The Great Monster Troupe Chapter 8

Pesos and the Sacred

By Limited Moon

It had been two days since Pesos and the others set out for Gargory Castle. The trip had been, oddly enough, peaceful....a little too peaceful. It was getting to all 5 of the travelers. They arrived at Poeskas Lake faster than they thought, and made camp there for the day. However, Pesos couldn't shake that odd shadow he saw behind the tree as he looked for firewood...

"Wark!" Boco said to quickly get him out of his daze.

"Oh, hi Boco," Pesos replied, still looking off at the lake.

"There you are, you vorried us to death," MD said, "and that vas NOT a pun."

Pesos continued looking at the lake. All he could think about was that day, when Zero came and took Ruvelia away...Ruvelia was like his mother, he couldn't stand living without her in his life. He took out the small orb from the Phantom House, it glowed brightly, like a star. It gave him power, the power to do something, the power to get Ruvelia back.

"You had that ball the vole time?!" MD said, "Vat do ve need it for? It did all it could for us."

"I didn't feel right not taking it with me," Pesos said, pocketing the orb.

"Wark?" Boco asked.

Just then, the three heard a rustling noise. Goblin, Ghoul and Chocobo all looked towards the patch of tall grass where it came from.

" that?" MD asked.

He soon got his answer, when jumping out of the bushes came a towering Sacred Minotaur. It wielded a gigantic axe, and it looked like it was hungry...

Pesos quickly got up and shouted "RUN!" Boco and MD obeyed, but the minotaur was quickly catching up to them with little trouble.

"It's catching up to us!" Pesos shouted, running as fast as he could.

"I'll try to put it to sleep!" MD shouted, raising his hands as he flew. He chanted 'Sleep' and managed to slow the Sacred down...after a while, the Sacred finally broke down and fell asleep.

"Vat a tough one that vas," MD said, looking at the tired Pesos and Boco.

"Is it dead?!" Pesos said.

"VAT ARE YOU, STUPID?! Didn't I just tell you I cast Sleep on the thing?!" MD said, annoyed.

"Wark," Boco agreed.

"You both don't have to turn against me, you know?!" Pesos said.

"Uoooh," the Sacred grumbled.

"Is it waking up?" Pesos said.

"You think I know, I don't know vat a Sacred's sleeping habits are," MD said.

", that hurt, uh huh uh huh uh huh," the minotaur said, slowly getting up.

"Vat on earth vas that uh huh uh huh uh huh?!" MD said, "sounded like laughing..."

"Why did you, like, hurt me? I, uh...was just gonna eat you," the Sacred said.

"Vat a moron," MD said, "How is something going to eat a ghoul anyway?"

"Wark!" Boco said.

"Uh......," was the Sacred's only reply.

The orb flew out of Pesos' small tunic, MD, Pesos and Boco backed up, wondering what it would do next. The woman appeared again, and smiled.

"Vat is going on?" MD whispered, "I thought it vasn't going to activate again!"

"I don't know," Pesos said.

"So, we meet again," the woman said, "and you've found the last one you need."

"Uh.....," the Sacred replied.

"Ah, a little speechless are we?" the woman said, "think of this, as a gift, and use it well."

"Vat is she doing? That minotaur couldn't possibly use magic!" MD whispered.

"Let's wait and see," Pesos said.

"The goblin, bearer of hope, the chocobo, bearer of happiness, the ghoul, bearer of intellect, and the minotaur, bearer of strength, are now together at last!" the woman said, holding her hands out to the Sacred. The Sacred was covered in a green light, and power flowed into it. After this was done, the woman smiled and disappeared.

"Uh......," was all the Sacred could say.

"Uh......," was all Pesos could say.

"VOW! So ve get this Sacred on OUR side?!" MD said, "Vait a minute, I don't vant THIS Sacred!"

"Wow, that was cool, huh uh huh uh huh uh..." the Sacred said.

"Idiocy," MD replied, "pure idiocy!"

"So, he's on our side then?" Pesos asked, MD nodded.

"Unfortunately," he replied.

"Oh! Then we have more of a chance to save Ruv-e-lia!" Pesos said, running up to the Sacred. "Hi, i'm Pesos, what's your name?" he said.

"Uh......," was the Sacred's only reply.

