The Great Monster Troupe Chapter 3

The Man in Black...

By Limited Moon

The voices grew nearer and nearer, the two knew they had to do SOMETHING, and it was kind of obvious what the only choice was.

"Uh...forgot about this stuff...," Pesos said.

"WARK!" Boco yelled in fear.

"Right," Pesos said, returning to Boco's back, "RUN!"

The duo stormed into the forest, in what they thought was the direction of the man in black. Boco ran as far as he could until he began to get thirsty...and tired. They stopped at a small lake in the forest, Pesos got off of Boco and they rested.

"Wow, who would've thought that the inside of a forest looked like THIS!" Pesos said.

"Wark..." Boco said between gulps of water.

"Yeah, we were cooped up in the home all our lives!" Pesos replied, "Now what do we do though?"

"Wark," Boco said.

"Ruv-e-lia! You right!" Pesos said, "where do we go though...the man is gone..."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"Ruvelia's pets escaped too?!" Alkarn said, "we fed them so well, and they loved Ruvelia like a sister, why would they run away?!"

"Your majesty, I think the shock of her kidnapping caused it," the attendant said, "the poor things were there right when she was taken."

"Oh GREAT, so now my daughter has been kidnapped AND her two pets are out in the wild not knowing what in hell they are doing, this is an absolute nightmare."

The attendant looked around the room and then spoke up, "The search party is ready...sir..."

"Then we shall leave," Alkarn said, getting up.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

After a break for water, the duo continued their search for their master. The forest was huge, and they were now lost...and worse yet, without food. This was their first taste of the wild, and they had to learn how to get

"We COULD probably kill something?" Pesos said.

"Wark," said Boco shaking his head.

"Me hungry..." Pesos said, "we need to do SOMETHING"

Just then, they heard some voices, two high, squeaky voices were talking nearby. Pesos listened, but couldn't understand a word they were saying.

"Kupo...po..? What that means?!" Pesos said.

"Wark?" Boco said.

"Yeah, lets go check!"

They sneaked towards where the voices were. They parted some bushes in front of them, and surely enough, there were two moogles talking to each other over a small pile of kupo berries.

"Hey," Pesos whispered, "those berries look good, lets take some!"

"WARK!" Boco quietly opposed.

"Stealing is wrong, but i'm hungry!" Pesos whispered back, he advanced quietly towards the moogles. That is, until he tripped over a branch of the bush and fell straight into the moogles.

"KUPOPPO!" yelled both moogles in surprise.

Pesos slowly got up and saw the cowering moogles in front of him, and the pile of kupo berries near them.

"uh...hi?" he said.

"Kupo?" one moogle said, "you can talk human language?"

"Uh...yeah, I think, what's a human?" Pesos said.

"Humans are those big people who cut down trees and build big things to live in," replied the moogle.

"OH! SO Ruv-e-lia a human?"

"What's a Ruv-E-lia?" the moogle asked, scratching his head.

"WARK!" Boco said, jumping out of the bushes and scaring the moogles further.

"This is Boco, me and Boco friends," Pesos said, smiling.

"Wark!" Boco said with him.

"You weird...Goblins supposed to EAT Chocobos...oh well, me glad you no eat me, i'm Kupu," the moogle said, smiling.

"I'm Pesos," Pesos replied.

The other moogle was long gone by now, and the three were sitting down to a serving of kupo berries, and they stuffed themselves completely. Soon, it was night time and they were sitting around a small fire Kupu made.

"You live in castle outside forest?" Kupu said.

"Yep, I always lived in castle, with Boco and Ruv-e-lia. Then, Man in Black come take Ruv-e-lia and attendant lock us in cage to be safe. We escape and decided to go look for Ruv-e-lia," Pesos said.

"Man in Black? On horse?" Kupu said questioningly.

"Yeah! That's him!" Pesos replied eagerly.

"Me see him before, he went that way," Kupu said pointing into a patch of trees to his left.

"We need follow him, he has Ruv-e-lia!" Pesos said.

"He long gone," Kupu said, "it better to search in the morning, more bright."

"Ok...wanna come with us? Ruv-e-lia is a good human, she likes animals," Pesos said.

"Not now, me have to stay in forest for longer, but maybe if we meet again I come," Kupu said.

"Ok," Pesos replied, "I tired, I want to sleep now...don't you Boco?"

Boco was already asleep however, Pesos, seeing this, laid down also and was soon, fast asleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The next day...

"Wake up, kupoppo!" Pesos heard Kupu's high pitched voice yell. He slowly opened his eyes and rubbed them, Boco, as usual, was still fast asleep despite the noise.

"Kupoppo! Look over there!!!" Kupu yelled, pointing to his right. Pesos looked and could not believe his eyes! Where there was a patch of trees, a large house with mist looming around it was now there!

"What's that?!" Pesos asked.

"I saw it when I woke up, kupo!" Kupu explained, "this must be the Phantom House of Galbadia Forest!"

"The Phantome Hoose?" Pesos asked, you could almost see a question mark appear above his head.

Boco awoke and with a start, the houses presence apparently bothered him.

"No, Phantom HOUSE! The humans always talk about it and moogles foraging for food almost ALWAYS see it, I never thought i'd see it!" Kupu said excitedly.

"It wasn't there before," Pesos said.

Kupu looked at him, "Well, I would think it's called THE PHANTOM HOUSE for a reason."

"Maybe Black Man who took Ruv-e-lia is in there," Pesos wondered.

"I don't think so," Kupu said, shaking his small furry head, "it's worth a look though..."

And so, they walk toward the Phantom House, with no idea of what would happen inside....


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