Catching Glimpses Chapter 3

The Great Escape

By Kiyara

"You obviously don't know me very well."-Reno Lynley


Reno awoke later that same night. He lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, stained with God knows what, and wondered what it was that had woken him from his light sleep.

Just then, he heard it again. It sounded like a scuffle was going on in the room next door; the room that belonged to the nameless girl that he had fought on the beach. There were some quiet thuds, and muffled shouts.

Reno rolled out of bed and snatched up the bangle from where he had thrown it the night before and attached it to his upper arm. He also grabbed his gun and nightstick. He had heard his share of fights in his time, and Reno was sure that that was what was going on in room five. If I’m wrong, she can kick my ass all the way back to Midgar, like she said earlier. He smirked. Though that may prove to be somewhat difficult…

Reno went out into the dark hallway, leaving the door to his room ajar. He was about to look into the keyhole of the door next door when a thought suddenly struck him. Why am I doing this? I’ve heard way too many hotel room fights before, yet I’ve never wanted to lift a finger… The red head shrugged it off. I’m just curious about her. Though it does kinda help that she’s extremely hot…

He bent down and peered through the keyhole. There were five big, burly men in the room, and they were struggling to grab the girl. They looked like thugs, dressed all in black and with shaved heads. Each was well over six feet tall, and with the bulk and muscle to back their height up. Compared to them, Reno was a featherweight.

"That’s an uh oh," he muttered quietly to himself. Then he turned his attention back to the scene in front of him, trying to figure out what was going on and what they wanted with the woman.

One of the thugs had his hand over her mouth to keep her from yelling, and as Reno watched, she bit into the man’s hand deeply. The man yelped and let go, but the woman didn’t scream. Instead, she kept struggling silently. She must not be expecting anyone to help her… Reno mused. Either that, or she doesn’t think anyone can help… Enough of that! Am I going to help her? Reno grinned. Of course. When could I ever resist saving a damsel in distress?…The best approach would be stealth and surprise, seeing that there’s five of them and one of me, and also considering that they’re about 100 pounds heavier than me.

Reno left his post for a moment and scurried back into his room. He dug around in the pockets of his suitcase until he came up with a long, thin tool. He held it up for inspection.

"This’ll do," he muttered.

Then he scrambled back to his place at the keyhole, where he found that the woman had escaped for the time being, and was standing in a corner of the room that was on the same wall as the door he was crouched at. The five thugs were hastily conferring across the room. Now’s my chance!

Reno pushed the slim lockpick into the thick bolt on the door, and began working it around in the lock, all the while peering though the keyhole. The lock was old and tenacious, and was taking more time to pick than Reno had expected. That was why he was still behind the door when the thugs came out of their huddle and suddenly rushed at the woman. Reno’s mouth opened to shout a warning, then he closed it. Surprise was his best chance.

Four of the men held her down, while the other emptied a nasty looking syringe into her neck. She went limp in their arms.

Reno worked frantically at the lock. Finally, he heard the telltale click as the lock gave way under his expertise. He drew his gun smoothly, then shoved the door open. It hit the wall with a slam, and one man looked up from where he was checking the woman’s pulse. The other four were cleaning up the room, which had gotten trashed during the skirmish.

For once, Reno didn’t take the time to taunt them. Instead, he swiftly shot the man that was leaning over the girl in the head. He pulled the unconscious woman out from under the dead body, then dove behind the nearest piece of furniture, which happened to be the dresser, dragging the woman with him. It had been knocked away from the wall during the girl’s fight with the men, and Reno thanked whoever was responsible for that.

All of this was done within the space of a second, before the thugs could do anything but stare. Then the bullets flew, singing into the woodwork of the dresser that Reno was crouched behind. He winced, but checked the girl’s pulse as he had seen the men do. It was sluggish, but there. She seemed to be unconscious. Suddenly, the proverbial lightbulb went on over Reno’s head. Like he had seen the men do…

He called out, "You shoot at me anymore, I kill the girl!"

There was an immediate cease-fire. "You wouldn’t dare!" a man answered, his voice deep and resonant.

Behind the dresser, Reno smirked. "I would. You obviously don’t know me very well."

There was near quiet as the four remaining men conferred. He had been correct. They had gone through an awful lot of trouble to get the woman alive. Reno had guessed that they wouldn’t want her dead. Apparently, he was right.

Reno heard the pitter patter of quiet feet outside the room. "Is…is everything all right in there?" the manager’s voice quavered.

"Yeah, just go away!" Reno yelled.

Reno heard the man run away.

They continued as if the interruption had never taken place. "You come out, and we won’t shoot," the man offered.

