The Great Monster Troupe Epilogue

By Limited Moon

A month later, Cheryl and Cidolfas stood in front of the grave stones of Alkarn and Melchior, in silence. Cidolfas wore his fathers brown hood and cape, Cheryl wore her black mage clothes.

"Melchior, why?" Cidolfas said, "I told you, you were going to survive, I made sure you would..."

"Cidolfas," Cheryl said, "he may have felt it was his time...even so, he probably knew that if he didn't do something, Ragnarok would have...annihilated us."

"Well, i'll become a great man, and not let his final wish go unfulfilled," Cidolfas said.

"I wish you could stay Cidolfas, you just got back," Cheryl said, hugging him.

"I can't Cheryl, and you know that, I have to go to battle again in a couple of more days," Cidolfas replied.

There was a moment of silence, then suddenly, Cheryl turned to her brother.

"What happened at Ivalice Castle anyway, when the priness returned?" Cheryl said, "you were there, right?"

"There was no male heir for the throne, so the Chancellor, Denamunda, appointed himself as king. Ruvelia and her mother were crying the whole time I was there, as was Pesos and Boco," Cidolfas said.

"That's right, how are Pesos and Boco?" Cheryl asked.

"They soon left the castle one last time to rejoin MD, Kuku and Moronotaur, they're traveling the world as we speak. Ruvelia felt it was best for them to chase their dreams," Cidolfas said.

"Oh, maybe we'll see them again, someday," Cheryl said.

"Vat are you doing talking about us, it's not nice to ignore you know?" came a familiar voice.

Cidolfas and Cheryl turned, to see MD, Pesos, Boco, Kupu, Moronotaur, Ruvelia and Gerid. They rushed to greet them.

"Oh, Cheryl, it's been so long!" Ruvelia said, hugging her.

"Cidolfas...what is this?!" Cheryl said.

"It's a present, from your loving brother!" Cidolfas said, hugging her also.

"WARK!" Boco said, Cheryl proceeded to pet her.

"Kupoppo! We missed you, Cheryl!" Kupu said.

" the most wonderful thing you could ever have done Cidolfas!" Cheryl said.


Thus, the legend of The Great Monster Troupe ends, as does my story. I will never forget what memories I shared with my friends during this adventure. I hardly doubt Pesos, Boco, Mr. Dead, Kupu, and Moronotaur will forget either. However, as all things do, our adventure came to an end. To those who read it, remember, and spread word about the legend of The Great Monster Troupe, and do not let Inquirer Redmund Melchior's memory, or any of our own, go unnoticed.

- Sage Cheryl Liera Orlandu


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