The Death Of A Member

By Lavos Core

KAAIYYA!!! take that yelled Crono as he sliced the head off of a Henchman

hahaha Magus is that all you can do yelled Crono

Flea appears out of nowhere

Hahahahhah I am Flea the Goddess of Wind, suspended in a chamber of wind tunnels Flea jumps out and draws her sword at Crono

Crono draws his sword and puts it to fleas chest

Flea chants 'Wind Burst!' A black portal opens up and these power winds suck up Crono. The Winds come back out of the portal and form a giant whirlwind. Crono inside the whirlwind starts to curse his head off *BOOM* the whirlwind bursts.

Crono falls on the ground, but jumps up quick and gives a fatal stab to Flea

Flea starts to whisper but cant finish "Magus.. dont let this fool Crono defeat you Remember the Foredithan Age. Slash you are strong and eager to learn do not let Crono Ovvvverrpoweerr you. Ozzie... *couugh* Goodbye

Crono takes his sword out of her stomach and wipes the blood off "Is that the best you can do Magus?"

Magus appears in a shimmering form "Weak Mortal, The Eager to fight are the first ones dead"

"and what the hell does that mean?" says Crono

A shadow comes out behind the wall "It means Crono that if you engage in combat without your mind in full conciousness that you will be slain easily"

And who might you be

I am Ozzie the great, I challenge you to a dual to death do you accept?

With Pleasure i accept

Good let the dual begin

A voice from the walls yell "Crono, The Foolish ones will perish to the hands of Evil"

Who the hell said that?!!?

A Voice from the walls yell "The Great Slash of course, do not let Ozzie overpower your mind with his Mind control Technique

Slash appears "Crono I am here to help you! Glenn! c'mere

Ribbith croaks Glenn G'day Crono Now we all 3 dispose of Ozzie

So you have a powerful force now crono says Ozzie well Magus I need your help

--ahhh Glenn Hello Glenn and Slash you damn traitor you will perish to the hands of evil

Ribbit It will be a pleasure to fight you Magus

I challenge slash to a dual of death yells Magus and Glenn you can assist him if you want

Ozzie laughs hahaha 2 against Magus and 1 against me shouldn't it be 2 against me and 1 against Magus?

Magus blabs out excuse me a moment. he runs to Ozzie whispers to him and slices his head off

Crono draws his sword on Magus

Now its 3 against one yelled Magus! DARK SPHERE!

A Big Black sphere crashes into Glenn and Crono and pins them to the ground

Now Slash you traitor, The Spirits of the damned people in my castle will haunt your tormented soul forever

Flea's Soul appears out of the floor "Slash you fool, Why turn your back on Magus?"

Slash darts to the soul of Flea "You see i found a greater force in Crono than Magus. Magus may possess the Dark Spells of the ancient Ruins of Zagraloth, but you see Crono has the power to wipe out anything he feels the need to wipe. I looked deep in his soul to find out. I must kill Magus to release the power.

"I still dont understand" yelled Fleas Soul and disappears into the ground

"No wonder you are a damn traitor, Well i will show you my true power now"

Magus raises from the ground and his roof turns into a black sky. "Annha Ahnne Anho Ahi" The spirits of the damned fall from the black sky and fly into Slash

Slash shakes around a little bit then starts to walk towards Crono

"what are you doing slash?? slash slash SLASH GET YOUR SWORD AWAY FROM ME" yelled Crono

"I feel the energy of 1000 souls in my blood, Magus is my ruler. Only orders are to kill Crono.

"Slash now you are my eternal slave"

Slash slices Crono in the chest, blood drips down from him

Crono falls to the ground unconcious

A hellish voice roars from Magus "WHERE IS GLENN"

Magus screams in pain!!

ribbith right behind you Magus. Glenn takes his sword out of Magus back

Magus turns around lifts Glenn by the neck and slices his scytch through his stomach

"Glenn you puny idiot, and Crono what a eager boy

There in the hall of Magus Castle lie the dead bodies of Flea and Ozzie. Crono lies unconcious and Glenn has suffered a deep wound.

Slash bows to his master "Now what my liege?"

"Your work is finished Slash" Magus says "You will be killed now"

Slash rises off the ground "But Master what did it do?"

"You did nothing" Magus takes his scytch out and Slices Slash's head off

His body falls to the ground, blood pouring out


A voice yells from the entrance "It aint over yet Magus"


The voice yells back "come and find out"

Magus disappears from the hall and appears at the entrance


The voice says "it is nobody but your own imagination Magus"


The voice says "calm down Gerlol"


The voice says "The one and only Magrus

Magus yells "YOU BIT...

Magus cannot finish his sentence because he feels the sting of a sword in his back

Ribbit Magus you will never defeat us ribbit

Magus falls to his knees "Father help me"

Magrus jumps from the ceiling in front of Magus

ribbit Who are you ribbith?

Magrus throws his cape in front of his face "I am Magrus, Magus is my son. Magus is a weak fool and must be killed"

Crono limps to the entrance of the castle "Magus it is over for you"

Magus begs to his father "please help me"

Magrus raises his knife and slashes Magus in the stomach

"I will not take this anymore!"

Magus jumps off from the ground, grabs his scytch and stabs Magrus in the chest

Crono and Glenn draw their swords


Crono jumps up and slices Magus in the back. Magus darts over to the wall and casts Dark Bomb.

Glenn and Crono fall to the ground

Magus puts his scytch to Glenns neck

Magus all the sudden feels a pain in his back this time it was the finishing stab

A pail almost dead body falls to the ground

Magrus lifts his knife out of the back of Magus

"Father i have one last thing to say" "I will always be your son and well when you die I will meet you and kill you while burning in the flames of hell"

"Magus you will be the only one burning in hell, you see i am Hell so you will burn within me"

As soon as Magus takes his finishing breath Magrus falls to the ground dead

Crono helps Glenn up and they both walk towards the hall of his Castle

Fleas Spirit appears "Glenn Crono, So you guys defeated Magus? I grant you with the greatest gift of them all"

Ribbit and what would that be?

Flea takes a sword and stabs Glenn in the stomach

Crono grabs Glenn's body and heads for the end of time

Crono tells Gaspar and Spekkio everything that happend and about frogs injury.

Spekkio and Gaspar start to work on him immedatly

After 12 hours still no luck Crono falls asleep

When he wakes up he sees Gaspar and Spekkio, but not Glenn

" We are sorry to tell you but Glenn is dead "


Crono cries and cries and soon cries himself back to sleep

Crono starts to dream of all the good times they had together and then hears Glenns voice one last time "Crono i am gone now It is for a good reason. You see now i may rest in my true human form. Dont try to contact me through the spirits it is hopeless. I will help you with all your battles you encounter. Goodbye my friend"

Crono wakes up to find the gang there

"dont worry" said Robo

Lucca Marle and Ayla hug Crono and start to cry

"I miss him too dont worry i miss him too" said crono


The End

P.S- I dont know but i might have a continuation of the ressurection of frog or i might not

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