MST3K Fanfic #001 Chapter 8

By Kasady Voorhees

(Scene: SOL)

Mike and Servo are playing Scrabble. Crow is nowhere to be seen.

Mike: your turn, Servo.

Servo: okay... here we go... A,N,T,I,P,O,D,E. Triple word score!

Mike: wait a second.... I'm getting the dictionary.

as Mike gets up, Gypsy rushes in

Gypsy: Mike, there seems to be something lodged in the hull!

Mike: WHAT? Cambot, give me rocket #9.

Cambot: sure thing.

view cuts to outside of the SOL. We see Robo stuck in the hull. Cries of "help me" can be heard over and over.

Mike: hey, that's the robot from the movie!

Servo: what? Oh my God! That sick freak followed us!

Mike: followed?

Servo: uhh, nevermind.

Crow walks out holding a cup of coffee. He looks at the outside view and drops the cup. Spilling it on Mike's legs.

Mike: Hey! Crow, that's hot!


Crow runs off screaming.

Gypsy: It's coming inside.

Servo: oh, God! Mike, you don't know us!

Servo runs off. Robo walks in.

Robo: hello! I'm looking for 2 sentient robot life forms. Have you seen them?

Mike: uhh, no, I can't say that I have.

Robo: do you know where I could find them?

Mike: uhh, no, I can't say that I do.

Robo: well, I could use a way home then.

Mike: let me see what i can do.

Mike lowers the nanite viewer.

Mike: hello, Nanites.

Nanite #1: Hey Mike! Can we help you?

Mike: yes. I have a robot here that needs to get back to his own time.

Nanite #2: okay, let me set this thing. Have your friend sand still.

Mike: sure. Just don't blow up anything.

Robo disappears in a flash of light

Mike: thank you.

Nanite #1: no problem, Mike!

Mike raises the Nanite viewer.

Mike: you can come out now, he's gone!

Crow and Servo run out.

Mike: I had the Nanites send him back.

Crow: I don't care if they disintegrated him! He's gone!

lights flash

all: we've got MOVIESIGN!



A Shadow Of Evil Chapter 8

By Icy Brian

"Who goes there?" Glenn shouted. The gate remained open, but the figure didn't step out, motioning for them to come towards him.

Crow: I didn't know Dracula was in this.

"Hurry up you guys!" The voice called. "I don't know how long this will stay open." Robo shone the light on the person standing in the corner.

Servo: oh, just leave em!

"Tata!" Lucca cried. "What are you doing here?" The boy blushed.

"I'll explain later. Right now you guys had better hurry up and get in." Not needing to be told twice, Lucca jumped in the gate, followed by Crono, Robo, and Glenn. Last, Tata slipped back in and the gate closed behind him.


The group found themselves sprawled on the ground at the End of Time. Crono stood up next to Gaspar at the lamppost.

Servo: a lamppost. The end of time, and they have a lamppost.

In the back room he could see Spekkio and Magus, both looking as though they were

Mike: don't say it, Crow!

exhausted. Marle, who had been standing near the fence, ran up to Crono and threw her arms around his

Servo: neck.

shoulders. Tears of joy fell from her eyes, glad that he was finally back. Across the room Robo set Ayla on the ground, while Lucca and Glenn picked themselves up. Tata stood beside Gaspar, a look of pride on his face.

"Did Magus and Spekkio summon that gate?" Lucca asked, astonished. Gaspar nodded.


Mike (Gaspar voice): but I have no idea as to why.

Using the same wavelength as the Gate Key, Spekkio was able to create a gate of the same type as those Lavos summoned. He hadn't quite figured the whole thing out, so it took both him and Magus to call upon the gate. Even then they still couldn't keep it open for long." Gaspar nodded towards Tata. "We sent Tata through the gate to make sure he could handle it." He smiled at Lucca.

Mike (Gaspar voice): He almost died too! Ain't it cool?

"I recall that you didn't feel too hot after you first went through a gate." Lucca blushed.

"Yeah, I guess so." She mumbled. She looked curiously at Tata. "What's he doing here anyways? Did I miss something?"

Crow: just about everything. Unlike us.

"Magus, Marle, and Glenn brought him here to train with Spekkio." Gaspar explained. "His progress is unbelievable! The blade Melchior made for him seems to be a great help in improving his skills with a sword. The lad's magical abilities are also extremely powerful, especially considering

Servo: his aim really sucks!

how new he is to it."

"What kind of magic did Spekkio give him?" Lucca asked.

Crow: the magic of interpretive dance!

"Earth!" Tata chirped. "It's really cool. Do you want to see?"

Servo (Lucca voice): I'd rather eat dead flies.

"No thanks." Lucca laughed. Tata looked a bit disappointed. "You should probably save your strength for battle." Tata brightened up.

