Losing You

By Krazy Sam

Lucca and Robo awoke to find themselves in a strange hut, resembling the huts in 65,000,000 BC. They were both confused, and there was one major problem.

“Crono?” Lucca asked wearily, a strand of purple hair falling over her eyes. She brushed it away and reached for her glasses. “Crono, where are you?”

Robo sat up. He was undamaged, and his green glass “eyes” were flashing rhythmically. “My time gyro says that we have been unconscious for a week… where is Crono?

Lucca began to panic. “I…I don’t know. Maybe he went exploring or something.” At that moment, the village elder walked into the hut.

“You’re awake!” He exclaimed happily.

Lucca looked up in his direction. “Where’s Crono?”

“You were delirious. Kept on mumbling about something…Crono?” His expression changed. “We found no one else.”

“NO!” She shouted. “He is probably just exploring. He’ll be back.” Her hope began to fade.

“By the way,” the elder continued, “I found this by your side, like a guardian.” He held out Marle’s pendant. Lucca took it in her hands.

“The pendant that Crono held…” her voice began to waver. Robo abruptly stood up.

“Is Epoch okay?”

“Your ship seems to have followed you here.” The elder responded. “I’ll leave you alone.” He quietly exited.

Lucca lost the hope that Crono was still alive. “I-It can’t be…” she stuttered. “He’s…” She turned away, embarrassed. She had never shown this much emotion around anyone, not even Robo.

“It is all right, Lucca.” Robo put his arm on her shoulder. “It is okay to be upset. After all, he was your best…”

“STOP IT!” Lucca screamed. “I…I don’t…want to hear another word about Crono.” Her eyes filled with tears, and she had to blink rapidly to keep them from rushing out. She stood there, motionless for a while, and then permitted a single tear to plummet toward the ground. That one tear was all it took for her to not be able to stop. She started to sob hysterically.

“CRONO!” She wailed between sobs. Her legs no longer seemed able to support her. She fell to her knees, clutching the pendant and holding it to her face. “Why? Why you? If only it were me instead!” A fresh set of sobs racked her body, and she was trembling.

“Lucca, do not cry. I am certain that he is fine.” Robo put his hand back on her shoulder, but she pulled away and cried harder.

“No he’s not.” She managed to choke out.

“Lucca, do you mind if I leave for a while?” Robo asked in a gentle voice. Lucca looked up at him, her short hair disheveled, tears running down her face, nose runny, and eyes red. She looked to him like a lost child, far away from home, and orphaned.

“No…please stay.” She begged in a little voice, her sobs changing to whimpers. “I guess… you’re the only good friend I have left.” She removed her glasses to clean them, and finally gave up, finding no tissues, and noticing that her clothes were filthy. She set them on what could’ve passed for a table, stared at Robo for a while, and without warning flung herself into Robo’s arms, sobbing impulsively. He did his best to comfort her, and it seemed to work. She began to sag, and then her eyes began to close. Robo set her down on one of the bearskins, and used his to act as a blanket for her. He sat down, cradling her head, and silently guarded her.


Lucca woke up many times that long night, screaming for Crono, and crying herself to sleep soon after. Robo left to find the elder and ask him some questions about what had just happened, and when he returned, he found Lucca standing by the door, her face a ghostly white, and her blue eyes wide and full of tears. When he approached her, she embraced him tightly.

“I thought that you left me too, Robo. Don’t scare me like that!” She held him like that for a long time, and it was then that Robo understood the pain she was going through. He gently guided her inside, reminding her how cold it was outside, and set her by the fire.

“Robo?” Lucca suddenly asked.


“I remember what happened back at the ocean palace. We were all weak, and Crono walked up to Lavos and did something…I don’t know what…and he disintegrated. It was like at that moment that he was a doll being burnt by a fire…” Her voice trailed off. “We need to get someone else down here.”

Robo activated the gate key, and Ayla appeared out of a gate. She was bewildered to find that Crono wasn’t there.

“Where Crono?” She asked innocently.

“Crono’s…um…Crono lost.” Lucca replied, trying to put that horrible phrase in terms that Ayla could understand, but she started to cry as she said those words.

“Ayla…understand.” Ayla replied softly. “Crono die.” Her voice started to show some emotion, but instead, she started to get angry. “NO! Crono alive! Crono strong! No die! We find! Come with Ayla and we find.” She sat off to the side, silently fuming.

