The Shadows Chapter 39

Foo Fighters

By Keith Adams

"This job bites," said Liutenant Gaston, manning a console aboard the flying weapons platform Zenax -D, the latest in a long line of outposts. It was designed for fighting mystics; beating the scum down, stopping them from what they sought to do; they undermined everything, the inhuman little twerps; they killed, they stole, hell, they even collasped Guardia nearly a millenia ago after four hundred years of trying. Mystics weren't deserving of pity; they weren't deserving of mercy; they should all be killed. And now, now, they pulled a stunt with enough power to level the world - a biological weapon of such power, hidden beneath Guardia. It had killed thousands with it's first bombardment, before it suddenly dissapeared. Not a single mystic died. What were the bloody odds?

"Do you have a problem, Gaston? I can always have you thrown off a side like they did back in Xaler's days. You would have been tossed off the side of the Guru back in his days," said a deep voice that boomed across the deck.

"No sir. But this bloody sucks. I mean, the readings haven't changed for ...," Gaston began "I'm picking up 6 surges of delta radiation, and six objects flying in excess of Mach 5, at an approach vector ..,... right at us. I'm trying a neutrino scan, but I can only get a shape - they have some gatling lasers, state of the art, or maybe more."

"Red alert," shouted the Captain "Foo Fighters approaching. All point defense weapons armed and locked on. Fire long range artillery; let's give them a warm welcome."


Crono absently piloted his Epoch, taking the lead. We're just trying to get a better lay of the land, for christsakes. Can not everyone pilot their ships accordingly? There was nothing happening. The clouds were dissapearing; there was a huge island in the sky. Lasers were flashing down at them.

"Everyone scatter; we've got a huge freaking thing in the sky," Crono said over the radio. The other Epochs turned around, trying to dance around the dozens of volleys being launched at them from the platform. Lasers flashed at one of the Epoch's, dead on target. Crono closed an eye; he could not bear to - wait; something stopped the beam. Shields?

"Don't bother; switch all power to rear shields and get out of here. We can't win," Lucca's voice came through loudly.

Leaving a trail of fiery exhaust, Crono turned around and plunged down through the clouds.

"People, I've got a lay of the land. Me and Melchior will go to the Keepers Dome, then meet up with Crono and Janice in Truce. R-007 and Marle will go to Guardia," Lucca ordered "All right people, let's go."


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