The Next Generation Part 4

School of the Future

By Krazy Sam

Maro and Lana awoke to a loud noise the next morning. They had no idea what it was, but it sounded like a person.

“Today’s forecast is sunny with a slight chance of clouds…” the masculine voice droned. Lana sleepily opened her eyes and wriggled out of Maro’s arms. Maro sat up and rubbed his tired eyes. It was gray outside, and there was no sign of the sun.

“…Scattered showers possible in the evening…” the voice continued. Lana stood up and yawned, stretching her arms. As she did so, Sari walked into the room

“Good morning,” she exclaimed. Maro grunted from behind Lana.

“Good morning,” Lana returned.

“You two were sleeping so peacefully that I didn’t wake you,” Sari said, shutting off the radio. Maro stood up and stretched.

“Why are you up before your machine was supposed to wake you up?” He yawned.

“I got enough sleep, so I’m okay,” Sari explained. She was wearing a long sleeved black shirt that seemed to be her second skin, wide bottomed indigo jeans, and a short woven vest that had pictures of cats on it. Her hair was pulled back in a black headband, and her light eyes had some weird substance on them.

“What’s on your eyes?” Lana asked curiously.

“Makeup,” Sari explained, “people of this era wear it to look better.” Lana didn’t see how a dark paint-like material could make a person look better, but she had to admit, it worked.

“Where is the washroom?” Lana asked, gathering the clothes she was going to wear that day. Sari pointed across the hall, and Lana walked in that direction. Maro gathered his clothes, and put a deep green shirt on. He then layered a blue vest over it.

“You need to look like a person from my time,” Sari cried. When Maro shot her a confused look, she ran to her brother’s room. Maro heard a scraping noise and Sari finally returned with a blue and sea green striped shirt, and a pair of large denim jeans. She also had a pair of white socks.

“What are they?” Maro cried.

“They’re my brother’s clothes. He’s the same size as you, and has never worn these. He was still asleep, but he won’t mind because he doesn’t like anything stylish.”

“Are you sure these will fit?” Maro questioned.

“Yes,” Sari replied, getting impatient. She tossed the clothes at Maro, and he reluctantly removed the shirt and vest he was about to wear. Sari left the room as he dressed. She waited for a few minutes, and returned to find Maro putting on the socks.

“It looks nice on you,” Sari remarked. She handed Maro a comb, and he started to comb his hair neatly to one side. The bathroom door opened, and Lana stepped out, wearing white baggy pants similar to the pair she wore the day before, and a baggy shirt.

“Is this all right?” She asked timidly.

“The pants are okay, but the shirt has to go. Sari rummaged in her closet and pulled a purple turtleneck shirt with long sleeves. She tossed it at Lana, and she went back in the bathroom to change. She emerged and Sari smiled.

“Perfect!” She said with a note of satisfaction in her voice. She turned to Maro. “I have some shoes you can borrow. I guess you have the same shoe size as me.” Maro shrugged as Sari dug through her closet. She triumphantly appeared with a large pair of black basketball shoes. She handed them to Maro, and he put them on.

“They fit!” He exclaimed. He removed the shoes and slung them over his shoulder. Sari led Lana and Maro downstairs, where there were two bowls and several boxes on the table where they ate the night before. She lifted a brown box and poured some brown pellets into the bowl.

“What’s that?” Lana asked.

“Chocolate cereal. I love this stuff!” Sari replied, filling the bowl to the top and pouring milk inside. Lana took the box next and poured considerably less in her bowl. She then handed the box to Maro, and he poured a little more cereal inside than Lana. They watched Sari gulp down half of her cereal, and they started to eat. When everyone was finished, Sari walked to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She walked out, and knowing that Lana and Maro didn’t have toothbrushes, created some and sent them to Lana and Maro.

“What are these for?” Maro and Lana asked. Sari told them telepathically what they were for, and they took turns brushing their teeth in the small bathroom. After they were done, it was six fifty. Sari, Lana, and Maro put their shoes on, and Sari closed her eyes. A book bag covered with colorful patches floated toward her and a black case with a handle and two tags floated after it. Sari grabbed them in mid-air. She then opened the door, and the three walked out and to school.


“This is gym class,” Sari explained while in a large room with six nets suspended from boards. Lana gasped in awe, and Maro looked as if he were intoxicated.

