Overview Of Guardia's Political System

This is my first attempt at a serialized fan-fiction. I have most of the plot worked out for the first 20 Chapters. I have taken some liberties with a few nations: Guardia is a Britain like Empire now, although the power of the king is stronger than the irrelevant royal families in modern day constitutional monarchies.

Copies of this may be found at http://www.cwo.com/~janus/ct-tstoc.htm



Guardia is a consitutional Monarchy. The King has power to write and enforce laws, but everyone is bound by them. The Chancellor is elected by the High Council every 4 years to advise the King, and is in charge of the High Council. While the King may declare laws, the High Council controls funds. Without the High Councils support, the King may not fund anything.

The High Council consists of representatives from Guardia, Truce, Dorino, Choras, and Porre. The Chancellor has a vote as well, and the King breaks ties. A measure needs 4 votes to pass. An election of the Chancellor is held by the Chancellors department selecting a canidate. Only represenatives may vote, and the Chancellor needs 4 votes to be accepted.

The Current Represenatiives on the High Council are:

Area             Name                  War           Political

Chancellor     Chancellor           Anti +       Government

Guardia         Knight Captain      Pro +       Military

Truce            Blacksmith             Pro +       Industry

Dorino          Elder Alchemist      Anti +       R & D

Choras          Toma                     Pro +       Exploration

Porre             Mayor                   Pro +       Trade

The High Council controls all funds, and decides which laws are acceptable. Elections within territory for a High Councillor are held every 6 years and are chosen democatically.

The Chancellor is head of the Civil Service. He is the equivalent of the Cabinet Secretary, and tends towards taking hints from Machivielli

Each territory has a Mayor and a Council. There are 21 councillors, and they serve a 6 month term - there are 3 elections a month. The Mayor is like a Governor, and the Councillors control all funding and regional bills.

The Civil Service has the following departments:



Internal Affairs

Administrative Affairs





Prime Department

Every 3 years, elections are held. The Winner gains control of the Ministerial section of each office. The PM is in charge overall, and he is chosen by as vote of no less than 6 Ministers. Once in place, PMs stay for 3 years.

Finally, there is the Parlaiment. They are the ones that may propose laws other than the King, and have various comitees. They also investigate Department Misconduct. They are 100 in number, and are electedd yearly based on a parties percent of the vote. If a party has 34% of the national vote, they have 34 seats. If they get 37% next time, they get 3 new seats, and may reissue them. Once the General election is over, a party convention is held. Any wishing to may go, and the canidates are voted on. If the Party has 34 seats then the top 34 go to Parlaiment, and each member may vote

( 34/3 = 11/33) 11 times. Parlaiment gets first dibs on any bill save spending measures: Those go to the High Council. Parlaiment has no control over foriegn policy.

Currently the Parlaiment Breakdown is as follows:

24% Defenders of Guardia ( Conservative)

16% Liberty Guarders ( Anti - Civil Sevice)

17% Compromisers ( Moderate)

13% Restorers ( Favor Fiona)

11% Returners ( Anti-Mystic)

09% Foundation ( Pro-Industry)

05% Scientests ( Pro-Tech)

03% Corporatists ( Anti-Government)

02% Fnord ( Paranoids)


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