An Ultimate Quest Chapter 6

By Karura

They resumed on their quest now with a determination to beat the crap out of that sorcer Lakefroth.

Everyone seems a bit more cheerful now. They realized that their gloomy mood this morning was not only because they sensed danger, but also because they missed the danger. They are all warriors missing action and adventure, and Lakefroth’s ugly face just gave them something to divert themselves.

“Cloud, how did you know about Lakefroth in the first place anyway?” Locke curiously asked.

Cloud’s smile was bitter: “You probably would not believe me, but, I had this dream…Aeris was begging me in my dream, told me to find Lakefroth. At first I thought it was all my imagination, but then I just couldn’t find peace unless I try.”

Locke nodded: “I know that feeling…” Once he was in a desperate search too, searched everywhere to find the phoenix Esper to revive Rachel. Rachel… now he feels calm and relieved when thinking about her. Had he finally let her go?

They were silent for a moment, then Magus spoke to everyone’s surprise: “It is said, that people do not simply perish after death. They enter other worlds, or are reborn into our world once more. However, there are those who does not forget their previous life easily. Those people doesn’t go anywhere, they just wait, wait for their loved ones to join them, or bring them back.”

Cloud turned his head to the distant mountains; there is something like moist in his pale blue eyes. Aeris, beautiful Aeris, is she waiting for him? Is she lonely? He remember her saying something about afraid of being alone…


Cloud wasn’t the only one affected by Magus’ words. Marle was deeply touched too, and asks Magus despite her knowledge of him unwilling to discuss the subject: “Magus, do you think… do you know if Schala is waiting for you? With all the time traveling and everything, how long has it been?”

“Doesn’t matter.” The magician said without looking at her, “She must be waiting for me. And if she is not, I’ll just have to go after her.”


By dark there is a big storm approaching. Just when they think they are gotta get soaked, a stone structure came into their sight.

It turns out to be an abandoned castle, sitting near the peak of the mountain. It is very old but still looks quiet sturdy. They run toward the castle at once, when the rain starts pouring.

Once they enter the castle, some of them immediately felt something wrong. There is an eerie aura around the empty halls, making people uneasy.

Magus does not look happy at all: “This place is haunted.”

“Yes, I sense it too.” Cloud nodded his agreement: “This castle… is full of sorrow from the past…”

“Just like Doma…” Cyan added sadly, thinking about his ruined castle and murdered family.

Ayla yawns: “No care. Ayla tired, Ayla do nothing but sleep. Eat, sleep, make strong, ghost no touch strong people.”

Barret nodded: “For once I agree with the ape woman. This has been a long day, I’m tired, and I don’t care if I have to sleep in a (*&^ graveyard and share a coffin.”

Locke looks out the window. The rain is very heavy now, with thunder and lighting. “Even if we want to go, it’s not likely we are going to find another good shelter in this kind of weather.” He smiled, “Look at the bright side, at least we can all have our private quarters.”

“I’ll take the king’s chamber, if you please.” Setzer immediately said.

“No, gambler, you don’t.” Edgar argued, “I’m a king, so I should take the king’s chamber.”

“Does any one think he looks like a king? Raise your hand please if you think he does.” Setzer inquired.

No one raised a hand. Setzer then struggled: “See, you don’t look much like a king to any one, we can settle the matter on dice, if you want.”

“Forget it, you are the best con I’ve seen in the *&^% twenty seven years of my life.” Edgar admitted.

That provoked a delighted laugh from Setzer: “Still, you people cheated me once, I’ll never forget.”

“Will you two stop the nonsense and give us a hand? We are trying to get the fire lighted.” Cyan said.

“Meet Cyan, the do-thy-work-or-be-dead supervisor.” Edgar murmured, run to help the others to get the fire started.

Once they built the fire and light the torches, the castle doesn’t seem so eerie anymore. Feeling tired, they ate a hearty dinner and bid each other good night. Setzer took the king’s chamber as he said, and they give the second best one-- the princess’ chamber to Marle. Then there are enough guestrooms for everyone else. However, Magus and Shadow insisted on moving to the west tower, where they won’t see or hear anyone else.