“This is neat!” He exclaimed.

“Maro, wait out here,” Sari instructed. She glanced around, and seeing no one else, breathed a sigh of relief. “Don’t tell people that you’re from the past. Say that you’re from Arris.” She led Lana through a metal door and Maro waited patiently outside.


“What are we doing in here?” Lana asked as Sari removed her shirt and vest and put a gray shirt that said, “Edgren High School” on. She removed her wide jeans and in its place, put a pair of black shorts. She had just put on a pair of white high-top shoes, when other girls poured in.

“Hey, ugly!” One girl screamed. Sari and Lana glanced up, and recognized Ana, who looked fatigued and weak.

“Hi, Ana,” Sari replied calmly, “enjoy your little trip?” Ana’s face turned purple with rage, and she slammed Sari against a row of blue lockers.

“You little freak!” She shrieked, “it was you who put me over the fence, wasn’t it?”

Sari remained calm. “How could I? I wasn’t near you!” Ana pressed her bony hands against Sari’s throat, and Sari began to choke for air.

“A…ack!” She gasped. Various colors danced before her eyes, and Ana’s surprising strength was enough to kill her. Sari took a small breath and, with her remaining strength, sent Ana flying into the lockers right behind the spot where she was standing. Ana’s breath was knocked out of her, and she collapsed onto the ground, temporarily unconscious. At that moment, Salios crept into the locker room, with taunts and jeers following her into the cold room. She gasped for a few moments, and Sari began to make it so Salios would never see her, Lana, or Maro. It seemed to work. Salios walked right into Sari, and was so surprised that she screamed. She regained her composure and started to undress, ignoring Ana. Sari and Lana quietly exited, and giggled madly when they were safely outside. Sari glanced at the clock, and it read 7:20. Class was to start in five minutes. She, Lana, and Maro talked about the imminent adventure, and would occasionally be introduced to other classmates. Suddenly, five minutes later, the large metal doors leading into the gym swung open, and a blue robot strode into the class.

“Class has started,” he said in a monotone voice. Students scurried to their places, and Ana stumbled out of the locker room. She hurriedly moved to her spot on the hard floor, and stood as straight as possible. Sari winked at Lana and Maro, who were standing right by her, and Ana’s hair flew up. Several students snickered as she attempted to smooth it down. Sari decided to leave her alone, and Ana’s hair fell over her face.

“Lana and Maro, since you are visiting, you may sit in these chairs while the students do their exercises,” the robot chanted. Salios whirled around and faced the robot.

“Who are you talking to, Mr. Zeus?” She asked politely.

“The visitors,” he patiently explained.

“I don’t see anybody,” Salios whined. People started to giggle, and Zeus blew a whistle.

“Start exercises!” He barked. A girl in the front of the room shouted, and the whole class jumped and down in unison, slapping their hands together rhythmically.

“One, two, three!” The girl in front cried.

“One!” The class screamed in reply. The routine continued when suddenly, a loud squeal was heard. The girl in the front screamed in terror, and the rest of the class whirled around. Sari gasped when she saw what it was. It was blue and green in color, and there were waves of color smashing against an unseen barrier. She watched in fascination as two shadowy figures emerged. One figure fell out and collided with the wooden floor. She had long purple hair, and the other figure tumbled out. This person had dark hair, and was extremely tall. The woman was wearing a short blue dress, and black boots. She hastily sat up, and the class gasped as they saw her eyes blink a dim red.

“Mother!” Lana screamed. The man groaned and pulled himself up. His dark eyes showed fear and annoyance. His crisp black suit suggested that he was a businessman. “Father!”

“Lana…?” The woman gasped, “where am I?”

“We must’ve created something with the improved telepod, Lucca,” the man groaned.

“Maybe, Vincent,” Lucca sighed.

Lana ran to her mother’s side. “This is the future- 2324,” she explained.

“Robo’s time!” Lucca cried.

“Shhh,” Lana whispered, “try not to look suspicious!”

Sari heaved a deep sigh and closed her eyes, erasing everyone’s memory. When she was sure that it was completed, she opened her eyes.

“What about that?” Maro asked, pointing to the pulsating blue sphere. The light radiating from it bathed the whole room in a blue glow, and Sari gasped.