"He forgot his own name," MD said.

"You're not any better, Mr. Dead!" Pesos replied.

"BAH!" MD said, insulted.

"I'll name you, then, what would be a good name...?" Pesos wondered.

"Uh, you're pretty small," the Sacred said.

"VAT A MORON!" MD said in disgust.

"That's it!" Pesos said, "i'll name him Moronotuar!"

"MoronoVAT?! Vere do you come up with these names!" MD said.

"Uh, hi," Moronotaur said.

"You're following us now, Moronotaur, come on!" Pesos said.

"Uh...ok," Moronotaur said.

"'Moronotaur'....the Sacred's not the only moron here," MD said.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Forage silently looked around the alley, clutching the Holy Stone in his hands. an hour ago Lesath had entrusted him with the Holy Stone for safe keeping. However, the Holy Stone felt like it was burining into his soul....

He had been waiting for an hour, and Zero wasn't back. He was about to give up when he heard a sound from somewhere near him. As he turned around, he felt a sharp pain in his back. Someone had backstabbed him.

"Who..," he said.

A ninja appeared before him, laughing. He was dressed in bright red and seemed to have an uneasy aura about him. However, Forage had no time to feel the aura as he could barely deal with the incredible pain the magic dagger in his back was dealing him.

"you failed master Lesath, for that, you die," the ninja said, "hand me the holy stone."

"Lesath..," Forage said, " bastard..."

"Forget it, little chancellor, Lesath had ordered me to do this when he saw Ruvelia gone just an hour ago. That dagger will kill you within 5 minutes, I can spare you if you hand over the stone. Come on," the ninja said heartlessly.

"No....this stone, will never be in his hands again!"

The stone suddenly began to glow brightly, and fluctuate in Forage's hands. the ninja looked at it with fear, wondering what it was doing. Suddenly, the glow intensified and a beam shot out of it and into the ninja. The ninja was knocked against the wall and rendered unconscious.

"W..what is this?" Forage said, looking at the stone.

" want the power?" came a voice from nowhere.

"Wha?" came the startled Chancellor, he looked around for the owner of the voice frantically.

"Do you want the power?" came the voice again, "then promise me..."

"The stone...speaks?" the chancellor asked in wonder.

"Promise me...if you want the power," the stone said.

"What power?!"

"Immortality...Knowledge...Strength....Beauty.....all yours...but you must promise me..."

"Immortality....what are you?!" the Chancellor said, startled.

"We can become one....and you'll gain the power, now PROMISE ME," the stone replied.

"I promise! I promise! Give me immortality!!!" the Chancellor said.

"You and I are now one, I will use your body, you will use my powers, I am Artemos...we are now together till the end of time..," the stone said, beginning to fluctuate again.

Soon Forage was engulfed in a vortex of energy, evil spirits and demonic thoughts pouring into him through this vortex, causing immesurable pain to Forage, he could only scream. The vortex changed into and electric field, exploding with power, then the spirits, with their work done, fled in fear of the monster they had helped create. The ninja regained his consciousness to find an odd mist about the alley, he got up and looked around frantically...

A hoof emerged from the mist, followed by another hoof.....the ninja couldn't believe what he was seeing, frozen in fear, he could only watch the gigantic beast advance toward him...and scream.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Cidolfas and Cheryl were making camp when they saw a very curious sight, Pesos had brought back a Sacred, a giant one. Cidolfas scratched his head.

"What the...?" he said.

"How did Pesos get a SACRED?!" Cheryl said in astonishment.

"Hello!" Pesos said, walking up to the two startled siblings, he was eager to introduce his new companion, "we found Moronotaur around the lake, he's coming with us!"

"Morono...what?" Cidolfas said, even more astonished.

" on earth is a Sacred Minotaur even following a small goblin?" Cheryl asked.

"Uh....hi, me Morono...mor...taur?!" the Sacred managed to say, rubbing his head as if it hurt his brain to say that much.

"Wark?" Boco asked.

"Uh, Pesos picked a convenient name, i'll give him that," Cidolfas said.

"Bah, how convenient is Mr. Dead?!" MD said.

"Very," Cheryl said.

"BAH!" MD said, insulted.

The group camped there that night, and the next day, they would head for Gargory.


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