“Gee, aren’t ya suppose ta lock a princess in the west tower ’stead of two creepy…hermits?” Barret grumbles.

“Gee, so even a big guy like you read fairy tales!” Celes snapped.

“The *&^%! …” Barret looks embarrassed in spite of himself.

“Barret, you are blushing.” Cloud told him, rather mischievously.

“…Get your white ass outta my sight before I kick it!” He roared, went to his room and slams the door.

“Well now that was a sincere goodnight from him.” Marle remarks, “I think we better all get some sleep. I hope the rain will end tomorrow morning. I hate rainy days, everything reeks in a place like this when it rains.”

“Be glad, princess, thy chamber won’t smell half as bad as the guest rooms.” Glenn told her. And with that, they all parted.


Terra sits on the bed, with one hand on her Atma weapon for reassurance.

She tried to sleep, really tried, but the thunder and lighting outside bothers her more than she expected.

She isn’t a coward, but she has her weaknesses, and one of them is fear of storm. Ever since little, she hated storm, the howling wind, and the thunder, the lighting… And now there’s more to it. It reminds her of her dark past, of the time she spent in Zozo… and somehow, this castle gives her the chills.

She can’t get rid of the feeling that someone is watching her. She felt watched, with every movement, every breath. Whenever there is lighting, the shadows seem to be moving, toward her…

Terra gets up with a sigh, hurriedly dressed and went out of the room. She need to do something, practice with her sword perhaps, until she exhausts herself, then she will be able to go to sleep without her fears bothering her. Even if tomorrow she has to bear with sore muscle and tiredness, it’s better than sit in the dark and drive herself mad.

When she was about to pass the rooms of Locke and Edgar, she stopped. There is light coming out of their rooms, neither of them is asleep.

Terra hesitated. Maybe she could talk to them for a while, instead of wasting her energy unnecessarily.

Her first instinct was to go to Locke, but then she remembered something else. Celes… things aren’t going well between Celes and Locke, what if Celes sees her in Locke’s room so late? It wouldn’t do anybody any good, and she doesn’t want to hurt her friends. The former Imperial General has a soft heart beneath her hardened appearances, she won’t say anything if she sees Terra in Locke’s room, but it will be a wound in her heart hard to amend.

Terra turned to Edgar’s room, knocking the door timidly.

In a second the door opens, Edgar stares at her in surprise: “Terra? Is there something wrong?”

“No, not really. It’s just…” She sighed, “Edgar, may I come in please?”

“Of course, lass.” He took her hand and guided her in, shutting the door softly, “Don’t worry, if there’s something you want to talk about, I’ll be your humble listener.”

His room was warmly lighted with candles, which is a great relief to her. Still, she is a little uncertain. After all, she and Edgar were never anything more intimate than good friends. “I hope I’m not disturbing you…”

“No, not at all.” He assured her, although he was actually about to go to sleep when Terra knocked the door.

“I don’t sleep very early, and was just getting bored when you knocked.” He lies, pouring some tea for her, “So if there’s anything you want to talk about, just spill it out.”

“Thanks.” She took the tea gratefully, sitting down on the edge of the bed since there’s no chair in the room.

Edgar sat down beside her, after a moment of silence, he spoke: “So, is there something wrong?”

“No, it’s just… I wasn’t very tired, and I’m…I’m afraid of the storm.” She admitted, embarrassed.

Edgar didn’t laugh, rather, he looked thoughtful: “So that’s why you never sleep alone when the weather is bad. I remember you always share a room with Mog, thought you mistaken him for stuffed animal.”

Terra had to laugh at this. Moggles are fierce fighters, but they looked like cut little fussy balls.

“Stuffed animal? If Mog hears this, he’ll stuff you with his spear!” she was amused, at the same time surprised that he actually noticed these details along their journey.

This however, warmed her heart enormously. It remains her that although they were not very close friends, they’ve been through life and death together. Just knowing that he remembers everything made her feel closer to him.

She shifted into a more comfortable position on the bed, looking at him with a smile: “Well, can I just talk to you for some time? It won’t take very long for me to get tired, then I won’t be scared of the storm any more.”

