Sparks of War Chapter 5

Aretha, Swordian of Darkness...

By Limited Moon

Within a castle somewhere...a lone mirror stood. This mirror was ornate in design, and very clean and beautiful. However, there was an evil air about the mirror, a weird feeling that noone in this castle could identify. Because of this, the mirror was sealed in the basement. Now it stood there, amidst many things that had long since been ruined by dust and filth. A flash of light emerged from nowhere and in it materialized a young woman, wearing a light breastplate, pants, and bracers with claws at the end making it look as if she had claws like a beast. Her hair was brown with a ponytail at the end and she had a diamond welded into her chest. She walked up to the mirror and said a light prayer. The mirror flashed violently in response, and a figure emerged from it. The figure looked up at the woman.

"Ah, Selene, good. You have answered my call," the figure spoke in a raspy voice.

"Master, what do you wish of me?"

"Throx has led the host to begin collecting the Dark Swordians."

"The host?! The Dark Swordians?! You mean...?!"

"That's right Selene, I will return to this dimension and claim my host."

"Well, what can I do to help?"

"I need you, Selene, to ensure that this boy collects the Dark Swordians, and that he stays IN ONE PIECE. A lot of things are going on right now, and destiny may lead him to die, I want you to ensure THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN."

"Why can't Throx do this? He started on it!"

"Selene....Throx can only do so much, you must be able to do what he can't, only you can keep him stupidly collecting the Swordians, all Throx can do is destroy the Seal Crystals."

"I will do this then, master. This boy will be silly putty in my hands!"

With that, Selene disappeared in another flash of light, and the figure returned to the mirror.

* * * * * * * * * *

Stahn sat down in his room in Bruiser's mansion and looked hopelessly at the violet blade of his new Swordian. She wouldn't even talk to him, forget telling him why she's mad. He sighed and decided that trying again wouldn't hurt.

"I don't know if this helps, but i'm sorry...?" he said.

No response. Stahn sighed again and decided to give up, but then...

" really mean it?"

Stahn was surprised, he actually got a reply out of her! He decided to ask her the question thats been burning him for a while.

"Why were you mad at me anyway?"

"WERE?! I still am, buster!"

"...but why?!"

"Well, you took off a magic seal when you can't seem to even cast a light cure spell, you destroyed my Minotaur and undid my seal so the Seal Crystal is exposed and able to be broken."

"..huh? Why is a crystal so important?"

"Oh, forget it, your little brain wouldn't be able to comphrehend why I sealed myself away in the Grevond Temple."

"...but I was told..."

"Agh, forget about it, ok? You're lucky i'm talking to you right now!"

"Well, ok then. We should at least know each other's name before we continue arguing about this."

"Alright, I am Aretha, Swordian of Darkness."

"I'm Stahn Aileron."

"Hmph. Well, what are you planning to do with me now that you have me, huh?"

"Well, I need you to help me avenge my grandfather's death, Aretha.

"Why me?! Urgh, i'll only agree to help you IF you agree to reseal me in Grevond Temple when you are done, ok?"

"It's a deal. Now I need to collect the other three..."

"You need to WHAT?!! Don't you dare say you're going to free the others!"

"I have to..."

"They're sealed in the same way I was, idiot! If you free them, then all 4 crystals will be placed in imminent danger!"

"Well, ok then, you're right, that'd be like backstabbing you..."

"Oh, it's a little more serious than that, buster."

"Well, I wont, ok?"


"Now, I need a little practice...i'll go outside."

Stahn got up and left the mansion to go practice his techniques with Aretha. It had been a long time since he seriously fought with a Swordian. As he walked out of Nuedstadt, a shadow slowly approached him...


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