“Nothing. No one will notice it.” Sari closed her eyes again, and the class became re-animated.

“Push ups!” The girl at the front screamed. Lana, Lucca, Vincent, and Maro took a seat on the sidelines.

“One!” The class screamed, continuing with the routine.


“That was close,” Sari gasped as she, Lana, Maro, Lucca, and Vincent walked to her next class- history.

“Yeah, really,” Lucca muttered.

“What could’ve created the gate?” Vincent asked.

“Maybe the new part installed in the telepod,” Lucca murmured thoughtfully. She gazed at a lock of her hair. “AIEEE!”

“What?” Sari asked, concerned.

“I’ve gotten my first gray hair!” Lucca moaned. Lana, Maro, and Sari giggled.

“What’s so funny?” Vincent asked seriously.

“Nothing,” Sari giggled, gasping for air. She then eyed Vincent with a raised eyebrow.

“What?” He questioned.

“You think it’s funny, too!” Sari laughed. The group arrived at a brown door, and Sari led them inside.

“Who’s the teacher?” Lucca asked.

“Prometheus,” Sari replied seriously, “he’s the best teacher!” Lucca gasped, and then shook her head, as if convincing herself that what she thought was wrong. Sari sensed it, but she didn’t say anything. Sari walked to a large desk where a brass robot was sitting, examining the daily newspaper, and muttering over the headline, “Beast Erupts, Destroys Trann.”

“Mr. Prometheus?” Sari shyly asked. The robot turned around, and Lucca grinned.

“Robo!” She cried happily.

“Lucca!” He exclaimed. He rushed forward and embraced the aging woman.

“You haven’t changed a bit,” Lucca grinned.

“You have,” Robo replied. Sari could only watch in disbelief.

“You know each other?” She asked.

“You have the powers,” Lana exclaimed, elbowing Sari, “I thought that you can sense everybody!”

“I can only sense people, not robots!” She shot back.

“Enough,” Maro interjected, “this fight is stupid. Can’t you just drop the subject?”

Sari looked up sheepishly. “Sorry.”

“Me, too,” Lana muttered. She glanced back and found her mother and father deep in conversation with Robo.

“Hi, Sari!” A girl with long dark hair and large brown eyes cried joyfully. Sari whirled around and smiled.

“Hi, Calandra!” She replied. While Lucca and Vincent chatted with Robo, Sari introduced Lana and Maro to Calandra.

“You guys aren’t from Arris,” Calandra whispered confidentally.

“What?” Sari asked, pretending to be astonished.

“I don’t recognize you,” Calandra continued, “I used to live in Arris, and I never saw you. Arris is a pretty small city…”

“Okay, okay!” Sari whispered back. She sighed. “Can you keep a secret?”

“Yes,” Calandra retorted.

“They’re from the past. They are here with me so we can study the being that destroyed Trann,” Sari explained. Calandra gasped.

“Really?” She whispered.

“Yes,” Lana replied, “My mother and father just arrived about an hour ago by accident.” Sari, Maro, and Lana then told Calandra the whole story, with her eyes growing larger at every detail. By that time, Lucca, Vincent, and Robo had finished talking.

“Class, I would like for you to meet one of the actual heroes of the Lavos incident,” Robo said loudly as the class quieted. Lucca blushed modestly while Robo explained how Lavos was destroying the planet and how Lucca’s invention helped save the world. Vincent stood off to the side while Robo was lecturing to the class.

“This is her daughter, Lana, and Sari is one of her descendants,” Robo continued. The whole class spun around as a whole to face their classmate, and it was Sari’s turn to blush. At that moment, the bell rang.

“Tonight’s homework assignment is a summary of my lecture,” Robo said as everybody gathered his or her books. He paused. “Sari, I would like to see you after your yearbook meeting, if that is all right,” he added. Sari nodded, and hurried off to her next class.


“This school is so strange,” Maro remarked at lunch. Sari, Lana, Maro, Lucca, and Vincent had purchased their lunches, and were sitting outside with Calandra and two of Sari’s other friends.

“No student was paddled,” Lana added thoughtfully. Lucca and Vincent nodded in agreement.

“Why are we sitting outside when the lunchroom is inside?” Lucca finally asked.

