The Wrath of Anthos Chapter 11
Painful Reunion
By JWolf

Time:  12,000 BC

Schala and Jakob finished their lunch and went back to walking down the streets of Sha'quela.

"Jakob, could you take me to the Prophet's cabin?"  Schala asked.

"Of course.  Let's go this way."

In a little less than 10 minutes they reached the cabin.  Schala knocked at the door.  No answer.  She turned the knob and slowly walked into the dark room.  She took two more steps and instantly several torches mounted on walls lit up on their own.  A bit creepy.  Schala walked in further and observed the terrain.  There was a circle in the middle of the room with a single candle in the middle.  A fireplace stood across from her, as well as a door leading to the kitchen.  There was a stairway leading to the upstairs and beside the stairway was a trap door, used to enter the basement.  There was one large bench pushed against the wall and small wooden stand beside it.  Schala and Jakob were too immersed and creeped out to notice the small flash of light outside.

The Black Epoch materialized and landed right outside of Magus' cabin.  He opened the cockpit and jumped to the ground.  He noticed his cabin's door was open and drew his scythe.  Magus approached his home.

"Did you hear that, Schala?  Footsteps!" Jakob whispered.

He and Schala quickly turned around to see a dark figure standing in the doorway.  A long, thin blade shimmered from the dim torch light.  Schala glanced at Jakob and saw his face frozen in fear.  A glow was in the figures eyes... a dark red glow.  The figure's cape waved from the force of the bitter cold winter wind.  The figure took a step forward.  His boots clanked on the wooden floor.  The figure stepped into the dim light.

"Schala!"  Magus could barely speak.

"J-- Janus?"  Schala asked in a frightened voice.  Magus nodded.  Schala studied him.

Magus leaned his scythe against the wall and uncertainly held out his arms.  Schala saw the amulet hanging around his neck.  It was the same amulet she'd given to Janus!  Schala smiled and a tear rolled down her cheek.  She ran to her brother and hugged him.  Magus held Schala forever and didn't want to let go.  It felt so good to him to once again feel his sister's warm embrace.


Time:  1000 AD

Crono took a massive blow from the mace of an Omnicrone to his gut and fell to his knees.  Lucca was lying on the ground, knocked out from a lightning charge that coursed through her body courtesy of Anthos.  Marle tried to heal Crono and herself while trying to fight off the remaining eight Omnicrones.

Anthos pushed the Omnicrone away from Crono and threw a punch that landed hard against his skull.  Blood trickled down the side of Crono's face as he struggled to get up.  Marle tried her best to heal Crono.  She shot an arrow into the face of an Omnicrone who fell down screaming in pain.

"It's been fun Crono.  However, I have a reunion to break up."  Anthos said and laughed.  Anthos chanted and waved his hands.  The infamous portal opened behind him and he disappeared.

Another Omnicrone faced Crono and their mace and sword collided.  The battle continued.


Time:  12,000 BC

Magus and Schala had so much to tell each other and so little time.  Jakob had left and returned to his home at the request of Schala.  Magus told her of how they'd used the Chrono Trigger to save Crono.  He told her of how Dalton had been defeated thanks to the determination of Marle.  He told her of his battle with their mother, Zeal, in the Black Omen.  He told her how he and Crono defeated the once mighty Lavos.

Schala had many stories of her own as well.  She told him how she'd escaped from the Ocean Palace.  How her pure determination had helped her survive as she trudged through the thick snow, searching for him.

There was a knock at the door.

"Go away." Magus yelled.  There was a second knock at the door.

"I said go a--" Magus was cut off as the intruder smashed through the door.

"ANTHOS!  No...  not now..."  Magus screamed.

"Janus!  Who is he?!"  Schala said, frightened.

Magus grabbed Schala and set her behind the bench for cover.  He quickly cast a magic wall which surrounded her and would protect her from the magic soon to fly.

As Magus turned around, a bolt of lightning struck his knee.  His leg gave out and he fell into a kneeling position.  Magus retaliated by casting a Dark Bomb that sent Anthos reeling back in pain.  Magus struggled to find the strength to get up but was hit with a second burst of lightning which struck his abdomen.  Schala looked at the assailant and then her younger brother.  He wasn't fairing well and she was getting very worried.