“Be my guest, by all means.” He just secretly thanked every god he could think of, for granting him this chance to be with Terra. Didn’t want to scare her away with his affection, he was looking for an excuse to get to know her better, and now the chance is right at his doorway.

She turns to him with a smile: “So, how are you doing these days? You know, we weren’t really in touch these two years.”

“No, we weren’t.” He admitted, although there were hardly a day passed without him thinking of her. With a regretful smile, he said, “Well, I was always stuck with tons of work, and you only visited once a year.”

She laughed softly: “Couldn’t miss my Christmas gifts.” In a somehow sadden tone, she added, “I was unwilling to leave Mobliz, although most of the children are growing up very fast. They won’t be needing me anymore…”

“Nonsense, you saved them from the ruined village. You are their mama, they need you and love you, just as much as you love them.” Edgar assured her, then added with a charming smile, “But any time you get bored or… you know, you are always welcome to pay a visit to Figaro. We will always be delighted to see you.”

“Thanks.” She gratefully accepted the invitation. Then they had a pleasant chat about the old days, until it was really getting late.

“I should go.” She said at last, getting up. She pretends to be calm and relaxed, but there is a hint of fear in her eyes that Edgar detected.

“Terra,” He called her when she was about to open the door. Hesitating, he come to her and presses a hand on her shoulder, “If you like… you can spend the night with me.”

The sentence came out all wrong. He stupidly phrased it in such a way that most women would take the hint that he wants to sleep with them, and if Terra takes the wrong hint, and knowing his reputation, it would ruin everything.

Luckily, Terra wasn’t an ordinary woman. Her identity of Esper preserved her innocence, she only hesitated at the offer: “Edgar…is it really okay? I don’t want to be any trouble…”

He let out a relieved breath, smiling sincerely at her: “It will be no trouble, I assure you. After all, how can I just leave a lady like that, knowing her trouble and not helping at all?”

He bowed elegantly to her: “It is my great honor to be at service for a beautiful lady like you.”

“I’m flattered, your majesty.” She made a playful courtesy, chuckling, “Locke was right, you are still hopelessly a flirt as ever.”

“Aye, milady.” He nodded with a laugh, thinking of their first meeting, “Now just sit here and relax, I’ll go get your blankets.”


The bed is very big, big enough for them both to sleep comfortably with plenty of space between them. Edgar put his and her sword in between them, just in case anyone sees them like this, they won’t get the wrong idea.

Terra felt peaceful. The storm doesn’t bother her anymore. With Edgar beside her, she felt very safe, and her fear was gone. Despite his flirting manner, he is a very good friend, and would protect her if she were ever in danger; he already proved it this morning by saving her from the shadow dragon. Almost immediately, she falls asleep.

Edgar stayed awake a bit longer. Terra’s soft breath is the sweetest music to his ears. He can hardly believe his luck, for he is actually getting closer with her. Some day, maybe not very soon, but someday, he shall make her Queen of Figaro. With that as the last thought in his mind, he falls in sleep.


In the morning, he was awaken by the rude entrance of Sabin and Locke: “Holy %*&^! Edgar, you should see __”

Sabin stops dead in the middle of his sentence, with his eyes pop out. Locke dropped his jaw. They see an irritated Edgar sitting up, with Terra still sleeping, facing him and covered with a blanket.

“W, w, whoa!!!” Sabin swears in awe, “Bro, what did you do to Terra?”

“We didn’t do anything, mind you.” Edgar moved a little to reveal the swords between him and Terra. “She was afraid of the storm so I let her stay with me, now get your dirty ^%$# thoughts outta your *&^% mind!”

“… I don’t believe it!” Locke grins, “You are actually a perfect gentleman!”

“Yes, I am, which is more than I can say for you two. Why the hell are you in my room without knocking?” He demanded.

Sabin turns serious: “We got a problem, bro. The storm last night, it turned into a blizzard.”

“Blizzard?” It was Terra asking, just woke up by the noise, blushing slightly and trying to cover her embarrassment, “Oh, good morning, Edgar, Sabin, Locke, did you say something about blizzard?”

“Good morning, Terra.” Locke replied, his face with worry, “Yes, we are talking about a blizzard. You guys better get up and take a look out the window, it's snowing.”


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