"Gaspar," Spekkio called from the back room. "Could you come here for a moment?" Magus exited the room as Gaspar went inside. Beyond the door they could see Ayla's limp form. The group watched as the two spoke for about a minute before Gaspar walked back to his spot at the lamppost, his face saddened.

"Ayla is badly injured." He announced. "She took a hard blow to the back of the head, and had a bad cut across her torso. Spekkio could heal the worst of the cut, but she's still in a coma."

"How long until she comes out?" Marle asked worriedly. Gaspar shook his head.

"I don't know." Gaspar replied. "It could be a day, a month, a year, or..." His voice trailed off. He cleared his throat. "She's strong. I'm sure she'll be alright."

Mike: yeah, but I doubt Gaspar's a licensed doctor either.

"Do not waste your time worrying about her." Magus spoke. "What is done is done. There is nothing you can do about it."

"I hate to say this, but he's right." Lucca commented. "Right now, we have another dilemma. There are seven of us, and the Epoch can only transport three at a time. We need new ways to travel through time."

Mike: they just now realized this?

"It would seem as though more than three people can go through a gate at a time now." Gaspar stated. "Twice you have done so. Apparently after Lavos was destroyed something in the timestream was altered. We may as well take advantage of it."

"You're right." Lucca said thoughtfully. "We can probably get another two seats into the Epoch. That would be pretty helpful." She took a look at Robo. "You know, using the Epoch's technology I could probably make Robo capable of time-travel. It may take a couple of days, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work." She stopped to look at Magus. "I just hope we can afford the time."

Servo (Magus voice): Or parts. Crono here wasted most of the money on candy.

"Time passes differently here." Gaspar told her. "Take as much as you need. It will not make a difference on the outside."

Mike (Gaspar voice): but you, on the other hand, age at the same pace. Sucks, don't it?

"Good." Lucca said. "Then let's-"

"Madame Lucca!" Glenn cut in. "Doth my eyes deceive me?" He pointed past the main room towards the area which used to house the gates. All had disappeared when Lavos was defeated, but they were now silently reappearing, one at a time.

"Maybe something happened when Omek summoned that gate." Lucca suggested. "Whatever spell he cast had some kind of effect on the timestream. At least now we can use the Gate Key again." Crono nodded.

"So, Miss Lucca." Tata began. "Where do we start? How are we going to add the seats into the Epoch?"

all: 'MISS' Lucca?

Crow: this kid's what, five?

"Well, a part of the engine is under the dome. If I can move that out of the way, we'll have plenty of room for two more seats. While I take care of that, can you go to my house and grab the two comfortable chairs in the living room?" She asked Crono. He smiled.

Crow (imitating Crono): duh, wha?

"Sure." Crono took the Gate Key from Gaspar and headed towards the gates. "Tata, come give me a hand with this." The boy jumped up and hurried towards Crono, his face beaming. They stepped into one of the pillars of light and vanished.

Mike: never to return.

Seconds later, the two fell out of a gate in Guardia Forest. Standing up, they could see the castle in the distance, and headed in the opposite direction towards Lucca's house. It was mid-day, but the sky was dark nonetheless.

Servo: always a wonderful sign.

Storm clouds brewed overhead, and a few drops of rain began to fall. Crono and Tata hurried to get out of the rain. They stepped inside their friend's house and saw Taban and Lara testing out one of Lucca's inventions. Upon their arrival, Taban jumped to his feet and greeted them with a hearty handshake.

"Crono! So good to see you!" He looked down at Tata. "And who is this fine young lad?" Tata gave a slight bow and smiled.

Mike (Tata voice): I'm annoying boy! You must be Lucca's absent-minded dad that she always compl..err, talks so lovingly about.

"My name is Tata." He announced. "I'm going to be a great warrior one day." He drew his sword and swiftly sliced at the air.

"So I can see." Taban laughed. "What brings you here?" Crono pointed to two chairs close by.

"Lucca asked us to bring her those." Crono explained.

"That girl. It's always something." Taban sighed. "Help yourself. If you need anything else, just ask."

Mike (Crono voice): okay, we'll take your money, jewelry, stereo system...

Crono nodded and picked up a chair. Tata picked up the other one and followed him out the door.

"Thank you!" He called. The rain had stopped, but a cold wind still blew. They began the walk back towards Guardia Forest.

Crow: but they never made it, as advences in medicine were primitive back then, and the rain killed many people.

* * *

Lucca watched Crono and Tata step out of the Time Gate, chairs in hand. She had just finished rerouting the engine, and had made several diagrams which

Mike: had nothing to do with the project.

lay on the ground beside her. The two set the chairs down in front of the Epoch. Crono looked inside, and could see a bench where the engines had been.