“Ayla leader now?” She finally asked after a while.

Robo stood up. “No. Lucca shall lead us.”

“Lucca sad. No can fight when sad! Only think of revenge- only fight Lavos. Ayla lead. I strong, and I no sad! I no get sad! I angry!!!”

“Ayla’s right.” Lucca whispered. “I am in no condition to lead.” Ayla stood up and left, and Robo and Lucca followed her to the commons. When there, a huge portal suddenly opened up.

“Make way for King Dalton!” A voice called. Two men in purple bodysuits jumped out and pushed away startled people. Another figure emerged from the portal. It was Dalton. He laughed evilly and glared at everyone.

“Queen Zeal and the pesky Gurus are gone. I now rename this place the Kingdom of Dalton!” He turned his attention to Ayla, Robo, and a still groggy Lucca. “You fools might start a rebellion or something. Here’s a token of my esteem for you.” He hesitated, and then thrust his arm out, shooting a fireball at Ayla. She deflected it easily and turned back to him.

“What?!?” He was outraged. “How about this?” He thrust his arm out again, and shot three huge fireballs at Ayla, Robo, and Lucca. They went down in a peaceful darkness with Dalton laughing over them.


“Uggh,” Ayla groaned. She slowly stood up and rubbed the spot where she had been hit. She walked over to Robo and pulled him up. He motioned that he was all right, and Ayla went to help Lucca up. Her attempts were unsuccessful. Lucca was the most hurt from the fireballs. Her face was blackened, and her right arm was bruised and bleeding. Ayla gave her a hard kick in the ribs.

“OW!” Lucca cried as she quickly sat up. She groaned for a while, and then gasped. “The gate key’s gone! So are the items!”

Robo glanced up. “The weapons are also missing!”

Ayla became angry. “Trading rock gone too! How we buy?” She stopped, and took a good look around. “Where this?”

“I don’t know.” Came the reply from Lucca. She abruptly cried out in pain. “I gotta have a tonic!” As she said those words, some other men in purple bodysuits came in their cell and gave her two tonics.

“Drink those and stop your whining.” One of them said as they both left. Lucca gulped them down and her wounds began to heal, but they weren’t gone. She looked around and found a sink, and started to scrub her face.

“I have this weird feeling.” She finally said. “Everything is fuzzy and I have this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach.”

“You left your glasses on the table in the hut.” Robo explained.

“Ayla feel strange too.” Ayla agreed. “Look!” She cried. “Ladder!” She dashed to a ladder and began to climb. Robo and Lucca followed. It led them to a small room with another ladder. They climbed up and found a door. It opened easily and they stepped out. A burst of cold air sent all three back a step. Robo took a step forward and looked down.

“The sky!” He claimed. “That means that we’re in the blackbird.” Lucca gasped and Ayla looked down also.

“We fly in sky? We bird?”

Lucca jumped and dashed down the ladders into the holding cell, holding her stomach. She swayed for a while, and then ran to the sink, where she was sick. Robo and Ayla followed her down and sat in a corner.

“What wrong with Lucca?” Ayla asked. “Strong fighter, but no strong stomach. No can eat much?”

Lucca turned the water on, cupped her hands underneath the water flow, and proceeded to rinse out her mouth. She wiped away the water and faced Ayla. “It-it’s just how far up we are.” She began to babble. “High up…Dizzying…Heights…” She trailed off.

“Are you trying to say that you were startled by the altitude that you were at?” Robo asked.

“Yes. It sickened me.”

“Be sick again. Get guard in here! Hit hard, go boom!” Ayla exclaimed excitedly.

Lucca shook her head. “I feel better now. Robo, why don’t you act sick?” Robo nodded and began to collapse.

“Total…Systems Failure…Vital systems…being erased…” With each word he said, his voice got lower, and Lucca wondered if he really was faking it. The door opened, interrupting her thoughts. The same guard that gave her the tonic ran in and he was annoyed.

“What now?” He asked gruffly. He approached Robo, and as he did so, he was struck over the head with Robo’s powerful arm.

