Black and White Chapter 1

By Kefkarjp

Zachary turned on his side and spoke to the man in the bed next to him.

" So," he said softly as to not wake anyone else up, " you can't sleep either, huh?"

Crono shook his head and Zachary continued. " So, what's your story? Is it true about what everyone says about Lavos?" Crono sighed and said,

" Yeah, it's true- most of it, anyway."

" What do you mean?"

" Everyone considers me a hero, but I don't see myself that way. I did a lot of killing during the adventure. That sort of thing can do more damage than a sword or an arrow."

" But you did it. That's what bravery is, you know: It's not about not being afraid, it's about knowing what you have to do and trying your hardest, no matter what. That makes you a hero."

Crono sighed and agreed. Across the room, Ronnie, Zachary brother, was having a similar conversation...

" So, what made you decide to be a knight?" asked Ronnie, addressing the person in the bed beside him, " I mean, wouldn't you want to just settle down and relax?"

" T'was my destiny, I suppose," replied Glenn, " After mine friends and I conquered Lavos, I felt I had a responsibility to the inhabitants of Guardia. I could not have become an ordinary citizen after that adventure."

" That's pretty inspiring," replied Ronnie.

" But enough talk of mine self! Why ist thou a knight yourself?"

" Well, me and my brother were orphaned at the age of six. We were taken in by a soldier by the name of Sabin Ho Leger, and we learned the art of swordfight. We were drafted at the age of sixteen, but we've never been in a battle like the one coming up. I'm actually pretty afraid."

Glenn paused for a moment, then said:" Methinks we should get some rest." Ronnie and Glenn both turned on their side and fell asleep...

" Okay," whispered Parry, " General Sten's compound is in sight. Wait for the signal..." The group of six held their breath. Five seconds went by, then they all heard a voice on the radio which Crono's friend Lucca had designed:

" Allies sighted. Permission to approach enemy compound granted." One after another, they all snuck out of the bushes and up to the side of the compound. As they reached the wall, another command came in through the radio:" All troops in position. Soon the army will be sighted by the enemy. Let's hope they take the bait..." Sure enough, in less than a minute, the alarm sounded. In the panic, the Special Forces were able to enter unnoticed. Once inside, they were faced with another dilemma...

" Where do we go from here?" asked Ronnie nervously.

" According to our briefing, General Sten should be to the right." responded Ginger.

" Where's group B?" asked Ronnie, who was obviously inquisitive.

Parry lowered his head:" If they aren't here, chances are..." his voice trailed off.

" Methinks we must make haste. We cannot dwell on lost allies," said Glenn. As if on cue, the door burst open, and in walked a man that bore a startling resemblance to Ronnie.

" Zachary!" exclaimed Ronnie.

" Aww, come on, Ron. You didn't think I'd let you guys have all the fun, did ya'?" His voice grew sad as he continued," Most of my group is dead. The army isn't faring so well, either. Crono is outside, trying to help." Suddenly, they heard a bloodcurdling scream.

" I hope that wasn't Crono..." said Parry, " Anyway, let's hurry..."

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