The Resurrection of the Nine Chapter 1

By Lesley Rogers

Cat and No and any of their forms are characters created by me, if you'd like to use them, please contact me, and i'll give you all the information I have on them.

She peered out between the dense bushes that hid her from view, to look at the human who had moved to stand before her. The yellow haired creature had strange blue eyes. The glow of his eyes brought back memories of long history lessons on humans, and the experiments done to try and fuse them with mako.

She quietly pondered if this was one of the humans she had been sent to find. Ensuring that she did not disturb the foliage that hid her forest green eyes, she scanned the area looking for the silver snake that passed as her tail.

The being known as Tail had been created after the dragon had severed her beautiful brown one. The fact that she couldn’t find it now was due to it had been given its own life, a result of having used it as a conductor to electrocute Hades.

Upon not finding it, she moved her well-camouflaged, brown furred body into a more comfortable position to watch the strangely dressed human. Dressed in purple, with black boots the armour along his one arm appeared strange to her.

She allowed her ear to gently flick away the bug that had climbed onto it. She knew that there was no real threat in the village of Kalm but she still jumped as a woman approached the spiky haired man. She was dressed in a grey tank top, and very short black shorts. Her long black hair was tied back near the ends, to ensure that it didn’t fall into her red eyes.

The feline hiding in the bushes had noted her athletic physic, and realised that this one was a hand-to-hand combat specialist. She blinked her green eyes while making a mental note to watch this one. She was naturally wary of those that followed the dragon’s teachings.

As she did this, a metallic silver snake crawled along side her.

“Is that them?” she quietly asked it. The snake did not move to answer its master it did not need to. The link that its master had with it allowed all its thoughts to freely enter her mind, if it liked it or not. “So that is Cloud and Tifa, two of the group that defeated Sephiroth. I am glad that they have not appeared on any of my lists yet.” Without a second thought, she pulled herself onto her powerful back legs, and then using her own weight, she propelled herself through the air, to land gracefully in front of the two humans.

“What in the world?” The man she had earlier identified as Cloud exclaimed, as he drew a translucent sword.

“Stupid eyes, didn’t spot the sword,” she cursed her impatient ness to check if he was armed. “I will not harm you.” Against her instincts she forced her body to drop into a submissive position, belly touching the floor, and head only just off it. She hoped it would be enough to convince them she wasn’t hostile.

Tifa quickly reacted to the posture of the feline in front of her, and tried to calm her friend.

“Then why did you jump out on us like that?” Tifa was trying to distract Cloud by getting him involved in a conversation, rather then him hacking his way through the brown furred creature before them.

“I am sorry if I startled you, but it’s a bit of a habit,” She slowly got up from the floor, and quickly swung her head round to check to see if Tail was doing it original job. “Where I come from, if you don’t jump out in front of people, they carry on walking.” She gave them a smile that displayed her long, sharp white teeth, and a fang that seemed to glow with a blue hue. “I was sent here to find those who defeated Sephiroth.”

“Who are you, and why are you looking for us?” Tifas plan had worked; Cloud had sheathed his sword once more, and was now involved in the present conversation.

“I am Cat, and please do not make any comments about my name,” she began to answer him, “No and I were sent to find you by Ramuh. He believes that those who defeated Sephiroth will be able to help us with this knew problem.”

There was a pause as the two humans waited for more information.

“How can materia talk, and who is No?” Cloud asked her a puzzled expression across his face.

“I forgot that you are unaware of all the different dimensions that exist,” Cat purred, she was trying her best not to give in to her anger. “There are a number of dimensions, the summons as you call them, live in the home realm, as we call it. This is the place where all powers start. The life-stream began, and so did mako. The elemental lords and ladies rule this place you call them summons. Materia also came from this place. The red summon materia was made to help you in your battles. In it was placed enough power of the lords and ladies so that they’d be instantly summoned here to help you.”

“That would explain why all the red materia disappeared after we defeated Sephiroth.” Tifa was given a questioning look by Cloud. “If the materia was sent here for us to use against Sephiroth, after we no longer needed it, it returned home.” She was given another puzzled look. “Alright then. If you were to lose some of your mako enhanced powers, wouldn’t miss them?” Cloud nodded at this question. “That’s how the summons must have felt about giving us part of their powers to use.”

“Anyhow,” Cat had grown bored of everything being explained, it was something she felt should be done at a later date. “Now that I’ve found you two, we can get to finding the rest of your group.”

“Hold on!” Cloud said, a little aggravated, “You still haven’t told us who No is.”

Tail began to twitch violently; it was getting annoyed that these humans would even consider questioning its master.

“Calm down.” Cat ordered it quietly, before answering the human’s question. “No is a dragon. No and I are the two Elementals.”


“The two of us possess every element in existence, split down the middle between us. We have attacks to counter-attack each others attacks.” One of Tails thoughts quickly flickered across her mind. “Oh, by the way. Please don’t start asking questions about my tail, it doesn’t like that. In fact, its best if you ignore it all together.”

This puzzled the two humans, but the both decided it to leave it till later before they asked any more questions.

Tail however was getting very annoyed with the humans, but could do very little to remedy this problem for fear of the consequences, and what Cat would do to it.

“Shouldn’t we find Barret?” Cat asked.

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