“Mission accomplished.” Robo stood up and bowed. All three ran out of the door and a large metal sphere headed toward them. An alarm sounded, and it shot a laser at them. Lucca and Robo couldn’t fight because they had no weapons, so Ayla attacked it repeatedly until it exploded from all of the damage. They ran through the corridors searching for their stuff, and trying their best to fend off guards. An hour passed, and all of their items, weapons, and money had been recovered. Ayla ran around the Blackbird with Lucca and Robo close at her heels. They walked into a door, and were surprised to find that it lead to another door. They went through a whole series of doors- each opening with a loud noise- and finally came to a ladder. They climbed up it, and found themselves on the left wing. Ayla’s eyes went wide with pleasure; Lucca turned pale and started to sweat. She began to sway, so Robo grasped on to her arm to steady her.

The three went toward the end of the wing, and Robo suddenly stopped.

“My sensors are picking up a huge distortion.” As soon as the words left his mouth, a huge, totem pole-like creature emerged from a gigantic gate.

“The Golem-boss!” Lucca exclaimed, her voice colored with fear. She drew her gun, and Ayla and Robo followed her lead.

“Lucca! Make fire!” Ayla shouted. Lucca began to cast her fire spell, and Ayla began to spin like a human tornado. It seemed to do the trick. The Golem-boss stood there, stunned, while Robo tackled it.

“I HATE heights!” It suddenly shouted, and disappeared back into the gate.

“Brother, I can totally relate.” Lucca muttered knowingly.

Ayla pulled Lucca and Robo to the tip of the wing, where they saw a most spectacular sight.

“EPOCH BECOME BIRD!” Ayla screamed at the top of her lungs. “It Ayla friend! No mess with Ayla friend!” She leapt off the wing, followed by Lucca and Robo. By some miracle, they landed on the Epoch, where Dalton was waiting for them.

“It’s not Epoch! It’s the Aero-Dalton Imperial!” Dalton corrected.

Ayla was so angry that she pushed Dalton off the Epoch. “No mess with Ayla friend.” She repeated.

“Oh my god…” Lucca exclaimed. “Ayla…you killed him!”

“He swim, he live.” Ayla said matter-of-factly. “Epoch okay?”

Robo immediately began to scan the controls. “This button controls the time gauge…” He pressed a button, but instead of traveling through time, a huge laser beam shot out of the Epoch and struck the Blackbird. It burst into flames and hurtled to its doom.

“THIS button!” Ayla cried, pushing another button. The Epoch suddenly stopped in its tracks, and started to descend slowly. It landed near the commons. Ayla dismounted the Epoch, and Lucca and Robo followed.

“Lucca lead.” Ayla insisted. Lucca nodded, and started to walk. She walked all the way to the North Cape, hoping to get a better look at the ocean. As she walked up, she came across a very shiny amulet. She bent down to pick it up. As she did so, a dark figure materialized in front of her. She looked up, and it disappeared. She looked behind her, and it reappeared. She saw a gleam, and recognized it as a scythe. Magus’ scythe. She gasped and drew her gun.

“Magus!” He finally stopped teleporting himself and came to a rest right in front of Lucca. She growled with rage.

“The kingdom of Zeal is gone beneath the waves.” He said in a soft voice, turning toward the ocean. “I once lived there. I was a child, and I only had two friends. Schala, and my cat. A time portal stranded me in the Middle Ages, and ever since, I had waited to even the score. You fools interrupted me just as I had summoned him to my castle…”

“You…” Lucca whispered. “You are Janus?” She paused for a moment, trying to figure out how it could be. She saw a resemblance and nodded.

“Cute boy.” Ayla remarked. Magus snarled and she laughed. “Still not nice!”

“Anyone who opposes Lavos will perish, just like that idiot, Crono.” Magus continued.

Lucca snapped at that point. “It’s your fault that Crono is dead!” She screamed, unable to control her rage.

“Play with fire and you get burned.” Magus replied coolly.

“Y-y-you pig!!!” Lucca shrieked.

“Do you wish to fight me?” Magus asked, drawing his scythe. Lucca answered without thinking.


Robo intervened. “Do we have a choice, Magus?”

“Yes. Fight me or leave.”

Robo nodded and pulled Lucca away. Ayla followed. Lucca was breathing heavily, and her face was contorted into a mask of hatred.

“Magus has done nothing.” Robo explained calmly. “Do not worry about him. We will try to bring Crono back ourselves.” Lucca accepted this, and began to follow under her own power.

“Wait.” Magus suddenly called. He waited until he was entirely certain that he had all three listening to him. “I’ll join you.”