“I don’t know,” Sari answered, “we just do. Rela, Nola, and I sit here while Calandra plays her guitar.” She then motioned to Calandra’s guitar, which was brown in color and had mother-of-pearl borders. As if on cue, Calandra began to play. The sound of her playing was enough to relax the group, and they ate listening to the song. Lana glanced over to her left and noticed the soccer field that they first met Sari at.

“I didn’t know that the soccer field was near the school,” she commented. Sari nodded, taking a bite of a sandwich. They then began to lose themselves in the peacefulness of the afternoon and the soft melody coming from Calandra’s guitar.


“Sari, I’m so glad you’re here!” A purple robot cried from across a large room at the end of the school day.

“Hello, Ms. Aphrodite,” Sari replied. She then turned to Lana, Maro, Lucca, and Vincent. “She’s the only other robot on this planet that has emotions. Prometheus is the other,” she explained.

“I guessed,” Lucca said, rolling her eyes.

“Prometheus told me about your visitors,” Aphrodite said, nodding at Sari’s guests. At that moment, Sari’s eyes went wide.

“NO!” She screamed.

“What?” Lana asked, touching Sari’s shoulder.

“Another attack…” Sari gasped, “Lao’s making sure that Trann is completely destroyed. It’s almost complete…There are only a handful of survivors left…”

“That’s horrible!” Maro cried. Vincent nodded in agreement, and Lucca furrowed her brow in thought.

“I wonder why?” She finally questioned to herself. She finally looked up. “Maybe this being is somehow connected with Lavos.”

“Perhaps,” Vincent agreed.

“Well, since you’re here, Sari,” Aphrodite said, purposely changing the subject, “we need to work on the faculty pages.”

“Ms. Aphrodite,” Sari started, “do you think that we could just go to Mr. Prometheus’ room? We need to know about the being that destroyed Trann City.”

“Well…” Aphrodite sighed.

“I’ll work twice as hard on Monday,” Sari offered.

“Fine,” Aphrodite breathed.


“Keep your promise, Sari!” Aphrodite called as the four left.


“I’ll join you,” Robo said back at his classroom.

“Say what?” Sari gasped.

“I could help you find out about Lao,” he explained.

“Well…Sure!” Sari smiled. Robo seemed to smile.


“Good to have you back on the team,” Lucca grinned.


“Where to, fearless leader?” Maro asked playfully after the group had walked back to Sari’s house.

“First, I have to change. My mom will get suspicious if people keep coming in, so I’m going to send you three to the End of Time for a few minutes,” Sari answered.

“Also, I want to get out of this strange outfit,” Maro added. Lana stifled a giggle as she held up the Gate Key.

“Mother, Gaspar gave this to me. What is it for?” She questioned. Lucca gazed at it and gasped.

“I invented it when I invented the telepod,” she explained, “you getting the Gate Key from Gaspar must have triggered it!”

“Why did you give it to him?” Lana asked curiously.

“I gave it to him as a reminder of our adventure,” Lucca replied.

“How do you use it?” Lana asked, growing impatient.

“You press this button,” Lucca answered, pointing to a purple button in the center of a spiked wheel mounted on a shiny stick. Lana did so, and a gate similar to the one she witnessed in the gym emerged. Lucca, Vincent, and Robo stepped inside and it closed, leaving no trace. Lana, Maro, and Sari then walked inside Sari’s house.


“Ah, freedom!” Maro sighed when outside. He was wearing his father’s favorite outfit, and Lana grimaced.

“You’re a prince, for crying out loud,” she exclaimed, “you could wear whatever you want, and you choose to wear your father’s hand-me-downs!”

“They’re comfortable,” Maro shot back. Lana threw up her hands in exasperation.

“You’re impossible!” She cried. Sari snorted and turned away.

“What’s so funny?” Lana snapped.

“You’ll know later,” Sari answered. Lana sighed and pulled out the Gate Key, pushing the shiny purple button. Immediately, Lucca, Vincent, and Robo stepped out. Lucca glanced at Sari’s outfit and did a double take, staring at the short green shirt with the number twenty-three printed on it. Her gaze then wandered to her short shorts.

“That’s awfully inappropriate!” She exclaimed.

“Not in this time,” Sari muttered. She closed her eyes and the five floated up into the air.

“Telekinesis?” Robo, Lucca, and Vincent cried in unison. Sari giggled.

“We’re going to Trann City,” she voiced.


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