The Great Monster Troupe Chapter 12

The Battle of the Lucavi

By Limited Moon

The group had split up, hoping to meet together inside the castle itself. After all, it's impossible to keep a low-profile as a large party. People fled the castle in panic at Alkarn's army, as Alkarn drew ever closer to the castle. Forage simply watched this from his window, and shook his head in pity. He turned toward the two remaining generals and said, "His majesty will get a small surprise when he meets 'Lesath', wont he?"

"Are you really going to let him do this, your majesty?" Almari asked.

"Oh, we'll be fine, after all, when Ragnarok awakes, she will have her way with them indefinetely, what less could we expect from the 'mother of all lucavi'," Forage said.

"That thing is your MOTHER?!" Erik said, boggled.

"At a glance, yes, she is," Forage said, "but she is also my master, even higher in authority than 'Bloody Angel', and higher in power also. I thought Ajora was a pitiful weakling, only the product of what could happen when you mix a young woman's body and emotion, with Lucavi knowledge and power. It's really pathetic," Forage said.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Alkarn was beginning to make his way to the castle, the guards were only delaying him further, he wanted to get his daughter back, and Lesath would pay dearly for this act of treason.

Meanwhile, the group made it's way to the castle's main hall under the confusion of the battle, they assembled as a whole there and decided to search the place, but one figure changed their minds in an instant, descending the stairs, appeared Count Lesath himself.

"So, these are those 'travelers' i've been hearing so much of," he mused, in an almost puppetlike voice, he then laughed a hideous laughter, to the point where Cidolfas had to cover his ears.

"Where's Ruv-e-lia?!" Pesos yelled.

"Well, isn't this grand, talking monsters? You could've brought a better gift to me than this?!" Lesath said.

"Count Lesath, I am Inquirer Melchior Beranda III, you have commited several acts of treason in which I can punish you with either arrest, or death, which shall it be?" Melchior demanded.

"Inquirer? What, am I supposed to be AFRAID of you?" Lesath mused, "I have unlimited POWER! I have no need for Ruvelia, I would gladly give her back if Master Forage didn't need her," he replied.

"He's gone mad!" Cidolfas said, drawing his sword.

"Okay, Lesath, it's time to pay your dues then!" Cheryl yelled.

" the level of power Master Forage has given me, human law no longer even interests me, it's actually pathetic that humans need such a system as 'law' to keep prosperous," Lesath said, his body beginning to change, "'law' is nothing but a system to benefit those in power!!"

His body began to expand and reshape itself. He began to grow fur, and shifted form into that of a Manticore. Stretching like a lion, Lesath turned toward the group.

"Nothing," said Lesath in his beast-like voice, "there is nothing that can satisfy such a pitiful race as the human race, greed, lust, we of the lucavi family shoved such trivial things aside long ago, we only live for DESTRUCTION!"

Lesath arched back, and leaped at the group, which was immediately splitting up to dodge him, Cheryl and Pesos hid behind the stairs, as Cidolfas and all the others fought the Manticore.

"Pesos," Cheryl quietly told the goblin, "we'll fend Lesath off, go find Ruvelia!"

"Ok, good luck Cherrl," Pesos said, getting up and running up the stairs. Cheryl rose and yelled "eat this you demon-spawn!" she began to chant and pointed at Lesath, the words escaping from her lips even though she didn't know them, soon Lesath was engulfed in a fiery explosion.

"Cheryl!" Melchior said, "you know Flare?!"

Cheryl, overcome by the spells power, collapsed on the floor in exhaustion. Lesath soon recovered, and growled, "you will pay for that!"

"NO! They!" Moronotaur yelled, charging Lesath swinging his axe violently.

Lesath growled and charged Moronotaur in return, Cidolfas used Crush Punch to try and slow him down, but it only phased him for a brief second. Melchior tried his Magic Sword, but that didn't work at all. So they found no other alternative but to charge Lesath and surprise him. Moronotaur and Lesath were locked in battle already, and Cidolfas and Melchior's charge only put the odds in Moronotaur's favor.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Pesos made his way through the twisting rooms of the castle, determined to find Ruvelia. He heard some noises behind him, and turned to see Kupu and Boco following him.

"Why did you follow?" Pesos said.

"Wark!" Boco replied.

"We figured you shouldn't be wandering around alone kupo," Kupu said.

"Well, ok, come on," Pesos said.

The three continued their search, however, the generals appeared before them, clad in their red and blue armor, wielding two heavy axes.

"Well, I suppose that only three monsters would be nothing," Erik said.

