Coping With Grief Chapter 2

By Kefkarjp

He had a dream. In it, Marle came to him, and they held hands as they walked along the beach. Crono leaned over and whispered in her ear three simple words: I love you. Those three words can have an effect on a person’s entire life, he knew. Marle leaned over and whispered back, " I love you, too." Those were the last words of hers he would ever hear, or so he thought.

He awoke in the garage of Lucca’s house. Lucca was standing in the corner of the room, tinkering with something Crono couldn’t see. When she noticed that he wasn’t laying down any more, she said, " Good, you’re awake."

"Why did you do that?" asked Crono angrily, after he’d had time to compose himself.

" What, you mean stop you from ending your own life, along with ruining the lives of pretty much anyone who knew you?" replied Lucca," Gee, Crono. I have no idea."

Noticing Crono’s blank stare, she added, " Crono, the kingdom of Guardia has just lost their princess. Do you really think they could handle the loss of their national hero, the one who helped save the entire space-time continuum?" after a moment, she added, " Do you really think that’s what Marle would want?"

" I...suppose not," replied Crono, "But what can I do? I... loved Marle. I really did. I just don’t know what to do without her."

" You still have me," Lucca remarked, " and your mother."

For some reason, all Crono wanted at the moment was to see his mom, and he felt childish for that. " I know..."

" Good!" exclaimed Lucca. She knew Crono wasn’t totally feeling better, nor would he ever be. But she would try to help him. " Wanna go get a pizza?"

Meanwhile, in the furthest reaches of the space-time continuum, an otherworldly evil stirred. It fed on the hatred and despair that people held in their hearts. Banished from it’s own dimension, it now lived in this one. And now, it sensed fresh meat. It surged forward, through the fabric of time, heading towards 1002 a.d...

Crono sat on the edge of the pier. He liked to come here sometimes, just to clear his mind. As he watched the sun set on the horizon, he was reminded of the time, four months ago, when he had tried to jump of the edge of the west cape. He tried to pull his mind away from that. He was making so much progress. He suddenly felt a heart-pounding pain in his chest. The more he tried to fight it, the stronger it became, until he succumbed, powerless to resist. Then, just as suddenly, it was gone. He stood up, feeling suddenly stiff and cold, and walked towards his house.

That night, ten people died without knowing why. People exploded from the inside, their hearts electrocuted to the point where they burst. Buildings burnt down, trees where destroyed, everything was devastation. And as the Guardia officials struggled to correct the problem, a figure watched silently from the nearby forest and laughed. His red hair looked black in the dark, and his katana, made from the mystical rainbow shell, glinted in the moonlight. When he saw the soldiers coming in his direction, he melted into the darkness and disappeared...

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