The Orphan Chapter 2


By Kate Lorraine

Seifer Almasy never did like walking and the long journey across the abandoned railroad to Esthar wasn't doing much to change that. He had always preferred to run, all the faster to get to his goal. Walking was for weak and idle, the filling of the mindless crowd who were put into existence to cheer on those like himself. Those, that did important things, things that changed the world and would be remembered for ages to come. He would live forever in those actions and there will never be a time when his name was not uttered in respect and admiration.

"Can we take a break?" Raijin complained. "I'm tired, ya know. Been walking for hours."

Seifer frowned and glanced at Fujin who was showing signs of weariness as well. Raijin and Fujin were his posse, they had stuck by his side through his temporary insanity, bringing him back to his senses with their wisely planned desertion. Yet he just wished that it wasn't in front of Squall, his archrival, who he never liked to show weakness in front of.

"Alright, just for a little while, though. We need got there before sunset."

Raijin eagerly collapsed on the ground near the railing while Fujin slowly found herself a clean spot to rest upon. Seifer looking east in the direction of Esthar and felt all the more impatient. Something was waiting for him there, something dreadfully important.

"What's in Esthar anyway?" Raijin asked. "You're not going to go fruity on us again are you Seifer, ya know?"

"Quiet." Fujin snapped and glared at Raijin.

"I'm not going there to find momentos of my possession, if that's what you mean Raijin." Seifer stated sarcastically. "I'm sorry that we can't stay in FH forever and let you play footsie with your hoe."

"Eliza is not my hoe!!" Raijin yelled with more loudness then malice.

Seifer smirked wickedly in that fashion which he was always so inclined to. Inside he admitted that Raijin's questions was legitimate. Why was he going to the eastern continent? The dreams of Ultimecia kept him awake at night. She possessed him with magic and mind games, twisting his dreams and making him a monster. His experiences under her control left a bad aftertaste in his mouth. He wanted to go to Esthar, to tear's point, to lunatic Pandora to destroy the memories that created his daily nightmares. Perhaps, just perhaps, he could see her influence gone from those places and then maybe it would leave him as well. He wanted to make new memories, memories in which he was in control of himself, his own future his own being.

He kept his eyes on the horizon and leaned against his gunblade. What type of future did he plan to make for himself anyway? He wanted to do something important, to be in the center of attention again. He just had to wait a little while, until the world forgot that he was once the evil sorceress's knight. But that would not be long. The mindless populace forgot quickly and with his charm and charisma he would make them forget even quicker.

"Let's get going." He said and motioned to his two sidekicks. He ignored the complains from Raijin and his threats of mutiny. Soon he heard the quiet obedient footsteps behind him once more, just the way it should be.

* *

The dizziness came in waves and soon it was so strong that she needed to lean against the wall for support. Rinoa closed her eyes and waited for it to subside. She had told no one about the sudden onslaught of headaches she was having lately. Her head had always been fickle when she was little and she assumed that the stress of fighting Ultimecia had simply aggravated an existing condition. There was no need to make a big fuss about. Go away, she willed the misty feeling in her head. As soon as she was feeling slightly better she continued walking down the pastel well lite hallway of the third floor of Balamb garden, the floor which used to be headmaster Cid's office. From around the corner she could hear muffled voices, one of which she recognized to be Squall's. So he was here.

As she peeked around the corner, Nida caught her eye and waved. Darn, she was caught. She had intended to listen a bit longer but now Squall had turned around to see who Nida was gesturing to. She walked out from her place behind the pillar and waved to the group of SeeDs in the room, Quistis being noticeably absent.

"I'm sorry," she said, avoiding Squall's eye. "I didn't realize a meeting was in session. I'll be going now."

"No stay," Nida answered. "We were just adjourning, right commander Squall?"

Rinoa couldn't help but giggle as she saw Squall scowl from being called commander.

"Whatever," he answered in his usual trite fashion and gave an indifferent wave of his gloved hand. "I won't be gone long. Keep a look out, remember what the headmaster said about the new Galbadian president."

With that he turned and walked out of the conference. Rinoa followed him into the elevator hoping that he wasn't in one of his moods.

"Are you going somewhere Squall?" She asked as the door closed before them.

" Deling City to meet with the new Galbadian president." He answered, pausing briefly. "He wants to meet with the leader of SeeD," Squall added as the elevator doors opened to the first floor.

"Can I come along?" Rinoa inquired. "I guess I should stop by and let my father know that I am alright, despite the fact that I can't stand him. The trip will be brief right?"

"Very brief." Squall answered.

Rinoa bent over giggling once again, understanding why all of Squall's meetings were "brief."

He frowned.

"Did I say something funny?" He asked, slightly annoyed.

She clutched her stomach laughing as she stumbled after him towards the front entrance. She waved her hand, for him to keep walking as she struggled to stop giggling.

"It's nothing," she assured him as they boarded the Ragnarok which Squall had finally learned to pilot. It was a fitting method of transportation for the leader of SeeD and the son of the Estharian president. Yet as they stepped onto the second floor, Rinoa felt another wave of dizziness over take her. The dizziness was really coming too often now and it only seemed to be getting worse as the days went by. She felt his hand on her shoulder as she placed her hand to her forehead and leaned against a wall for support.

"Are you feeling ill?" He asked, annoyance rapidly changing to concern.

She waved her hand.

"I'm fine. I must have laughed too hard. Don't worry about me."

"But I do . . . worry . . . sometimes," he stated, quietly and a tad awkwardly.

Rinoa felt warm inside suddenly, seldom had anyone made her feel that way since . . since her mother. She began to believe then that dizziness had a bright side after all.

"Don't let your little lady distract you from your duties now Mr. Commander." She said jokingly. "You better not keep the president waiting."

He scowled again, and she forced a giggle. The dizziness isn't so bad, she assured herself.


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