A Melting Of A Heart Chapter 2


By Key Mima

Sunev got her chance to shop a full week later. She was so good at what she did now that Magus couldn't believe his good fortune in finding her when he did. He was going to appoint her the head of the next day's attack on Guardia Castle, but he hadn't told her yet. He took the form of any normal young boy and set off to Porre with his happy comrade skipping beside him.

"I hope they have clothes here and I can move in. Your clothes don't look very comfortable," she informed him as they came in sight of the town. He just shrugged and worried about whether or not she would be recognized. It was his fault that he had been so obvious in kidnapping her, but it had all turned out for the good... so far.

When they first reached the town was when it all fell apart. Someone immediately recognized her and pointed her out. Even worse, the person who arrived to save her was Glenn. He whispered to Sunev to think of a lie, quick. He had a thousand lies to tell, but they wouldn't be asking him where she had been.

"Where hast thou been?" Glenn asked, taking her hand. He glanced at Magus but dismissed him as any other urchin he knew. Magus cringed at his annoying dialect. "I hath been with his Lordship Magus, thy stupid moron!" he wanted to yell for her.

"I..." Sunev looked distressed. Come on... Magus urged her silently. Don't take too long... "Who are you?" she said, looking at Glenn blankly. Glenn had never met her before, so he apologized and introduced himself. "Frog, huh?" she stated, looking around. "Where's this?" She gestured vaguely to the village around her. Glenn's little frog face registered surprise. Magus wanted to jump and whoop in relief.

"I found her outside my house," he said, looking Glenn straight in the eye so it wouldn't seem that he had any trouble facing him. "She seemed very confused and mentioned something about Porre... So, naturally, I took her here."

Glenn nodded professionally. "She must have amnesia. Look, young lady, would you like to come with me? I'll make you some tea," he said, looking slightly up at her because of his lack of height. She nodded and smiled stupidly, and looked back at Magus and waved.

"Bye, Mister!" she cried. The look he saw in the back of her eyes was... Happiness? Did she want to get away from him? He reached a hand out as if to steal her back away, but dropped it hopelessly and turned to walk away.


Sunev sipped at the tea Frog had made her and laid back in her chair. It had been over a week since she had run away from Magus, and she wondered if he missed her. Or if he was capable of missing anything. It wasn't that she disliked him, it was just that he worked her like a sweatshop employee. Up at dawn, work until God knows when...

She dismissed Magus from her mind swiftly. Well, she had seen Crono again, and they had brought the Masamune piece and found the hilt. Now they were out getting it fixed. That means that they would have to fight Magus...

Lucca was a nice girl. They got along. But it seemed that everyone but her liked Marle. She despised the girl! "Oh, Crono! Crono! Blah, blah, blah!" She was probably was just jealous because Crono was hella fine, but she didn't need to be. She had someone of her own...

Frog had been depressed lately. The Masamune and the Hero's Medal had brought about memories of his that hurt him deeply. He moped about without life, and so now she was going to go to the cafe in Porre by herself instead of with him. She bent over and put her hand on his forehead.

"Are you going to be okay?" she asked. He forced a smile.

"I'm fine. Mine stomach needs no filling, but yours does desperately."

"You're right," Sunev chuckled as her stomach growled like a tiger. "Well as long as you're okay..."

"I'll be fine. There's no need to worry about me, it's thine stomach I'd be fussing over if I were thou." Sunev grinned.

"Okay, then! I'll be back!"

She trudged along the path tiredly, stumbling on a hole occasionally. She was really pooped out, she decided, so she took refuge by a tree.

"God, I'll need to sleep forever to get my energy back from *his* training," she muttered, looking up through the canopy of leaves at the pink-and-purple-swirled sky.

"Would you like to sleep forever?" a voice in her head asked.

"Hell yes!" she answered.

"Done," the voice answered, and Sunev blacked out.

When Sunev woke up, although she didn't think she would, she found herself in the all-familiar dining room of Magus's castle. She rubbed her head and looked around. He sat at his normal place at the table, and Flea stood, waiting, at the door. She didn't have anything to say to Magus, so she waited for him to start.

"Where the hell were you?" he yelled after prolonging the silence to the point where Sunev got scared.

"You knew perfectly well where I was," she replied calmly.

"And yet you didn't return?"

"To work my poor ass off twenty-four hours a day? No, thanks."

"You should be grateful for my training," Magus said. "It's made you a stronger person."

"It's made me a tired person..."

"Stop whining. You are never to leave this castle again."

Sunev said that was okay with her and went off to her room. It was going to be a long day...


Magus watched Sunev's small form disappear into the shadows. She had acted so cold to him. She had seemed to like living there, and then she ran off to his enemy's place. What was with her? She had been so kind to him and everyone else that he had warmed to her. Now he realized he shouldn't have... Well, he did need her for his army, so it was time to move on to bigger things...

The next day arrived, the day Magus had resolved to kill Lavos and rid of his evil for good. It made him apprehensive, if not a little frightened, but he pushed those emotions away. Nothing could stop him then, not even more crap from Sunev. He lit each candle in the room magically, but his concentration was broken by the sound of the door banging the wall after it had been flung open.

"Go away," he said.

"Sir," Sunev said breathlessly, "Glenn and Cro... I mean, Glenn and his friends have broken into the castle. They're in the process of defeating all of your minions right now."

Magus nodded grimly. "Well, then. My training is useful now, isn't it? Go out there and show them what you're made of," he said. Sunev's eyes widened and she shook her head impassively. "Go on," he said. He reached out and ran his fingers through her silky hair. "I have faith in you, Sunev. Go on."

She left him then, and he hoped she could make it. Then, he turned back to his work, and began chanting the incantation...


Sunev rushed down the stairs with a pounding heart. How was she supposed to defeat them? They were her friends, she didn't want to hurt them... She swung around the corner and met the striking blue eyes of Crono.

"Sunev!" he cried, taking her in his arms happily. "God, we were wondering where you were! How did you end up here...?" He looked around. But Frog already knew.

"How long have you been working for him, Sunev? Since you were kidnapped?" he asked gravely. She nodded. Her mouth was dry. Crono gaped at her, and Frog unsheathed the Masamune. "I'm sorry, child. This had to happen."

"You're not as sorry as me," she whispered. She floated up in the air and looked down at them. And with that, she sent out her first blast of energy.


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