An Evil Beyond Lavos Epilogue

By Kaeru

"This is my house," said Terr when everyone came to his house. They threw a great big party. Everyone had a great time.

"Gyra..." asked Magus. "Why did you save us... really?"

"I had a change of heart. And... I still think we have a chance together," she added quietly.

"I agree," Glenn said, who had heard the entire conversation. Magus glared at him, but before he had a chance to say anything, Glenn said, "Two people of such valour and bravery must be destined for each other." Glenn smiled, and walked over to talk to Ayla. Freedan decided to come over to talk with his parents.

"In what era was I born, anyways?" he asked Gyra.

"You were born in the year 12012 B.C, which was twelve years before the fall of the great Zealot Empire."

"Oh, so that would make me about... 14, 000 years old right now?" he asked jokingly. "But, why did you leave me in the year 3999?"

"That was the place that I would be least expected to find you," replied Magus. "And my psychic powers would never pick it up, because of the Apocalypse. Too many voices, too little time."

"Hmm..." murmured Freedan. "Well, it sure is good to have a Dad." With that, he walked away.

"I don't feel well," said Stram. "Do you have a bathroom?"

"Yeah," replied Terr. "Up the stairs, first door on the left."

As Stram walked up the stairs very clumsily, a blue light began to surround him. He was soon covered in a thick, blue fog. He then fell down the stairs and was knocked out.

* * * *

"Hunh?" mumbled Stram as he awoke in a soft, small bed.

"You're up," said Terr. "You fell down the stairs and you got knocked out. Are you okay? There was this blue stuff around you..."

"I feel so much more in contact with the world now," he replied. "I feel more human."

"Hey, get some rest, man," Terr said. "You're delirious."

"No," said Ti'ana, walking into the room. "It was the curse. The curse has been lifted."

"Huh?" said Terr. "Oh, I see. Good."

"Hey, all," said Chinook, stepping into the room. Ti'ana was looking overjoyed, Stram relieved, and Terr seemed slightly confused. "Did I miss something?" asked Chinook.

"The curse was taken off of Stram," said Terr. "Does that mean he can go home? To his family?"

"Yes," said Stram happily. Ti'ana shrieked happily and ran over to hug him.

"It's a Kodak mo..." Terr started. Chinook stopped him with a kiss. Terr was very surprised, but went along with it. "What was that for?" he asked, smiling.

"I like you, Terr," said Chinook. "You know that."

"I guess... I like you too..." he confessed. "I never really told you, but then again, I felt I didn't need to."

Glenn came in suddenly. "Each to thine own time." he said.

* * * * *

Outside of Terr's house, there was a gate opening. Ayla stepped in, saying goodbye as she left. Robo walked in after her, this time not needing to be afraid of being wiped out of existance. Glenn was ready to step in, but was stopped by Schala.

"My brother has done wrong transforming you into a frog," she said. "But with the power of the three heirs, you can be transformed back into a human. Do you wish for this?" she asked him, looking straight into his amphibian eyes.

"Aye," he said quietly. "Indeed I do."

"Then make it so," said Schala, as her and her two brothers gave off the red, yellow, and blue lights. Frog's skin slowly began to curl back, and his human features showed up again. He looked at his hands as the webbing peeled back and his green skin turned peach.

"Thank ye," he said. "Now, I hath the potential to live as a human again." He turned towards the gate and walked in. On his way, he whispered, "Thank you. May we meet again. Come, Tetsuro. The queen hath searches for new knights. Despite your work against her, you hath potential."

"Sounds good," said Tetsuro. "Chrono, here's your sword," he said, passing Chrono the Vedic Blade.

"Keep it," Chrono said with a grin. "I don't need it. Good luck!" Tetsuro and Glenn walked into the gate, and disappeared.

Magus, Freedan, Gyra, Schala and Cyprus walked to the gate next. "What era are you going to live in?" asked Terr.

"We will live in the year 100 b.c.," said Cyprus. "Fate has called our name from that direction."

"I see," said Chinook. "Well, goodbye."

"Until next time," said Freedan. With that, they all stepped into the portal, three at a time.

Lucca walked up to Terr and handed him a small set of keys. "What are these?" he asked.

"Those are the ignition keys to the Epoch," said Lucca. "Use them wisely. Don't crash her anywhere."

"I won't," Terr said, looking at the keys in awe.

"We have to go soon," said Stram.

"Yes," said Owen. "See you guys later. Guess we can't write, eh?" he said with a grin.

"No," replied Ti'ana. "But we will meet again, someday." She then walked into the portal, followed by Stram. Stram called back, "Terr, I'm sorry we fought before. I hope you think no lesser of me."

"No," said Terr. "I don't." Soon, Stram was out of sight.

Lucca, Chrono and Marle got into the B-Zar. "Well, it's time to leave," said Marle. "We'll miss you guys."

"We'll miss you too," said Owen. "Good bye."

"Farewell," said Chrono. He then left and piloted the B-Zar back to the year 1000.

Terr looked down at the ground. "They're gone," he said. "Just like that. It ended as abruptly as it began."

Chinook walked up to Terr. She put a hand on Terr's shoulder. "C'mon. You, me, and Owen'll go to Ryan's. I heard he's having a rave tonight. Let's go have some fun."

So with that, Owen, Terr, and Chinook headed for Ryan's. And they did excactly as Chinook told them to. They had fun.


Author's note: I hope you enjoyed my story, "An Evil Beyond Lavos". It took a while, and I faced a load of technical problems. But now I need your feedback: should I keep writing, or am I wasting valuable internet space? Also, what did you like most about my story, or what did you hate most? E-mail me HERE. Special thanks to Snowbomb, who encouraged me to keep writing, Krazy Sam, for a couple pointers near the beginning of my story, and most importantly, Icy Brian, for his time turning all of this into HTML code. Well, I have to go now. See you all later!



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