The Orphan Prologue

By Kate Lorraine

The sky had cleared over Ultimecia's castle. Sunlight had now resided in the fallen tower where the great battle had been fought. The echoing sound of bricks falling were the only sounds that disturbed the silence. Not even the mighty elnoyle dared to disturb the sacred graveyard of a great witch.

Yet today someone did dare. The being bravely walked the stone bridge connecting the clock tower and the forsaken tower where so many tonberries had once infested. They were gone now, dispersed throughout the castle. A small hand with long fragile fingers pushed open the massive crumbling door. The thin emaciated girl hopped gingerly over the rubble that littered the ground.

"Fairies, lambs, and butterflies," She sang under her breath, bending over to pick up the stuffed mog which had fallen from her grip. She brushed the dust off its white cotton head and continued moving forward dogging the precariously balanced beams.

"Sleepy clouds in summer skies." She whispered, sweeping cobwebs from her hair. Her voiced disappeared into the air but the patting sound of her slippers scratching the stone floor vibrated through the circular room.

"Sleep all night, in my sight, though you're off in dreamland." She continued, her tiny voice growing fainter as she neared the center. A beam crashed down in the back but she continued, undaunted.

"Then, tomorrow, with the sun," She muttered under her breath as she stepped into the sun. The bright rays of morning fondly explored the crevasses and creases of her long red hair as she lowered her oval face to shield her eyes from the sun. She was not used to being in the sun, it burned her eyes. She raised a hand to form a visor over her large dark eyes. The sun wasn't as pleasant as the all the songs made it sound.

She collapsed in front of the throne with her head resting against the seat.

"Back to mama, little one."


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