Specter of the Past Prologue

By KrossRodes

This unofficial sequel to Chrono Trigger is not affiliated with Square in any way.

Though there are many endings and many paths to choose to start this story from, I have chosen one of the two main endings. The Epoch still exists, Magus is still alive, and Frog is still a frog. Crono's mother and his two cats have been brought back from where the gate took them. In case you were wondering, she ended up in Guardia 600 AD. Everyone is in their own time periods, which are constatnly visited by Crono, Marle, and Lucca through the use of Epoch.

The King of Guardia, Marle's father, has built a house on the shore in preparation for Marle and Crono's life after the wedding.

This is where my story begins...


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