The Shadows Chapter 13

The Message Sent, the Course Laid

By Keith Adams

Magus considered the Zealian Palace standing atop Death Peak. It was surely something that was out of time. Knowledge of Zeal died out well over ten thousand years before this occured, and any scrap that might have remained would surely have been destroyed in Lavos's assault. Magus was having doubts - Lavos had been stopped. Magus slayed the thing himself. So what caused this reality?

Magus knew he had one other option; the Keepers Dome. Magus remebered something - a lot of the equipment Gaspar had dropped of at his cave had looked similair to that Magus had seen in the Keeper's Dome, which was supposedly where the great Belthasar had spent his last days. Magus knew that he had nothing to lose. Robo would hold off the Mystic column.

Magus set off south, seeing a small dome in the distance. Magus ignored the rapidly falling temperature - he had to make it to the dome. His hands were actually shaking. Lavos's energy was based around heat. Perhaps Lavos did not cause this reality after all . Something else then. What? Magus racked his brain but found no answers.

Magus arrived at the Keeper's Dome as the Sun began to set. It was almost artic in temperature. Goosebumps had appeared on his face, and his cloak felt stiff. He gave nearly gave a sigh of relief as he entered the dome.

Inside the Dome, Magus found himself on a walkway. He saw that there was noise coming from the back. Resolving himself, Magus headed towards the back, where he found a Red Nu, a rather large one at that, and Gaspar, in his trenchcoat as always. They were loading the equippment on the same cart Magus saw when they dropped off the same equipment at his house.

"What are you doing that for?" asked Magus, stepping out of the shadows.

"Wh ... why hello Janus," Gaspar greeted "We were going to build a new Epoch. We have saved off the plans, but we think we can improve Gaspars design."

"I want you to drop it off at my house," asked Magus in the politest voice he could manage. Magus disliked being called Janus .. it reminded him too much of Schala.

"Any paticulair reason?" asked Gaspar.

"I've seen you drop off this selfsame equipment at my house. I can only guess that it came from here," answered Magus with seriousness.

"What must be .... must be. Espicially now that the gates are dissapearing," noted Gaspar sagely. He shook his head, in what appeared to be regret.

"How do you plan on getting to 12,000 bc?" asked Magus, taking for granted Gaspar's agreement.

"I'll create a doorway. I must be stepping off. Come, Spekkio," replied Gaspar.

A blue ribbon appeared out of nowhere, enveloping the cart, Gaspar, and Spekkio, sending them to his house. Magus had only one thing to do. But first, he needed sleep. Removing his cloak, Magus layed down to rest in the somewhat warm atmosphere of the dome.


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