The Story Of Lavos

By Lavos Core

Crono Marle and Magus were one day sitting down in the end of time talking about their adventures when all the sudden Crono asked Spekkio "What is the True Story of lavos Spekkio?"

With a mad look on his face Spekkio says "Well its about time you learn about it"

You see back in 500 Ad before you all were born lavos was a normal boy named Ryan, but Ryan one day met Queen Zeal

Ryan: hey mommy can we goto the park today?

Ryan's Mom: Sure honey

Jumping up and down "Yay we get to goto the park!"

once arriving by their Buggy Ryan jumps down and immediatly swings on the swings

Ryan: Wheeee Wheeee!! eeek MOMMY HELP!!

Ryan was being tugged down into the ground by a great force

Ryan's Mom: Oh my god Ryan!!

Ryan had disappeared under the ground now

ohhh where am i?

You are in the Ocean palace my sweet one

Who are you?

I am your Grandma

Ryan: GRANDMA!! Hi grandma!

Shut up Ryan my real name is Queen Zeal now you shut up and obey my orders

Ryan starts to cry i want my mommy wheres my mommy


Uther: I'll try Queen

Uther: hey Ryan shut up or i slice your throat off

Queen Zeal: FOOL DONT DO THAT you see Ryan is a special boy.. He may seem like an ordinary boy but deep down he has a Evil Evil Heart and im determined to bring that heart out

Uther: I see go on

Queen Zeal: if it works well then.. We will have that legendary force in our hands

Uther: You You mean ryan is Lavos?

Queen Zeal: right.. When Ryan was born he had heart problems the reasan was that his heart was half human and half mutant They thought they took out all the mutant part but they were wrong.

Uther: ahhh so you plan on making the Mutant Half the dominant heart?

Queen Zeal: Now yur understanding

Ryan: I've been Wistening in and i Hweard that im The legendary force called Wavos?

Queen Zeal: right and im your Grandma

Ryan: well yur never gonna get my mutant heart to be the dominant one

Uther: Zeal how do you plan on making it dominant?

Queen Zeal: By sacrificing your body to him?

Uther: by whating my body??

Queen Zeal: in other words yur gonna die

Uther: Dont sacrifice my body just to restore Lavos!

Queen Zeal: but you will be part of Ryan as Lavos

Uther: Ahhh kewl!!

Queen Zeal begins to cast the spell of sacrifice

Ryan: Wheres my mommy!! Grandma yur a low down wretched piece of crap *cry* wheres my MOMMY!!!!

Queen Zeal: Shut up Ryan You will be Lavos soon with Uther

Uther: I am ready Zeal

Queen Zeal chants the spell of sacrifice


Uther's body drops to the ground

Queen Zeal: how do you feel Ryan

Ryan: it is me Uther now controlling his body

Queen Zeal: good now to make you 2 share the body

Queen Zeal chants a spell share body!

Ryan: Good Job Zeal I HATE YOU GRANDMA!!!

Queen Zeal: Now for the turning into Lavos "El kirotio Jekloa Nemmisis JEkklo Lavos!

Ryan: AIIEEEEE!!!!

Ryan's body turns into this mutant bumpy thing, then starts to grow fatter and fatter.

Ryan: It's working Queen

Queen Zeal: Good very good

Ryan's body is now covered by an enormous spike shell and a little head peeping out

Queen Zeal: Ryan you are now the legendary beast Lavos and your set time will be 1999. You will wipe out all civilzations=20 there and in the other time zones now good luck Ryan!

Lavos: Ahhh My power is strong you may call me Lavos now muwahaha!!

Queen Zeal sends Lavos to 1999

Ryan's Mom appears

Ryan's Mom: Valerie wheres Ryan

Queen Zeal: My name is Queen Zeal you stupid dork and Ryan is the legendary beast lavos now


Queen Zeal slices Ryan's Mom throat

Queen Zeal: there shes dead now

The dusty Ocean Palace has a freak earthquake and Queen Zeal is forced to flea to the Black Omen for protection

Queen Zeal: hahaha Lavos has gotten the world now!

Spekkio: and thats the whole story. In order to bring Lavos back to his real form you must kill Queen Zeal get her body lay it before Lavos. 2nd part is to get the Soul of Uther out of Lavos and slay it. 3rd part is to make Ryan's Good heart the dominant one

Crono: I didn't know Lavos was a boy too

Marle: poor Ryan

Magus: even if he was a boy he still terrorizes this world and we must bring peace to it by slaying him

Marle: Magus you really dont care about Ryan do you?

Magus: Shut up Marle


Magus+Marle: Sorry Spekkio

Spekkio: Now we must get a plan ready to free Ryan from the mutant heart

Crono: Yes we should but for right now lets all get some rest

Spekkio: Good idea

The end

Lavos Core's Fanfiction