Magus took the opportunity to cast a spell while Anthos waited for his mana to build up.  Dark Matter appeared and engulfed Anthos in it's horrid black coils.  Anthos fell to the ground and Magus once more struggled to regain his vertical base.  Anthos crawled to his knees and summoned a Dark Bomb of his own, hitting Magus in the chest.  Magus was pushed over by the force of the impact and landed near Schala.  She wanted to help her brother but couldn't an effective spell against the mage that was attacking them.

Magus was losing his strength and his magic was getting weaker.  An invisible force hit Magus in the jaw, sending him flying against the wall.  Magus' scythe fell to the floor next to him.  He picked it up and managed to get back to his feet.  Anthos pulled a dagger out of his boot.  Magus took a swing which Anthos ducked.  Anthos' fist connected with Magus' jaw.  Anthos made a clean slice on Magus' arm with the dagger then delivered another punch which made contact.

"It's time to end this Magus.  I shall be the most feared and respected sorcerer the world has ever known!"  Anthos shouted in Magus' bleeding face.

"Is that what this is about?  Getting people to fear you?  You truly are a fool!"

Anthos growled and knocked Magus' scythe to the ground.  Another fist landed across Magus' face.

"It ends now, Magus!"  Anthos yelled as swirling winds and dark energy surrounded him.

Anthos pointed both hands at Magus and a horrifying bolt of red energy spiraled towards him, striking him in the chest.  Magus' body flew into the wall and landed on the ground with a thud.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!"  Schala screamed.

Anthos laughed and disappeared into a portal.  The magic wall surrounding Schala dissipated and she immediately ran to her brother's side.  Magus was barely conscious.  The place on his chest were he was hit was blackened and burned severely.  Schala could hear the sizzle and smell the horrible aroma of burnt flesh.

"Janus!  Janus!  Please!!  Speak to me!!"  Schala was screaming and crying.

"Schala...  help me...  to...  the Epoch..."  Magus struggled to speak.  His voice was raspy.  Magus was dying.

Schala helped Magus to his feet and nearly had to carry him to the Epoch.  She helped him into the front seat then climbed in herself.  Magus hardly had enough strength to navigate the controls.  The cockpit lowered and the Epoch disappeared into the time stream.


Time:  1000 AD

The Epoch reappeared somewhere in the forest.  Magus could hear the sounds of battle near.  Schala helped him walk to the direction where they heard the sounds.


Marle was incredibly weak now.  Lucca had regained consciousness.  All the Omnicrones had been destroyed.  Only Ozzie remained, however, Ozzie was still undamaged.  Crono could barely find the strength to stand up.  Lucca was dizzy from being out so long.  Marle was worn out from defending herself and protecting her teammates.

A portal opened next to Ozzie and Anthos stepped out with a large grin on his face.

"Did it work?!"  Ozzie asked excitedly.

"Yes!  Bwahaha!!  Magus is DEAD!"  Anthos let out a bitter and evil laugh.

Crono, Marle, and Lucca heard this and nearly lost all hope.

"Now," Anthos continued, "We shall take care of these three."

"Yes!  Hey..... what the...?!"  Ozzie was surprised.  He felt a dark force.  Anthos felt it too.

Anthos and Ozzie turned around to see a huge black hole had materialized behind them.

"Anthos!!  Help me!!"  Ozzie screamed.

"I can't summon my portal!!  This magic is too strong!  NOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Anthos and Ozzie screamed as they were sucked into the black hole which sent them into oblivion.  When the black hole disappeared, Crono, Marle, and Lucca saw Magus and Schala standing there.  Schala was holding Magus upright.

"It's.... over."  Magus growled with a raspy voice.

"Oh no..."  Lucca gasped when she saw the injury on Magus' chest.  She immediately ran to examine it.  Marle and Crono followed.

"This is bad.  This is very bad..."  Lucca whispered.

Marle attempted to cast her aura healing spell on Magus' wound.

"I...  I...  I can't heal this...  with my magic..."  Marle said, "He saved our lives!  We have to save him!"

"There might be a way..."  Lucca said, "c'mon!  We have to take him to the End of Time!"

They all boarded the Black Epoch which Magus landed in the forest.  Lucca selected the End of Time on the gauge.  The Epoch disappeared in a flash.


Continued in Chapter 12

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