A Melting of a Heart Chapter 11

The Cards

By Key Mima

Magus swung open the door of the broom closet, peering inside only momentarily before slamming it shut. Of course she wouldn't be in the closet. But he had checked every other possible room in the palace.
"Damn you Sunev," he muttered, anxiously fixing his gloves. He would have to check Kajar next, then Enhasa.
He knew she wasn't in either of those places, but he would look anyway. She was probably down below, with Glenn and that Crono boy. What dealings did she have with Lavos? It was none of her business. She wasn't experienced enough to even think of fighting an enemy of half his caliber. He wasn't even sure if he himself was ready.
Magus leaned on the wall, looking down the hall at what was originally his room and was now starting to look like a temple. Was he just overestimating her? Maybe she wasn't going to fight Lavos. Being from another world, she couldn't have anything against him. Or did she know something he didn't? Sunev... what a hard just it must be to be omniscient. You know things we can't even imagine.
As Magus cursed himself for being so sentimental, he felt a presence behind him. Spinning around, he now stood face to face with Dalton.
"Calm down there, prophet. I only bring you good news," the insolent man said, raising his hands defensively.
"Tell me, then leave," Magus replied, peering darkly at him from under his hood.
"Well, that's what I was gonna do... Jeez. The queen wants you down at the Ocean Palace. She's gonna summon Lavos now so we can all be immortal. Ain't you the lucky one, gettin' in on this even though you aren't from Zeal. You shouldn't even have anything to do with us. You're just a damned soothsayer."
Magus sighed, seeing that he had no escape. This was his only chance to be there when Lavos was summoned. His only chance to defeat the thing he had survived the darkness for.
"Immortality..." he snorted, passing Dalton by. "I wouldn't want immortality if it were handed to me in a golden gift basket. Someday when you get over yourselves, you Zealans will understand the misconception you have about living forever." And with that, he entered the throne room, studied the flickering pillar of light before him, and stepped in.

Sunev rubbed her temples, sighing at the dull pain that resounded through her head. It wasn't much, but she still wished she had some aspirin.
Crono and Frog talked with Melchior while she sat at a crude wooden table, covered with roots and ivy. She couldn't imagine living in these conditions at any point in her life. Well, soon Zeal would know what it was like to be merely ordinary.
Sunev's heart skipped a beat. She thought of the coming battle and how she would contribute to it. The thought of it was both exciting and frightening at the same time. And yet it teetered more towards frightening.
Just as she noticed that Schala should be arriving soon, a man skittered into the room, announcing that she had come.
The beautiful woman stopped at the door, bowing to the man, then entered the room. Soon after followed Janus, then Alfador.
"Sunev!" the prince cried upon entering. He flung himself into her arms, grasping onto her as if he thought he would never see her again. "Sunev.." He looked up at her, probing her face with worshipful blue eyes. "Why are you in a filthy hovel like this?" Sunev chuckled as he peered over her shoulder at Crono and Frog, his gaze staying on Frog.
Schala smiled at them, but her face soon turned grave and she looked to the two unusual warriors. "Please," she started, her hands clasped together, almost prayerfully. "You've got to stop my mother. She's gone crazy, she doesn't know the seriousness of what she's doing. Sunev will tell you. She'll stop at nothing to resurrect Lavos. I can't protest her anymore. It's up to you, if you'll help me."
"Schala, my dear," Melchior said with a tense smile. "They're on their way to stop your mother. They'll save the day for you." Sunev grimaced at that use of words. Yeah, we'll save the day. Then thousands of people will die. Why didn't she tell someone? Now would be the perfect time. Her heart missed a beat, which she was seeing that it quite often did. It would be missing a few minutes of beating if it got any more anxious than this. No, she couldn't tell them. Maybe, because of her involvement, it would turn out differently than foredained.
"Save the day?" the voice she dreaded hearing replied. Dalton chuckled. He leaned on the doorway, watching her, even though she wasn't involved in the conversation. "I'm afraid that won't be happening." He stepped forward, his gaze shifting to Schala as he caught a lock of her blue hair. She shrieked in pain and fright. "If one of you tries to touch me, she gets it. Come along Schala. Your mother is expecting you."
He let out a loud, barking laugh as he, the princess, Janus, and his poor little cat disappeared.
"We've gotta hurry," Crono said, raking a hand back through his wild hair. Frog and Sunev nodded their agreement. Sunev left the room then, getting a headstart to the Ocean Palace.
"Sunev!" Frog called. Sunev turned around to see he and Crono barreling through the snow after her. "Don't get ahead of us, girl. We needeth be together for this battle."
"Frog's right, Sunev. We can't be apart."
"A nation divided can't stand," Sunev said, nodding to them. "Okay. I'm just apprehensive."
"We all are," Crono agreed, and then they felt a rush of exhileration as they were transported to the floating continent.

I know that was kinda a short one, folks, but the next chapter is REALLY important! I need to publish three chapters at once because of this. -_-;; But I'll survive, I guess. :o
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