised between them and the sky like pillars. A black mist began to swirl in the center, rapidly picking up speed. The winds caused by the disturbance were immensely powerful, pulling the warriors closer to it like a black hole. Magus had crawled over to his scythe and drove the tip into the ground, trying to keep from being pulled in. Crono did the same with the Rainbow, keeping a firm grasp on Marle. Lucca held onto a dead tree next to the cliffside. Still unconscious, Glenn and Tata were swallowed up by the Demon Gate. Moments later, Robo was slowly sucked into the void.

Crow: yep, bad guys won.

Servo: especially 1 minute from the end.

"We have to do something!" Crono yelled out. He looked on helplessly as the tree Lucca was clasping to was uprooted and pulled through the gate.

"There's nothing you can do!" Dalton yelled back, clinging to a boulder jutting from the cliff. "We've already won!"

Mike: took him long enough to figure that out.

He laughed as the Rainbow broke free from the ground, the portal subsequently sucking in Crono and Marle.

"This isn't over!" Magus shouted, his scythe slowly being dislodged from the earth. "I will kill you yet! My vengeance is all you've left me!" A trail of his own blood followed him as he was pulled into the void.

"Damn you, Ravel!"

Servo: Ravel? Don't remember him.

Omek screamed over the howling winds. "Cursing me to this God-forsaken land! Now I will extract my revenge! Dalton, come!" Dalton let go of the boulder. Omek jumped in following him and the Demon Gate closed behind them with a thunderous clash. Then, all was silent.

Mike: they all died.

Servo: Bout time. We've had to watch all these movies, and this is the first where everyone died.

Mike: Don't forget the original 1968 version of 'Night of the Living Dead'. they all died in it.

Crow: WHO CARES! It's over.


Is this to be called the end, or is it merely the beginning? Every battle must end, but more will always occur. As the forces of good increase, those of evil will do the same. Both sides will battle numerous times until a final, decisive battle is fought. Only then will the war, but not the legacy, be over. So with this, I do not say "The End." Rather, I welcome you into the true beginning of a war which shall determine the fate of mankind. The war of Good versus Evil.

~ Icy Brian

Mike: yeah, whatever.

Mike picks up Servo.

(1,2,3,4,5,6,7, bone, bridge...)


Mike: well, what did everyone think of the ending?

Crow: I actually liked it.

Servo: me too. Not often the entire cast of a movie gets sucked into a portal leaving the audience happy.

Mike: well, I guess.

mads light flashes

Mike: hey, the 3 stooges are calling

Castle Forrester

Pearl: very funny, Nelson. But I'm gonna find a story so bad, you'll be begging me to kill you.

a portal opens up in the middle of the room. Omek and Dalton crawl out.

Omek: where the hell are we?

Omek looks at Pearl

Omek: YOU! Where are we?

Pearl: get lost!

Omek: FOOL! For that, I'm going to make you a slave. you will tell us where we are, and then you will give us whatever we wish!

Pearl: Brain Guy! Get rid of this loser.

Observer: Yes, Pearl!

Brain guy concentrates, turning Omek into a chicken.

Omek: What now? Hey.... I'm a chicken! I can't be a chicken!

Omek tries to cast a reverse spell, but he has no fingers to cast the spell with

Omek: DAMN! This can't be happening! I'm a powerful wizard from Zeal! I am the greatest mage that ever lived!

Pearl: not anymore!

Bobo walks in

Bobo: hi Pearl! Oh, hey, a chicken! I'll go get the frying pan!

Omek: NO!

Dalton: uhh, could I get some bandages? I'm bleeding badly.

Omek: SHUT UP!


end theme plays, and credits roll.


MST3K Fanfic: A Shadow of Evil, by Icy Brian

MSTied by Kasady

the end


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