Aftermath Prologue


By Kawaii Kitty

The holy nest of angels was quiet as Gabrie opened her eyes. How long? How long had she been here? Before this planet existed she had been here, watching, waiting. She was no more, no less alive and mortal as these people were; only she knew why she was here. Sentenced to live in solitude for the rest of her being, before they destroyed her. She knew they would come soon; Indalecio had fallen so it would be her turn soon.

She had watched them, each one of them as they lived their lives, destined to destroy her, destined for much more than they expected. Twelve warriors and the child of light, they would save or damn the universe. She was here to stop them, to carry out Indalecios’ plan if he failed. But she knew it was useless, to destroy the child of light would be like destroying the hope in people’s hearts, killing a mortal soul with a blade. It was impossible, but still she must try.

She owed it to him. Though she refused to admit it, she owed Indalecio more than her life. If it were not for him, she would have withered and died like any other mortal. Though she considered herself mortal, she was more. Her wish had been to be immortal, to be nothing more than forever. And he had done that, he had granted her that wish, but she realised now being an angel was nothing like she expected.


Chapter 1

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