The Wrath of Anthos Chapter 7
The Unholy Alliance
By JWolf

Time:  600 A.D.

Ozzie sat in his fort, gobbling down foods of all sorts.  His servants didn't take security very seriously and were usually eating as well, or sleeping, usually sleeping.  Ozzie thought today would be a good day to terrorize a town.  Porre was a good choice.  He never liked Porre much.  Porre was the city of alcohol, having the most taverns and pubs on the continent.  Filthy drunks, Ozzie thought to himself.  What makes them even worse drunks is that they're filthy, human drunks.  Bad combination.

Ozzie ripped off a leg of the chicken dinner before him and hungrily swallowed it.

"Did you bother to take time to chew?" a voice said sarcastically.

"Who's there?  How did you get past security?!" Ozzie asked.

"It wasn't that hard, Ozzie.  Most of them were already unconscious for me.  I come to you with a proposition."

"I don't make any deals until I know the dealer!  Now reveal yourself!" Ozzie commanded.

A figured stepped out of the shadows.  It was Anthos.

"Anthos!  Uhhh... long time no see!"

"Shut up." Anthos spat out.  Ozzie didn't argue.

"Now as I said before, I've come here with a proposition."  Anthos said.

"What do you have in mind?"  Ozzie asked, starting to loosen up more.

"To kill the one known as Magus."  Anthos had an evil grin on his face and Ozzie returned it.

"The Mystics want revenge on him...  and I want it more!  The traitor!"

"Yes, yes, whatever.  Once Magus is dead, you can have his head in a trophy case for all I care.  What I want isn't revenge, it's power!  With Magus dead, I'll be the most feared mage Guardia has ever known, once that is established, I shall rule Guardia with an iron fist!"  Anthos slammed his balled fist on the table.

"What about me?  What will I be?"  Ozzie asked him, feeling somehow he was getting cut out of the big end of the stick.

"You'll still be the stupid, fat, bloated, green idiot you are now.  But with a tad more power."


"In a few simple words, your status won't change much.  Now, we must travel to 1000 A.D..."  Ozzie cut him off.

"Why 1000 A.D.?"

"Shut up and let me finish."


"As I was saying," Anthos began in an angry tone, "we must travel to 1000 A.D.  That is where Magus currently resides.  Unfortunately, this is also where Crono and his little friends are as well.  I have a plan to spell doom for them all..."

Anthos waved his hand and an clear orb, almost like a bubble, appeared in his palm.

"With this, anyone can see anything, at any time.  This I can use on Magus and what I plan to show him will force him to leave 1000 A.D.  Leaving Crono, Marle, Lucca, and that blasted Lt. Alexander ours to destroy.  With Magus out of the picture, they can't hope to defeat both of us.  Once those little brats are gone, we can hit Magus in his most weakened state."

"Sounds good.  When do we strike?"

"Gather whatever men you think you need.  They better be your best men and be able to stay awake in the heat of battle.  Hone your magic skills.  We'll strike tomorrow night."


Continued in Chapter 8

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