Forbidden Love
The Story of Vincent Valentine Chapter 9

Swiftly Dying Reality

By Leok

    Gast had Ifalna.  No one was stupid enough to break into a house and rape a woman with a mad scientist, an evil scientist, and a psycho with a gun also occupying it.  That psycho knew, deep in his heart, that the child wasn't his.  This left only one man.

    Vincent had been angry.  Enraged.  He'd broken Lucrecia to tears in his shock.  Gast had ran after her, desperately trying to comfort her.  Vincent had tried to be calm, but couldn't.  That bastard!  He was a man possessed.  He raced up the stairs, into the lab.

    "Hojo!  You bastard!  What did you do to Lucrecia!"

    The scientist turned from his work with an enormous smile on her face.  "Oh.  You found out."

    "How could you?"

    "How could I what?  If you'd just be patient, Valentine, I'll explain."

    "I don't need explanations!  You drugged Lucrecia, and raped her!   How could you?"

    "I hardly raped her, for one thing.  She was more than willing."  He laughed, making Vincent's blood boil.  "And it isn't her child.  It's Jenova's."


    "Jenova is in Lucrecia, you see.  She took the girl over.  Lucrecia will have child, and that child will be a vessel for Jenova.  All will be well."

    "You aren't making sense!"

    "No, you aren't listening.  Oh well, I have work to do.  Go away now."

    Vincent's eyes blazed.  He ripped his gun from it's holster.  "YOU DARE TELL ME WHAT TO DO!?"

    Hojo grinned.  "Yes."

    The shot fired.  A blaze of light leapt from the gun's barrel.  As though moving at a snail's pace, Vincent heard and felt every part of the shot.  The magazine unloading the bullet, the hammer striking the shot, the recoil of the gun, moving deliciously in degrees upward, more and more every instant.

    The bullet stopped in midair, just in front of Hojo's glasses.  With a small breath, Hojo "blew" the bullet to the ground.

    "How?  What?"  Vincent stuttered.

    "Blessed be Jenova, who cares for her own."  Hojo sniggered.  "Since you can't kill me,  I'll...  Just have to kill you!"  Hojo produced a handgun.  Vincent took off like a shot.  He ran not through the mansion, Hojo in close pursuit.  Vincent had no doubt that Hojo was a good shot. 

    He remembered, one night, a loud, heavy sound from his room.  He could of sworn that he'd seen motion against one wall of the room.  He'd found the entrance, and Gast downstairs.  He'd told Gast the chamber was his, no sneaking around was necessary, as long as Gast didn't mind having another occupant in the room.  Gast had agreed.  Vincent prayed that he'd be safe.  He leapt through the door frame, and slid the passage open the slightest crack, which he slid through.  He closed the door, and leapt down the space between the stairs, rather than risking a creaky board alerting Hojo to his presence.  He entered the library, and sighed with relief.  He was safe.

    That's when he saw the table, covered with medical equipment that hadn't been there before.  That's when he saw Hojo, his handgun pointed dead at Vincent's chest.

    "You lose, Turk."  Hojo sneered.


    "Jenova does amazing things, Vincent.  You'll see that for yourself.  You're next."

    The shot fired.  Vincent blacked out.


    "NO!  I won't do it!"

    "You must.  Without you, he will die."


    "He tried to kill himself, Lucrecia.  Thank god, somehow, he's still alive- though barely."

    "Vincent wouldn't..."

    "Vincent did!  If you want him to live, help me!"

    "Okay...  "I will."


    "My god!  Look what it did!"

    "Damnit!  That was the wrong sample!  That is pure Jenova!  His hand is all but ripped clean off!"

    "We'll need to transplant."

    "No.  Biological material will be eaten away.  He'll need a mechanical graft."


    When Vincent awoke, he wasn't the same.  He had gone through a delirium.  He was no longer sure of the facts, the happenings, of the blame.

    His anger manifested.  He changed.  His inner demons were exorcised...  By becoming his reality.  "This body...  It is my punishment...  I wasn't able to stop them...  Professor Hojo and Gast...  And... Lucrecia...  I could only watch...  This...  Is my sin.

* Guess what?  I watched the "Vincent Flashback"  In FF-VII just before the end of this chapter, and I realized that I've totally screwed up parts of the story line.  I've already made some mistakes, but I think I'll leave them there.  Hell, in "The Story of Magus"  By ZealProphet, Flea is a girl, not a guy.  The story is still great.  Can you forgive my mistakes?  Or rather...  my sins?  Hope so.  Bye.

** By the way, "The Story of Magus"  Was, in my opinion, one of the best fanfics ever, so don't think I'm trashing you, Zeal.  Bye again!


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