“Say WHAT?!?” Lucca exclaimed, unable to restrain her surprise.

“There might be a way to bring him back.” Magus explained. “Gaspar, the Guru of Time, knows how to recover lost time streams…” He trailed off. A sudden gust of wind blew, and Magus’ blue hair billowed up menacingly behind him, as if his body was subconsciously telling them that he was not to be trusted. Robo turned to Lucca, and she bobbed her head.

“He can come. If he does anything funny, I swear I will kill him.” She faced Magus. “Come on.”

Robo pulled out the gate key, and activated it. A gate appeared right in front of him, and he stepped inside.

“I will allow you to give the bad news to everybody, Lucca.” He called as the gate closed. Lucca turned and ran towards the Epoch. She started it up, and it lifted up off the ground. She was about to transcend time, when a huge distortion made all of the instruments go haywire.

“What the…” Lucca gasped. A huge ship of some sort emerged out of nowhere. Magus recoiled in horror.

“The Ocean Palace!” He gasped. “Impossible…”

“It feels like we’re gonna get sucked in there,” Lucca remarked. She quickly hit the button that activated the time shifts, and all three found themselves in the End of Time. They hopped out of the Epoch, and ran to the old man at the lamppost. He greeted them warmly, and then looked for Crono.

“Where’s that healthy kid with the radical ‘do?” He suddenly asked.

“He die.” Ayla said sadly.

“I see…” The old man murmured. “This is horrible news.” Marle was listening to the conversation and stepped forward.

“WHAT???” She screamed. Her voice suddenly got soft, and her emerald eyes filled with tears. “He’s…dead?” She started to weep. “I don’t believe this…” She started to cry harder, which set Lucca off.

“I-I-I loved him so much!” Lucca lamented. Marle abruptly stopped crying and became angry.

“You WHAT?” She demanded. “He never loved you. You know that he loved me.” Frog leapt between Lucca and Marle and intervened.

“You lasses be fighting over a fallen lad. Does’eth it matter who he favored?” He turned to Marle. “M’lady, it be not necessary to argue with Lucca. She has done you no wrong.” Lucca stuck her tongue out at Marle, her cries now hiccups.

“You idiot!” Marle screeched, and dove for Lucca.

“Whoa!” Frog shouted in surprise, jumping out of the way. Lucca tried to move, but Marle was upon her before she knew it. Marle pushed her down, and began to pummel her.

“You let him die!” Marle bellowed, her sweet voice becoming tinted with rage and hatred. Lucca howled with fury and with surprising strength, pulled Marle off of herself and lifted her off the ground.

“I didn’t let him die!” She snapped. “He saved us all!” She growled and threw Marle on the ground, and then collapsed to the ground, panting. Ayla and Robo rushed forward and each took one of the quarreling girls off to a separate corner while Magus watched with amusement.

“Lucca, Marle didn’t mean it. She was just upset.” Robo said in a soothing voice while Lucca struggled to break free. At that moment, Ayla was trying to calm a very bruised and infuriated Marle.

“Lucca no do anything.” Ayla reasoned. “Only say what she feel. Ayla feel that way for Kino. All woman in village feel that way for Kino. Ayla no like, but Ayla no hurt them. Marle no hurt Lucca, okay?” Marle acknowledged this and relaxed.

“My goodness!” The old man exclaimed. “It’s normal to be upset, but SHEESH!” He chuckled.

“Two lasses fighting over a lad…just like in my time.” Frog muttered. He grimaced.

“Do you always fight like that?” Magus asked in a teasing voice. Frog whirled around to see his mortal enemy standing five feet away from him.

“Magus!” He cried, drawing his sword. Magus pulled out his scythe, and his right hand began to take on a black glow.

“You mustn’t fight!” The old man cried. “To be broken apart by one member’s death…” He trailed off.

Everyone stopped what they were doing, and began to look sheepish.

“Sorry.” Lucca muttered. Everyone else followed her example, and soon, the small room was filled with murmuring.

Lucca turned to the old man. “Do you know how to find Gaspar, the Guru of Time?” She asked politely.

“I have heard of him, but I cannot help you. All I can give you is this song- Memories of Crono.” He pulled out some papers, and Lucca soon saw that it was sheet music. She played the piano, so she thought she could play it.

“Thanks…but how did you know that he was dead?” She asked in amazement.