"Yes, and these monsters will pay for the death of Lorimar," Almari said.

Pesos, Boco and Kupu began to back up, the generals only laughing in response.

"It's worthless to run, you stupid monsters, I feel like hunting some Goblin, Chocobo, and moogle Almari, would you care to join me?" Erik mused.

"Why, i'd be glad to, Erik, after all we can always have our fun," Almari replied.

They both raised their axes, and charged, Boco arched back and opened his mouth, releasing a ball of energy from it. It knocked Erik back, Almari coninued his charge, concentrating on Pesos. Pesos released a Fire spell in Almari's direction, it only phased him. Pesos closed his eyes, and began to spin around, the minute Almari reached him, Pesos punched, knocking he red general out like a light, despite the armor. By now, however, Erik was back up, and casting a magic spell. Kupu leaped in Erik's direction and impaled his spear into Erik's armor, Erik only winced. Boco began to flap his wings violently, and flapped them toward Erik, making a meteor fall on him. Erik's body couldn't take much more of the abuse it was taking, all the damage given to him was more than any mortal being could take, he got back up, and so did Almari.

"They wont die!" Kupu yelled.

"WARK!" Boco yelled, releasing another meteor at Erik, it knocked him down again, but he only got back up and continued his attack.

"We can't fight them forever!" Pesos said, "we need to get out of here!"

"Yaaaaaa!" came a yell from behind the monsters, a man in black clothing zoomed through the fight, slashing both of the generals several times. Pesos looked at the man, it was Zero. Zero only nodded, and dashed away.

"The man...helped us?" Pesos said to himself, confused.

"Ar-geo-ko-ha! came MD's voice, releasing a large iceberg into the generals, their bodies couldn't take the abuse, and began to deteriorate completely. MD emerged from the wall and crossed his arms.

"So, this is the end..," Almari said, coughing up blood.

"Yes, it is so," Erik said, then his head turned to the monsters, "go, find the princess, her from Forage, he plans to chan..."

Erik fell limp, and Almari followed. Pesos quietly hung his head down, and so did Kupu. MD said, "Vell, are you going to let their last request go? Ve should find Ruvlia," MD said, in a surprisingly repsective tone, he normally had respect for noone and nothing.

Pesos nodded, and they continued their search.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Forage sat in a small office, listening to the sounds of battle outside. He was infinetely enjoying what was going on, knowing all the effort was for naught, as Ragnarok would take them all out.

The door opened and Zero emerged from it, Forage shook his head sadly as Zero looked at him.

"Aleck..," Zero said.

"Well, I must thank you, Phantom Thief, you played a hand in getting me this impressive power I now wield," Forage said, "had you have come, i'm sure I would be only a servant of Lesath, forever."

"You sold your soul to a low," Zero said.

"No, I didn't sell my soul, I welcomed his soul, Zero, he and I..are one!" Forage said, smiling.

"I'm beginning to regret even working with you, Aleck, I thought you were better than this, you were once a completely differen't person, but that time has past, hasn't it?" Zero said, eyes fixed on Forage.

"Yes, yes, I remember how arrogant you were, arrogant and naive, I couldn't blame you, we BOTH were arrogant and naive. When I acquired this power, Aleck, I gained incredible knowledge! I know what happened in everyone's lives in the distant past, from the lowest bum, to the richest of the great aristocrats, Zero!" Forage said, "you can become lucavi too, Zero, you would be the perfect body for...say...Hashamalum," Forage offered.

"No, I wont sell my soul to a demon, never in my life!" Zero said, "it's obvious you can't be reasoned with, Aleck, I must kill you."

"I AM reason, Zero, you cannot kill me, I will show you why!" Forage said, taking a zodiac stone out of his robe. He held it high into the air, and it sparkled with incredible beauty. A vortex of power flew into Forage, with evil spirits and impure thoughts flying into him. Zero could hear him laugh, it pierced into his mind. Soon, Forage seemed to explode with power, and only a mist filled the room. Zero looked around, but could barely see anything.

"Zero, look at me," came Forage's voice as the mist thinned, "such incredible power!"

When the mist disappeared, Zero looked in the direction the voice was coming from, and saw it. A centaur, with Forage's top half, as well as a gigantic cross bow.

"Aleck, didn't sell your ARE the demon!" Zero said, taking his knives out.

"This small room will not be suitable for battle, we shall do battle where mother can watch, yes, come, Zero, follow my path...the only place suitable for a death like yours, is before RAGNAROK!" Forage yelled, disappearing, the carpet leading out begain to change color, as if showing him the way, he sheathed his knives, and followed the purple carpet.


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