Reno grimaced. "How stupid and naïve do you think I am? I know you’d just shoot me. How ‘bout this. You tell me how to wake up Sleeping Beauty here, and I don’t kill her. You refuse, and do something stupid, like sneaking up on me, I blow her brains out!" Reno heard the sounds of the man who had been creeping up on him crawling back to his partners.

Amateurs… "And just to prove to you how sincere I am about that…" Reno slid out from behind the dresser, holding the woman’s limp body in front of him the whole time as a shield, keeping his gun trained on her temple.

He heard a quiet curse from the other side of the room. "All right," a man said resignedly. "There’s another syringe in that guy’s pocket." Reno saw his hand pointing to the dead man. The Turk slid across the floor to the man, keeping the woman in front of him. He kept one hand on his gun at all times, and quickly rifled through the man’s pockets. He found what he was looking for almost immediately. He held up the syringe and inspected its blue contents.

"If this is a trick, I kill her," he informed them.

"It’s no trick," the elected spokesman answered. "Inject it into her neck. All of it."

Reno went back behind his hiding place, not wanting his shield to move when she awoke. He slid the needle into the creamy skin of her neck, and made sure all of the blue liquid got out of the syringe and into her body.

She gave a jerk, and her eyes opened slowly. She looked up at him for a second, then realization dawned on her. A fist shot up at his face, but Reno caught it easily and held it down.

"Take it easy. I saved you," he said.

Her eyes flickered from the area in front of the dresser to him again. "Tell me again why I should trust you?"

"Because I came to help you, and you’re stuck with me now. Any ideas on how to get out of here?" he asked.

"The window?" she suggested, still looking like she didn’t trust him.

"Right. Should have thought of that." Reno began to push the dresser outwards so that he could duck straight from it to the window without being seen.

She immediately understood what he was doing, and helped him shove it closer to the window.

"You do anything stupid, I still shoot her!" Reno threatened the men as he climbed out the window. He found hand and foot holds in the bricks easily, and quickly clambered down the face of the building. He stood at the base of the building, looking around for an escape route. Bingo. The men in the hotel room had traveled to Costa del Sol by way of five, state of the art black motorcycles. They were all parked in front of the hotel.

Suddenly, Reno heard a shout from above. "Hey! He’s gone!" One of the thugs had poked his head over the top of the dresser. The woman promptly knocked him out with a swift punch to the head.

"Hurry up!" Reno shouted up to the woman.

The blonde looked down the face of the building uneasily, then back over her shoulder. "They’d catch up to me before I got halfway down!" she answered.

"Jump then!"

She looked down at him as if he had suddenly grown another head. "Are you crazy?!?"

"I have been accused of being so, but I’m serious here. I’ll catch you."

She looked over her shoulder again, and whatever she saw clinched it. "All right, but if you drop me I’m going to kill you."

So saying, she heaved herself over the windowsill and plummeted straight down. To give her credit, she didn’t scream or flail. She just fell silently. Reno caught her easily, finding that she wasn’t a heavy person.

She quickly leapt out of his arms.

A split second after she jumped, the thugs appeared at the window. They didn’t look like they wanted to jump or climb, and they quickly disappeared from view.

"They must be taking the stairs!" the girl shouted over her shoulder. She was dashing to the lead motorcycle. While she leapt on and began revving the motorcycle, Reno pulled out a knife that had been in a hidden sheath under his pant leg. He quickly and efficiently slit the tires of four of the bikes, knowing very well that he had left only one motorcycle for the two of them. Reno wanted to know more about this mysterious girl.

An engine roared in his ears, and Reno looked up to find that the big motorcycle was halted beside him.

"Get on!" she shouted over the clamor of the engine.

Reno jumped onto the seat behind her, and his arms swiftly encircled her waist. The girl revved the engine again, and they shot off out of Costa del Sol and into the still late night.

Reno looked back, and saw the three thugs stumbling out into the street. He laughed at their reactions when they saw their bike tires.

The bike drove off into the night, swiftly leaving Costa del Sol behind.

"Who are you?" Reno asked the girl, his voice loud.

"That’s nothing you need to know," she replied snappily, her answer tossed back to him by the wind.

"What’s your name then? You obviously already know mine."

She hesitated. "…Dinah."

Reno felt sure she was lying, but didn’t push. "Oh…And would you mind doing something about your goddamn hair?! I’m not really enjoying choking on it!"

Dinah’s laughter drifted back to him, along with her voice. "Y’know, I think I’m going to leave it the way it is, just to spite you."

"Bitch," Reno muttered. What the hell was I thinking when I got mixed up in this? It’s gonna be a loong trip……… I remember thinking I was gonna get teased about the black eye on Monday. Now I’m wondering where I’m gonna freakin’ be on Monday…

* * * *

Dinah’s name is pronounced Dee-nah.


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