“I see everything from up here, but I didn’t want to give everyone else the news until you returned.” He looked around. “I want to give this to you.” He handed Magus an egg.”

“What?” He asked in surprise. “You’re Gaspar!” The old man looked embarrassed, and then he seemed to recognize the face of the sorcerer facing him.

“Janus!” He declared. “You have become quite powerful and…formidable!” Magus looked uncomfortable, and he turned away, his pale face turning scarlet.

“Let’s go.” Lucca insisted. Lucca, Magus, and Ayla boarded the Epoch, and traveled to 600 AD. Lucca piloted the Epoch to the cathedral, and landed. She walked in, and sat at the organ. She tentatively pressed a key, and the sound it produced sounded indeed holy. She played the first few bars, and noted that it sounded like a sweet but haunting song on the organ. She played the melody over and over, and began to sing along after she was sure that she got the melody down.

“You were my best friend. I’m not sure that I could ever let you go away from me forever and ever… I want you to know that I always will care. I will always love you.”

Lucca had a good voice, but even she was surprised how easily the words came to her, and how good it sounded with the melody. Ayla looked shocked, and Magus’ usually expressionless face looked sad. Lucca suddenly became self-conscious and blushed.

“Sorry.” She whispered. She stood up, and went back to the Epoch. She set the gauge to 2300 AD, hoping that Belthsar could help her. She landed at the Keeper’s Dome, and walked inside. The swirling mist greeted her, and she shuddered, thinking about how this was the planet’s future. She stepped to the sealed door and opened it with the pendant. She then navigated through the maze of twisted metal until she found the robotic Nu. It was sleeping, but woke up when she approached.

“Can you help us bring Crono back?” She asked. The Nu looked up, and nodded.

“You must have a Chrono Trigger to bring him back, and you also must have a clone identical to him.” He chanted.

“All we have is this egg.” Magus replied, holding out the Guru’s egg.

“THAT is a Chrono Trigger.” The Nu said, in a laughing voice- if robots can laugh.

“Doll work?” Ayla asked, referring to the doll of himself Crono won at the Millennial fair. “Head named Bekkler give Crono. Head float! Ayla don’t know why float, but he give doll.”

“That is a clone if Norstien Bekkler gave it to you. Bring it to me, and then you can get your friend back.”

Lucca thanked Belthsar, and ran back to the Epoch. She activated it, and soon found herself back in 1000 AD. She landed in Crono’s front yard. She walked inside without knocking because she always did that.

“Hello- anyone here?” She called.

“I’m upstairs, Lucca!” Crono’s mom shouted. Lucca nodded, and ran upstairs. When she arrived, Crono’s mom stood up.

“Is Crono okay?” She asked. Lucca hesitated.

“Yeah.” She finally said. “Just fine.”

“Good. Tell him to behave, okay?” His mom answered.

“Listen, um…I mean…he’s…” Lucca wanted desperately to tell the truth, but she finally decided that it would be best that they tried to bring Crono back first.

“Yes, dear?”

“May we borrow this doll?” Lucca asked.

“Go right ahead! It’s just collecting dust, anyway!” Ayla grabbed the doll, and all three trooped downstairs and out the front door. They piled in the Epoch, and went back to 2300 AD. Soon, they were right back in front of the Nu, and he was sending robots to help them climb the mountain.

“Be careful.” It warned, “you will face many obstacles, and you might not make it to the summit!” Magus nodded, and left the building, with Ayla and Lucca right behind him.


The winds on Death Peak were strong, and the trio had a hard time going up. They ran to a poyozo doll, and it turned into a tree. Lucca grabbed hold, Ayla grabbed onto Lucca’s waist, and Magus held onto Ayla’s shoulders. The strong wind became a gust, and all three blew around in the wind like a flimsy windsock. The winds died down, and they proceeded up the mountain. Amazingly enough, as soon as they cleared a rock wall, the gale vanished. They stumbled into a nest of eggs, and one of them sucked in Ayla. Lucca shot it with her gun, and it died, but first, it spit Ayla out.

“Ayla thank.” Said Ayla thankfully. They walked into a nearby cave. Magus started to sweat, and slowly pointed. It was a smaller version of Lavos, no doubt one of its offspring. Lucca handed a Mid Tonic to everyone, and any wounds they had disappeared. She also gave out Ethers, making everyone else feel ready to fight.

