Finally Married Epilogue

By Krazy Sam

Seven Months Later


“I HATE YOU!!! I REALLY HATE YOU!!!” Lucca screamed in her home on January 30, 1010. She was finally ready to have her baby, and the family doctor came to deliver it. She was in the final stages of labor, and Vincent was just as pale and sweaty as she was.

“W-wha-what did I do?” Vincent asked timidly.

“YOU WERE BORN, YOU…” Lucca proceeded to call Vincent every name she could think of, and called him a few that were not meant to be heard. Vincent gulped and stepped toward his wife.

“It’s okay, honey,” he said in a comforting voice, “soon, the baby will be out and…”

“LISTEN, you little PUKE!” Lucca hissed, grabbing Vincent’s collar and pulling his face to hers, “you say that I’m going to get over it, but if this happens again, I swear that I’ll MURDER you!!!” Vincent stumbled out of Lucca’s grasp and fell over on the hard wood floor. Lucca breathed heavily for a second, and then cried out in extreme pain.

“The baby’s ready to come out!” The doctor said calmly, with his black wire rim spectacles and poufy white hair. He ran to Lucca and began to help take the baby out. “Okay, Lucca, I want you to push when I tell you to. Okay…push!”

Lucca did as she was told and screamed. “OW! This freaking HURTS!” She swore for a minute, and started to cry. “This…pain…I can’t take it!”

“The baby will be out soon, and you can relax,” the doctor said soothingly.

“The baby will be out soon, and you can relax,” Lucca repeated in a mimicking voice, “just get that baby out of me!”

Vincent staggered back to his wife’s side and took her hand in his.

“Push!” The doctor coached. Lucca pushed once more, and as she did so, squeezed out any life that Vincent had in his right hand. He gave a mighty yell, and tears were jerked to his eyes by the pain.

Lucca gasped and turned to Vincent, her face suddenly kinder. “I never knew you cared so much!”

“Just sympathy pangs,” Vincent choked out. He wiped tears away from his eyes and wrenched his hand out of Lucca’s grip.

At that moment, a large wail was heard, and the doctor cried out gleefully. Vincent ran to see what the baby was.

“It’s a boy!” He cried joyfully.

“No, that’s the umbilical cord,” the doctor corrected, “it’s a girl.” Vincent began to look a little sick, and finally smiled.

“Our little girl,” he murmured. The girl was given to Lucca to hold, and she began to weep with happiness. Vincent noticed a warm glow in her eyes, and it wasn’t the implants.

“I hope that she’ll turn out to be just like us,” Lucca whispered. She brushed her damp hair back, and grinned.

“Lana,” Vincent whispered.

“What?” Lucca asked, gazing into Vincent’s eyes.

“Wouldn’t Lana be a good name for her?”

Lucca looked down at her baby, which sighed and fell asleep. “Lana. My little Lana.” Vincent stepped forward and kissed his wife and then Lana.

“The baby arrived!” An excited voice called from the doorway. Crono strode in, grinning, and Marle waddled in behind him. She was only seven months pregnant, but looked like she was going to have the baby any day.

“She’s so adorable!” Marle squealed, “She looks just like her mother!” Crono walked to Lucca’s side and gave her a big hug.

“Congratulations,” he whispered. Lucca smiled and hugged Crono back.

“Thanks, and good luck entering parenthood in two months,” she replied.

“I’ll need it!” Crono laughed. He paused. “Do you think that they’ll have an adventure like us?”



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