Sparks of War Chapter 3

A Great Loss...

By Limited Moon

Nuestadt wasn't damaged too much, as they had defenses. Stahn tried to stay separated from his friends as the attempt to heal his grandfather proceeded. He needed to be alone right now, more than anything. He needed to think.

The balcony in Bruiser's gigantic mansion was the perfect place. He stood over the edge and looked at the city down below. Everyone...they're... all...dead.., thought Stahn with tears welling up in his eyes. how could this happen...and why is it happening to me? I did my part for the world, and look at what happens in return, he thought as he cried.

Philia observed this and felt tears of pity for Stahn well up in her eyes. This is the worst thing he has ever gone through in his entire life, thought Philia. Garr and Chelsea waited in Bruiser's large dining room, no words passing between them. Karyl didn't even sing...

Bruiser interrupted the silence as he barged into the dining room. "urgh...I...don't know how to...say...this..," he said, looking at the floor.

"Faril's dead?" Garr asked, looking at him.

"...yes...," Bruiser replied, "that little twerp's gonna be devastated..."

"Poor Stahn," Chelsea said, "he doesen't deserve this."

"Someone's gotta tell him, but it must be the right person," Garr suggested.

"Yeah. Can't keep it from the poor guy," Bruiser said.

"Chelsea, tell Philia to break it to him," Garr ordered.


"No buts Chelsea, this is for his own good, we all know him and love him as a friend, but Philia is the only one who really 'understands' him, you know?"

Chelsea smiled, "you're right, i'll tell her right away," she quickly ran upstairs to where Philia was.

Garr sighed and looked at Bruiser, "he'll want to see Rutee too."

"Oh, you're right! She knows just what to say at a time like this! I'll get her, Garr," Bruiser ran out of the room the way he came in.

Garr simply looked at the table, "Stahn...I hope you're ok..."

* * * * * * * * * *

"Stahn, I have some bad news..." Philia said nervously.

"Oh, Philia...he died didn't he?" Stahn said sniffing.

"How do you know that, Stahn?" Philia replied in surprise.

"I...heard him, Philia, he said...take care of yourself..." Stahn replied, then he smiled, "strangely enough, I thought I would feel sad when he kicked the bucket, ya know?"

"Why aren't you sad?"

"He knows i'll be able to take good care of myself and Lilith, I feel comforted that he can leave this world without any more worries, he has no need to worry anymore, Philia..."

"Oh, Stahn..."

"Philia, thank you, I needed you here now, if anything..."

Philia hugged him in a warm embrace, Stahn simply smiled. Rutee walked onto the balcony at that time, and smiled also.

"Stahn," Rutee began, "i'm glad you're ok..."

* * * * * * * * * *

Stahn slept soundly for the first time in a year, the dream didn't even attack him that night. However, he was rudely awakened by a voice...a familiar voice...he opened his eyes to find an old man in armor standing over him with a golden sword pointed at his throat...


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