The Lavos Spawn, as they came to call it, noticed them and moved toward them. Magus leapt forward, and chanted. A black glow emanated from his heart, and turned a whitish gold, becoming a lightning attack. It filled the room, and the Lavos Spawn shrieked. The spell also cast forcefields around the party, leaving everyone else undamaged. The Lavos Spawn retaliated by shooting its spikes at Magus, knocking him unconscious. Lucca yelled, and threw every ounce of strength into her magic. By doing so, something unexpected happened. All of the magic around her was sucked into her hands, and she then released it. The result produced a flame wall that originated from inside the Spawn, and steadily pushed outward. The Lavos Spawn shrieked in pain, and it exploded, showering everyone with a translucent slime.

Ayla ran to Magus, and gave him an Elixir. He groaned, and climbed to his feet.

“Ouch.” He remarked. All three walked forward. They soon found themselves on an icy, narrow ledge. It took all of their power to stay on. They proceeded to the summit with no further incidents. Lucca ran to the highest point, and looked out over the ruins of the world. The sun was beginning to set, giving the sky a fiery glow. Lucca stood there for a long time, and finally turned to Magus.

“Give me the Chrono Trigger.” She demanded. He handed it over, and she held it up.

“Those who fear the night and fight the coming of darkness, give us strength.” She chanted. Marle’s pendant glowed with those words. The egg began to float up, and the pendant’s glow transferred to it. The egg spun wildly in the air, and Ayla gasped. Lucca began to float as well, but if she noticed, she paid no attention to it.

The egg hovered for a minute, and then, without warning, shattered. As soon as it happened, Lucca fell to the ground.

“It shattered!” She cried. She dropped to her knees and started to weep. “It was a waste…to have come so far…” She stood up, and walked to the very edge of the summit.

“CRONO!” She screamed. “Don’t ignore us! Do something!” No sooner had the words come out of her mouth, a most spectacular sight occurred. The sun began to fade into darkness, and Lucca, Ayla, and Magus found themselves at the moment when Crono was about to die.

“Only us move?” Ayla asked. Lucca noted that it certainly was true. Time was suspended. Lucca stepped to Crono and placed the clone in his place. Magus walked over to Schala, and knelt down beside her.

“If only we could save her…” He muttered.

Lucca tried to lift Crono. “Ayla,” She called. Ayla walked over to her, and carried Crono for her. As soon as that happened, they all disappeared. The next thing they knew, they were knelt around a single tree at the summit. Crono was propped up against it, and everyone else was by him. Lucca was the first to stand up.

“Uggh. Where am I?” Crono asked groggily.

Lucca stood up. “You dummy.” She voiced. “Don’t ever put us through that again!” She stood there for a while, adjusting her glasses. Then, quickly, she hugged him.

“Next time…” She started, her voice choked with emotion, “we won’t save you.” She wept happy tears, and kissed Crono on the forehead.

“I’ll go get the Epoch.” Magus said to Ayla. He activated the gate key, and she disappeared in a gate. He flew down the mountainside, and brought the Epoch to the peak. When he got there, he found both Lucca and Crono asleep. He gently carried both of them inside the vehicle, and took them back to 1000 AD. The sun was setting there, too.

He pulled up right outside of Crono’s house, and carried them both in.

“Hello there…” Crono’s mother exclaimed. She then saw Crono and Lucca. “Are they all right?”

“They are fine. Just asleep.” He uttered.

“Go ahead and take them both upstairs. You can sleep up there, too.” Crono’s mom whispered.

“Thank you, madam.” He carried them both upstairs, set Crono in his bed, and Lucca on the floor near Crono’s desk. He then wrapped himself in his cape, and leaned against the wall, glad that the worst was over. He thought about Schala, and then vowed that after Lavos was killed, he would search for his sister, at any cost. He glanced at the sleeping Lucca, and chuckled to himself. She looked so peaceful, and he never would’ve guessed how distraught she was, just almost a week earlier. She didn’t even sleep. He then looked at Crono. The sleeping boy snored loudly, and rolled over, becoming tangled in the sheets.

“It must be good to have friends risk their own lives for you.” He said to himself. Crono rolled over one last time, and fell out of the bed, landing on Lucca’s legs.

“Ow!” They both cried in pain.

“You idiot!” Lucca cried. “Watch where you’re falling!”

“You were the one who was laying there!” Crono retorted.

Magus laughed aloud. Some things might never change…

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