Servo: it may just be me, but isn't the engine required to run the thing?

"Could you chop the legs off those chairs?" Lucca asked. "I don't think my parents will like it, but

Servo (Lucca voice): I don't care.

it's the best solution I can think of." Crono drew the Rainbow and sliced the legs off of both chairs in one swipe. Robo picked up the seats and set them on the bench. His arm transformed into a drill and he bolted both seats down.

"I hope that is satisfactory." He said. Lucca handed him the diagrams. "What are these?"

"While I was fixing the engine I looked at the Epoch's Flux Capacitor.

Mike: Flux Capacitor? Is this another 'Back to the Future' story?

Servo: Marty McFly's gonna step out any second.

Crow (Lucca voice): Hey, I got an idea! Get me an old DeLorean! It's not as if people are hoggin' the things.

It's a lot simpler than you'd think. I just need to put one of these inside you, and it will allow you to travel through time. Anyone touching you will be transported as well." Robo handed the blueprints back to Lucca. "I've got all the parts I need right here. It shouldn't take me too long to get it done. What do you say?"

Servo (Robo voice): Lucca, this may sound odd, but you're crazy!

"I would be glad to." Robo replied. He beeped as Lucca switched him off. She opened up the top of his head and went to work.

Servo and Crow: AAHHHHHH! AAAAHHHHH!!!

* * *

Four Hours Later...

Crow: again, thanks.

"I think that takes care of that."

Servo (Lucca voice): whatever that was.

Lucca said as she wiped a drop of sweat off of her forehead. She hopped off her perch on Robo's shoulder and landed on the ground below. She turned Robo back on, and he whirred and beeped as he came to life once more. "So, do you feel any different?"

"It would seem not." Robo replied. "Should I?"

Servo: depends. Does having a 3rd arm feel odd?

"I'm not sure." Lucca said, using a rag to wipe some oil off of her hands. "But I think everything worked fine. Why don't you give it a try?"

"Of course." Robo seemed to strain himself. After a few moments he stopped and looked back at Lucca. "Exactly how do I do it?"

"I probably should have explained that first." Lucca laughed. "All you have to do is concentrate on a time era and tell yourself you want to go there. After that, it should take care of the rest." Robo beeped in response. He closed what would have been his eyes and vanished with a bright flash. Seconds later he reappeared in the same spot.

"Brilliant, Madame Lucca." He announced. "It works perfectly."

"Where'd you go?" She asked.

Servo: who cares!

"To the Middle Ages to check in on Fiona." Robo replied. "She's doing fine, but something seems strange there. I don't..." He stopped in mid-sentence, glancing around the room.

"What is it that thou speaks of?" Glenn asked.

Servo (Robo voice): it's your house. I set it on fire.

"I don't exactly know." Robo told him. "Something seems unstable in that era. I could hear what sounded like moaning being carried by the wind. It just seems much more eerie than usual there, almost as if-"

"Something doesn't want to die." Magus said, finishing his sentence. Robo nodded. "I had been noticing something similar for the past few days."

Mike: ever since we started wathing.

"Do you have any idea who or what?" Marle asked. Magus shook his head.

all: probably us.

"No, but I believe we will find out sooner than we would like." Magus walked back over near the Epoch and closed his eyes. Tata yawned and lay down on the ground.

"We'd better get some rest." Crono said quietly. "We've got a long day ahead of us."

Mike (Magus voice): yep, we got some killin to do. Well, good night.

* * *

Magus found himself in the middle of a forest. He looked around, attempting to gather his bearings.

Mike: he dropped em all over.

Unable to determine where he was, he walked silently into the darkness. Around him the sounds of crickets and owls could be heard. Magus continued walking, unsure of where he was going. He could sense something creeping beside him.

Servo: suddenly, dueling banjos starts playing from out of nowhere. Mike (Magus voice): oh, crap, I'm dead.

Drawing his scythe, he swung it just as the beast pounced towards him, lopping off its head.

Where am I? Magus thought to himself. How did I get here? He cast a small fire spell, allowing him to see where he was heading. In the distance he could see his castle. Strange. These aren't the same woods which surround my castle. Curious, he made his way to the fortress ahead of him.

Magus shoved open the large iron door and walked inside. He could hear a voice coming from his throne room. As he made his way there, the voice turned into three separate ones. Magus couldn't decipher what they were saying, but the tone did not please him. An evil laugh rang out, and it echoed in Magus' ears. His walk broke into a sprint as he ran to the throne room. Magus shot a ball of lightning at the closed doors, decimating them on impact. Magus stepped out of the smoke, candlelight illuminating his solitary form. He gasped at the sight which lay before him.

On his throne sat Ozzie, with Flea and Slash

Mike: practicing for tomorrow night's show.

standing on either side of him.


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