Crono And Marle Get Married Chapter 4

The Wedding

By Lavos Core

Crono: egad what a strange dream

Crono's mom: Hurry up Crono your wedding is in an hour!!

Crono: HOLy MOMMA!! 1 hour?!?!

Crono gets dressed and runs down his stairs

Crono's Mom: now wait just a second you have to eat first

Crono: err ok mom

After eating his breakfast he kisses his mom and goes to Leene square to get ready for the wedding

Crono: Hello can you direct me to my quarters

Knight: it is the last room on the right Marles is the last room on the left

Crono: heh maybe i can peek in on her

Knight: too late i did already

Crono: WHY YOU!!!

Crono summons a bolt at the knight and watches him burn to a crisp

Crono: that'll teach you

Crono walks into his room and takes off his jeans and t-shirt and puts on his black tuxedo

Crono hears a knock on the door

Crono: Who is it

Gordan: its me Gordan may i come in

Crono: GORDAN?? from the unconcious world

Gordan: yes now lemme in

Crono opens the door

Gordan: you look fine the wedding is in 20 minutes i told you i would find you in the concious world

Crono: I never did doubt you

While Crono and Gordan chat 2 knights knock on your door saying the wedding is about to begin please come out of your quarters Crono

Crono: ok i'll be there in a minute

Crono steps out of his quarters and walks up to Leene Bell

Gordan walks right beside him

everyone says a few ooohhs and aahhs when Marle walks down the isle with Lucca and Ayla

When the music stops and Marle and Crono are facing each other the priest begins to talk

Priest: blah blah blah blah blah blah do you crono take Marle to be your lawfully wedded wife?

Crono: I do

Priest: blah blah blah blah blah blah Do you marle take Crono to be your lawfully wedded husband?

Marle: I do

Priest: By the power of God i now pronounce you man and wi... HOLY MOMMA?!?! what the hell is that

Ayla: looks like Wavos

Lucca: Lavos?

Crono: Lavos

Marle: Lavos

Gordan: mmm beer *beer spills all over him* lavos

Crono: No No No say wife priest NOW!!! so we can be married

priest: Screw you im running bye

Crono takes the priest by the neck now you say wife or i slit your throat

priest: ok ok Wife NOW LEMME RUN DARNIT!!!

Crono drops the priest WOOHOO WERE MARRIED!!

Lavos chomps down the cake and says one phrase "HEY wheres the cream filling"

Lavos eats the priest NOW THATS THE STUFF!! Priestess

crono+ayla+marle+lucca+Gordan chant a magical spell called Banish Lavos which doesn't work

Crono: Hey Gordan am i in the concious world or UNconcious world?

Gordan: beats me

Crono: im in the concious because i feel pain

Marle: Hey crono lets kick Lavos butt

Crono: Good idea

Crono and Marle: Mega Form Combine!

Crono and Marle combine into one more powerful force and drive Lavos back to 1999 AD

Crono: good job Marle

Marle: good job Crono

Gordan: mmm beer

Crono and Marle: hey wheres Ayla and Lucca?

Ayla: I couldn't resist the cheescake neither could lucca

Lucca: it casted a spell eat me

Gordan: Mmm beer

Crono: will you shut up Gordan

Gordan: Lucca will you marry me?

Lucca: Only if you can cast the spell Hold

Gordan: mmm beer

Lucca: or if you can stop saying mmm beer

Gordan: Ok i stop

Crono: Hey c'mon lets goto the ice cream shop and i'll buy you i'll some ice cream

Marle: good idea also since were married lets go on a cruise as our honeymoon

Crono: good idea we can also take Ayla Lucca Gordan Robo Magus and Frog along with us

Marle: GREAT!!! group hug!! wait wheres Magus frog and robo

The group: right behind ya Marle

They all hug each other

Gordan: MMM BEER!

Group: Shut up Gordan


The end



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